Monday, July 25, 2011

Performance NIght

Some of you might have heard, I was invited to perform in at a charity dinner last saturday. The event was held at SJK(C) Sungai Way primary school on the 23rd of July.

Me and my good friend Suilun was invited to join along this guild to perform on stage. Which is a pretty cool and new experience for me. The songs that we are going to play are different from what I've been playing all these while. The songs that I've been playing are more like mainstream kind of song but they decided to the old and classics. A good time to learn some new gender songs.

The band consist of 7 members. Shaun as the leader and vocalist, Jerry as the saxophonist, Ping Fuan as bassist, Neehui as drummer, Karu as lead guitarist, Suilun as pianist and me as the guitarist. And the band name is called Shaun Chow & Friends. XP

Just so you guys dunno, Tomodachi means friends in japanese. XD

Thanks to this performance, I've finally grew BIG interest in Micheal Buble's songs. His songs are epicly awesome and his live performance certainly blows me away. XD

The performance went well, nothing went wrong. We played everything nicely and perfectly. Did the crowds enjoyed it? To me, i believe so cause its their their type of song. I would say we nailed it that night. XP

Here are some pictures taken by Yanleng during that night. X)

Yeap, that night I suited up! XD

Guess who did we bumped into during the event? XP

Me and Karu jamming our guitars on stage.

Jerry, Ping Fuan and Karu jamming on the other side.

Nee Hui rocking the drums.

Suilun doing fine on the piano.

Our band leader Shaun Chow singing with style.

The full band picture.

Another full band picture.

Me and the band members trolling around. XP

A picture of me and Shaun Chow.

Heres what Shaun Chow commented about me after the whole performance on facebook.

"Yu Ming - The man of steel guitar strings hahaha. Despite you telling me that you could only strum, you had no problems fitting into the genre that i laid out for you."

Theres a story behind the man of steel guitar strings. But that story lies between me and the band members. XP

Before I end this post I wanna thank these people that help me thru out the whole journey of performing with them.

Shaun Chow, giving this opportunity to perform along side with a band.
Suilun, for voicing out my name to Shaun and guiding me thru out the practices.
Jerry, Ping, Karu and Neehui, for trolling and jamming along side with me.
Max, for borrowing me his blazer suit for the event.
Eng Hoe, for borrowing me his awesome plug-in accoustic.
Lenping and Tarvin, for borrowing me their amps.
Yanleng, for taking the awesome pictures for us.
Mike, Weigin, Shu Mei and Shu Xian, for commenting about our performance.
Shaun's mom, Crystal Chow and Siew Mai (the dog), for accompanying us and taking care of us during the practices. XD

I guess I didnt left anyone out right? I even mention the dog in the credits. XD

This is definately one hell of a new experience for me. Looks like i manage to take my guitar experience to the next level again. Thanks to everyone above agian. XP


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