Thursday, July 21, 2011

I miss Dragon Nest

I have been playing and trying out lots of game during the holidays. Well because im going to study the course about games and also because im a gamer. XP

The best online game i've played so far is Dragon Nest. The close beta came out last week. I tried the game and I think its freaking amazing. My friends grew bored of this game but i didnt. Maybe cause I think im the kind of gamer who loves to grind my characters. XP

The game's gameplay system is unique and nice. The graphic is freaking amazing and the storyline is pretty good as well. I would say this is a good online game to play.

The flaw about this game is that its gender lock. Means you cannot chose different sex for some particular jobs. There are 4 jobs in the game and each jobs have 2 job enhance. Warrior and Cleric are males whereas Archer and Mage are females. Its by far the best Action RPG game I've ever played in my life. Whats really unique is that the game is semi-online gameplay.

When your in the city you are in online mode where everthing starts to lag if your have bad computur or internet. But when you exit the city and into the dungeon, you are in semi-online mode. Where you are connect to your friends only. Its kinda hard to explain. You have to experience it yourself.

Part of the reason why i really love this game is that my ferrari laptop can support this game. Smoothy!! Yeah, the noob laptop that couldnt support HON can actually support Dragon Nest better than my desktop computer. Im very surprised. XD

The close beta was on for 1 week which is kinda sad. But the one whole week was a whole lot of fun. I reached max lvl in just one week. (for close beta that was lvl 24) and i got my armors and weapons upgraded to the safest limit. Pretty good eh?

Here are some screen shots that i capture before the close beta close down my character.

I was a warrior who is enhance into a Mercenary.

This is how I really look close up.

My best equipments. XP

Check out the graphics for this game. Impressive eh? XP

I cant wait for the open beta to start which is about mid august. Its the time where my college has started and where all the shyt assignments are coming in. I might not go full potential in this game anymore then. DX

But still do feel free to go register and play the game. Heres the website link for those of you who are really interested in the game.

Dragon Nest offical website.

This is the first online game that i actually miss playing. No kidding. XD


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