Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Missing the Right and Wrong way

People tend to simply use the word 'I miss you'. Simply use is NOT as in using it frequently. Using frequently just means your nice. What i meant by simply using it, is like simply using it on the WRONG person. Like literally the wrong person.

Telling 'I miss you' to someone that doesnt give a damm, doesnt even care, deosnt even think about you and whats worst is they dont even reply or talk to you is just a big fat lost for you. Yeah, lost with the capital 'L'.

Your wasting your time, your sms money and of course seeing them not treating you like crap is just gonna make u sad. Like really really sad. Heartbroken. *pling plang* I know.. cause i've been there.. and i've done that. XP

Its hard to live a life where no one misses you. Hearing someone saying 'I miss you' is definitely a nice thing. But sometimes when it doesnt come from the right person that you want, its just not enough. right? You know what i mean. You always want to hear that 'I miss you' word for that particular person only. I've been there done that too. XD

But if you force yourself to miss some son of a bitch or literally a bitch itself then its really really not worth it. They dont miss you the way that you do. They dont treat you the way that you do too. If telling them that you miss them wont make a difference i really suggest you to do something about it. Maybe move on and forget about it.

Its hard really I know, but really you gotta face it. That person is just not into. Maybe in the future he/she will start appreciate you more. But that happens in movies and drama series, in reality, rarely. Like EXTREMELY rare kind of thing.

Like what Barney Stinson said..

"When Im sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome. True Story."

You dont know whose Barney Stinson? That you my friend really have a sad life. Im just kidding. Go watch 'How I Met Your Mother' its a very funny sitcom. Watch it and you will feel happy and of course awesome. XD

The reason that Im making this rant right here is because i have a couple of friends who fall as a victim. I just here to help those people do some shout out their sorrows and sadness.

To me, 'I miss you' is a very strong word. (thats my opinion) Since no one is here to say 'I love you' or 'I like you', IMY is the best i can get. And im really apperciate those people who said IMY to me. Even know half of them dont really mean it. XD Just kididng.

Hope you guys out who have fallen as a victim as well, stay strong. Good luck. X)


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