Monday, July 18, 2011

Things Im Up to

Another update about me, myself and I. XP

Its comfirm that i will be study at INTI subang on the 27th of July. That is like 9 more days to go (date worte: 18/7/2011) then i'll be living in a stress hell like my degree friends. DX

I think its a 2 + 1 degree program. Two years here in INTI subang and one year in Universtiy of Wallonggong. (UOW) Plus, the course that im doing is not called Computer Games Development in INTI its called Multimedia and Games development. Sounds cooler to me. XD

I've been practicing for my performance that is coming up on the 23rd of July. Its in a school somewhere at subang jaya and from what I heard its is a huge crowd attending for the event. Most of them are adults and oldies so we decided to play songs more towards oldies. This is probably one of my biggest gigs. So, wish me luck~ XP

Owh did you guys know? After leaving my hair long for about 4~6 months I've decided to cut it!! Yeah, pretty unbelievable lie right? The truth is to got forced to cut by my dad. He played the "Wheres my son!?" joke on me again. XD

Its a little bit awkward without long hair. Getting back short hair makes my hair cooler. (as in temperature kind of cool.) My head is so cool right now that its giving me headaches. really really not use to it. XD

Me and my high school friends are having a sports game that is invented by ourselves this wednesday (20/7/11) Yeah, its the Ninjas and Wardens game. Capturing the Flag + Ice & Fire game. Feel free to join us if you want. Heres the link of our facebook event page for more information.

The Ninjas & Wardens facebook event page.

If you wanna come please click attend. So that we can know that your coming. If you have transportation issue, leave a message on the event page and we'll help u settle it. ASAP!!

I guess thats enough updates for you guys i guess..

So to all the girls out there, I have random blogspot question for you ladies.

"How do you girls feel after getting a hair cut from extreme long to short?"

Leave you answers on the cbox or the comment section of this blog post.

Enjoy~ CHEERS!!! XD

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