Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back from PD and Malacca

Waaadaaaap people. YES, daddys home!!! Did you guys miss me? Yeah you better did cause I miss you guys too. (pants on fire..)

Im back from a long and fun 3 days 2 nights Port Dickson + Malacca trip. Its a great, enjoying, fun trip and a great learning experience going on a trip to PD and Malacca with just only your friends. XP

We got tons of pictures taken during this trip. Kudos to Yanleng and Mike for bringing their camera to take such many pictures of us during the whole trip.

Alright, now lets see those pictures and read the whole story. WARNING: This is going to be one freaking long ass blog post. But no worries, i have pictures to accompany my boring long essay. (Im really trying to make this post as short as possible.) XD

Day 1 - We shall stay in Port Dickson.

I head to college first to meet up with Justin so we can go other. Then we both head to the temple with the help of Shern.

There are some of us that already head to PD. So the remaining ones are like the later batch thats going to PD. So we wait for the others to arrive who are the later batch.

Mike, WeiGin, XinYi, MunPing, Justin, Kai Cong and Ai Ling are the remaning ones AKA the later batch group. Once everyone arrive we head straight to PD.

When we reached we had a warm welcome by our own friends who had already arrive at the place. Start unpacking our stuffs and get ourselves ready for the beach.

Me, Suelyn and Qi Wei chillaxing at the bungalow house that Suilun offered us to stay. For the whole trip. Pretty nice place. XP

A jump shot picture by the beach.. The beach was just out side of the bungalow. No kidding. XP

Camwhore with fat ass DSR camera. XD

Me, MunPing, Qi Wei and Suelyn are trying fly a kite.
No, we didnt succeed. It was half successful. XD

Nice walk by the beach..

Starting up the barbeque with Bryan.

Cooking the meal for dinner. Everything tasted pretty damm good. XD

At the end of the night we have some short Lee Hom singing session. During that moment, I dunno about my friends but I have goosebumps while singing. XD

Then later while waiting for the bathroom to be non-occupied, Me, Qi Wei, Yanleng, Suelyn and Suilun head out and have a night sight seeing session. We wanted to head to the Suilun rumored light house but apparently none of us know the place.. so instead of going to some light house place, we went a grab some ice-cream. XD

Later that night, we played Taboo. To be honest, it was my first time playing Taboo and I think its a freaking fun game to play. Especially when you have friends or siblings who have the same brain frequency like you. XD

Day 2 - To Malacca We Go!!!

Thanks to the whole family of mosquitoes, i was the first one to wake up from bed or should I say floor for this case. XD

Had breakfast, change ourselves and head to Malacca Jonker Streets to grab tons of food to eat.

The proof that we were there. XD

A group photo by the roadside of Jonker Streets.

We went and ate the famous chicken rice ball in Malacca.

I bought myself an awesome looking Jason Mraz hat. XP

Went out of Malacca Jonker Streets and to somewhere which we ourselves dont really know. XD

Cant tell what it is? It says LOVE with an exclamation mark there (me and Bryan). XD

Went to a play ground somewhere around the area. XP

Another group play ground picture. Close up style. XP

Lets just say its not what you think it is. XD

Played some super Mario style at the play ground. XD

We then head to some old abandon/left out/not moving/not using train to take another few pictures. Qi Wei helping me to lift my heavy ass leg! XD

Bryan getting crash by the train and Qi Wei just enjoy staring there. XD

Obviously Bryan is the strongest among all of us. XD

YanLeng grew tired of walking. So, Qiwei went and help her up. XP

We found another old abandon/left out/not moving/not using pirate ship. Took i think my first picture with Xin Yi after 2 years. XD

Heading back to somewhere near Jonker street to eat Capitol Satay. It was a nice, long, fantastic, cheap, worth it dinner. XD

Last group picture before we leave and head back to PD.

Balik rumah terus tidur. ZzZzZzZz..

Day 3 -Since we are leaving, to the Beach again! XD

That morning, we gave Qi Wei a pillow as an appreciation for him to join us. But i seriously think the 'him' in the pillow is too damm skinny for him. Thats all im saying! XD

To the beach again!! XP

Macam mahu suicide dei budak-budak ni. XD

Yeah, I farking hate salt water in my eyes and mouth. DX

Played Water Monkeys, freaking nice and hilarious game. XD

Then, we decided to grab Justin and rape him since he was a bitch during the water monkey game. XD

Guess who decided to just stand and enjoy watching us rape Justin? XD

Head all the way to the bungalow, pack our stuffs, clean up the place and getting ready to leave.

Last group picture in the house before we leave.

Head all the way back to temple and then each one of us head back to our own houses. And thats was the end of our long Kalyana Mitra's get away. X)


Btw, this is my 900th blog post for this blog. CHEERS!! XD

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