Monday, July 25, 2011

2 more days to go

2 more days till my degree course starts. so that means my holidays is about to end! DX

One month ago, I cant wait for my college to start but now i just wish that i could have a long holidays. Yeah, 3 months is just not enough for a guy like me. XD (come on who doesnt want forever freedom)

I have a few things that im afraid of going into my new college. One is definately the transportation issue. I dont have a car, there is no bus that drives me all the way to the college or even walk distance to the college, and my brother is being a real bitch about driving me to college in the morning. So i really dunno how am i going college later on in the future.

Two, how am I going to meet people there. Unlike HELP, INTI is a pretty big place. In HELP, everything happens in one long corridoor. So its easy to spot and make friends there. But INTI is a pretty big place as I recall. Plus, the course that Im going to study is probably gonna be deserted. Cause no one is really interested in the course that im taking. What worst is this course is new to the college. So, people might not have even heard of it. Especially girls. DX

I maybe a talkative guy, but heres another fact about me. I cant be talkative unless I have made a friends there. The samething happened in HELP. Plus, I can only be talkative around the people that im comfortable with. Which also takes up sometime. Meeting new friends in my new college is gonna be a little bit hard.

Three, the surrounding neighborhood. Subang Jaya is a freaking big place. and I am freaking not familiar with the place itself. Who know if i simply walk around here and there I might get lost in the neighborhood. HELP was different because HELP itself is the neighbor hood. Plus, HELP is at pusat bandar damasara which is something like in the middle of no where. All you have to do is get a tour guide for one day and walah you will be familiar with the place already. As for Subang its really going to take me awhile to get familiar to the place.

Four, is the people whom im going to mix with. I have faced lots of unwanted dramas in my previous college. Is not really because they bitch about me or they pick a fight on me, is because they make use of me. People who say they are friends but turns out they are just the kind of people who uses ur ability and then dont talk to you ever again. I faced alot of it in my previous college. So i really hope that this new college will have lesser. If there are the same kind of people, then i rather live my life alone with my true and old friends.

Although there are many things that im worried of when i enter the college but those things can be easily solved. My friends are there. I have people who I can count on there. Some of them ever told me before hand, if I have any problems go find them. Those are what i call true friends.

So if you ask me, am I ready for my new college? I will say.. Fark yeah. Bring it on.


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