Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just letting You guys Know

Hey guys!! Hows everyone doing lately? Good? Fine? Exams Coming? Im sure you guys are doing better than I am. XD

Okay so heres another quick updates on what im doing lately..

Its hard to believe this but honestly, Im been busy lately. No not with video gaming.. I've been cutting down alot of video gaming these days already. I've been busy with other stuffs.

One of it is that Me and my friend, Suilun got invited to perform with this new Band form by someone whom i knew from my temple, Shaun Chow. His an amazing pianist, a left hander guitarist and a good singer. He works with lots of famous Buddhist choir groups before..

Band Picture!!! XD

I was the acouctic guitarist for the band. Our band has a lead singer (shaun), pianist (suilun), drummer (Neehui), bass (Ping Fuan), lead guitarist (karu), acoustic guitarist(me), and a saxophonist (jerry). The songs that we play are not really buddhist hymm songs but more towards some classics and oldies songs.

If you guys are interested to come and watch out performance, you can come and watch. The only information I have about this performance is that is for charity and the date of the event is 23th July. (Head up, the tickets are expensive. Thats all im saying) Im allowed to bring one person to come along (for free), so whoever is interest do tell. XP

I've been going to band practices alot and also been spending some alone time practicing. So thats why Im was busy these days. X)

Next, I've been busy organizing or should I say re-bringing up a game which I played when I was in form 1. Its a game like capturing the flag and also catching. Me and my high school friends decided to change a few things out of it and of course give it a name.

We called it the Ninjas and Wardens. (Yeah the name sounds childish but what the heck.) The concept of the game is very simple. Ninjas are suppose to capture the flag and Wardens are suppose to protect the flag for the time being. But whats really interesting about this game is that, the game is played at night. Where everyone can hide around and be Ninjas. XP

We just had out Trial game last night.. and the post is pretty long. So, I'll be writting more about this game that we made on the next post. XP

We are re-bringing up this game for one of our friend's farwell party. It thought it would be a good last farwell game for us before he leaves to Australia. His leaving next thursday, so we've been remaking, trying and calling people to come and play along. So, thats why I was busy. XP

Other than those two, is pretty much the same. Helping people to solve their problems in life, taking care of Oreo, settle myself for the new college and some lazy moment for video gaming.

Oh, I wanna let you guys know that I wont be around from Friday till Sunday. I will be spending my days in PD and Malacca with my temple friends. So, I wont be around to blog and I might not even vlog about anything. (not like any of you guys care. XD) Unless someone is willing to borrow me their camera for 3 days then that might be a different story. XD

Alrights, thats all for updates..


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