Monday, July 4, 2011

Wont Know Till You Are

Some people just dont know how hard issit to be something when you are not that something..

Lets take the most simplest example.. Being in a relationship. You can hear tons of single dudes going.. "Im ready for a relationship. If im in a relationship with that girl, I will not treat her that way. If im in a relationship with that girl, I could listen to her complains all day."

Then on the other side of the view, you can hear the dudes who are in a relationship saying.. "Really dude.. really? You dont know how heavenly or how hellish a relationship can be. You dont feel it now because you are not in out shoes."

I will have to agree with that whole statement.

There are somethings in life that is better for you to feel and figure it out yourself. Somethings that are really easier said than done.

Its a pretty short post.. cause I really have no other examples to talk about. Relationship is the only one that I have in my head. XP


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