Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Whole New Level

Yes, Im trying to take my video covers to a whole new level.

Ever since i manage to make the Valentines (Music Video Cover) Sucessful. I wanted to take my video covering skills to a whole new level.

Heres the trick on how I did my Valentines Video Cover. Its no secret. Its actually what most of the youtube singers doing these days. XP First, me, Gabriel and Nick made a mp3 of our cover. Then, we asked some of our college friends to help us with the acting. Cut the videos, blend in with the mp3 and WALAH!!! We have a MUSIC VIDEO cover! XD

Whats the NEW level part is making a mp3. Not the video acting part.

This time, i wanna take it to another level! This time, im going to involve more instruments. More instruments can actually make music sounds better. XP (Thats what i think..) But i dont really have THOSE instruments. I MAKE one out myself!

Dont get it? Okay, Lets say, I want a drum, a Bass drum. I found a box that can actually make the sound of a bass drum. Not exactly like one, but sound something like one. So, i record, i save it and covert it into an mp3 again.

Whats really hard is fusing the timing of the mp3 with another mp3. The timing must be right. The sound must be right. And with my cheap video editing softwares and camera, its hard to make it sound just the way I want.

The more instruments I want it to be in my covers, the more difficult the thing gets.

Whats the worst part.. If one sounds wrong.. i will have to do the whole thing again..

Its hard its really really hard.. Its gonna buy lots and lots of time.. DX

And for some reason, i think my voice changed.. compared my voice when im recording 'When 10 songs Meets', my voice sounds alot rougher right now. DX

Without good and pro gadgets and softwares, its hard to do a good music video cover.. Its not impossible, its actually very possible if i get every perfectly done.. Thats like the hardest part.

Well, looks like im not going to make a mash up cover for awhile until have i enough experiments and research on how to make things sound really really nice.

But dont worry, I'll still be doing covers with other people.. XP

Guess what? i finally made another 10 songs mash up!! *JENG JENG JENG* XD

But like i said, its not going be out until i finish experimenting stuffs and things..

Gimme sometime people.. It'll be out soon. X)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hows the Birthday?

Lots of you guys have been asking and texting this particular question. Well, im going to answer you guys. XP Its going to be a pretty long story.. cause its like from 12am to 12am kind of story. XD

Nick, Benjamin and Max are hanging over at my house on the 24th of Febuary night playing mahjong. Play play play, once the clock strikes 12am they have to leave cause its getting really late already. But before they leave, they wished me happy birthday and Nick gave me a pinch in the tummy. Ouch.. XD

Not long later, Suelyn called me and ask me to do some really really stupid things. (Sorta like a birthday punishment) She asked me to walk down stair, walk out the house, jump 3 times, walk back into the house, go to the kitchen, take a cup, fill the cup with tap water, then throw the water away, the fill the water with drinkable water, drink finish the water in 5 seconds, failed, fill again, drink again, sucess, walk out of the house, turn around 10 times, take of my shoes, throw it into my house, pick them up, go up stairs.. etc..

Seriously, I did all of those things.. Why? Cause she say if i dont do that i wont get presents and I wont get surprise. XP So stupidly, i did everything to she said..

But something was funny.. The whole conversation has nothing involved inside my room. I started to get suspicious. Until a certain point, i got sick of the orders, i start walking up the stairs into my room. Then, she immediately asked me not to use my computer. I can play games but not use my computer. So i was thinking something was funny..

Then i told her that, i need to play games through my computer. Then she said can but cannot be involved with internet. Things are getting alittle bit more suspicious..

Solve the puzzle here, the first thing she asked me to do is get away from the computer. BUT i can actually do anything with the computer but cannot use the internet. What is the first thing i that we will do when we have internet? Facebook..

Next, i remember that night, my sister asked for my facebook account. Well I didnt suspect anything cause shes my sister.. but now thing once i put everything together.. I ignore whatever suelyn said and login into my facebook account.

Guess what? I got 49 notification spams!! D8 Im like HOLY SHYT!!! The spams are all from Bryan, Zhen-Whei and Suilun. A few more extras spams are cause of my NEW status post.
So by now you guys should have figured out the whole puzzle thing..

Heres the whole thing that happened if you guys dont really understand.

Yanleng, created a event page known as SPAM YuMing's Wall!! (I dont remember whats the name but its something like that) everyone planned the whole thing before hand!!

My sister was part of the event, so to make things more interesting they want to hack into my account change my profile pictures and spam spam spam my status post. That way my notification box will be like fly high! XD

But they need me to NOT use the facebook on the certain time. Thats where Suelyn comes in.. Thats why suelyn is there to pull me away from my computer.. To make my actually participate, she use the 'birthday present' card and 'surprise' card to pull me in. XD

Whats worst is that Nick, Max and Benjamin who are in my house before that raped my facebook account as well. Therefore, my college friends are sorta involved in the whole thing as well. XD

I have to admit.. i fell for that trick perfectly.. XD Good job Yanleng and Suilun. XP

Slept... ZzZzZzZzZz... till the next morning~

The next day I have no class but i've decided to go to college to try and study there. Didnt well work out pretty well.. but still i manage to see my friends and obtained some face to face wishes from them. X)

Went Ali Maju with Gabriel, Ashwin, Jaclyn, Nick and Catherine. Thanks to Ashwin for stealing my bill, I didnt get to pay for my lunch. Thanks Ashwin. X)

Took the bus home as usual.. Went home. My parents had to go out for a dinner. So we have to cut the cake early than usual.

Smile 1

Smile 2. See any difference from the first one? XD

Dad and Me. For some reason, both of us dont really like to smile. XD

Dad, me and Bro.

Me and Sister. She has a reason wearing a weird hat. XD

Me, my maid, me and my sister.

The whole family. XD XD XD

Head back to my room, studied A LITTLE BIT (as in really little bit.) Then played a little bit of pokemon, then have myself a long afternoon nap. XP

Then, i was woke up by a kick. Its definately not my brother cause his sleeping as well. When i wake up and try and see whose kicking me, I was shocked. My best friends Tarvin, Nathanael and LenPing gave me a surprise crashing house visit! 8D

They then brought me out for a dinner. Which was pretty awesome since its been like weeks since we last talked and update each other. I finally can get high and crazy around my friends again! XD Seriously, going out with them is always more awesome than any other outings that i've been. XP

After having an update dinner, we head back to my place and play PSP and mahjong. (For some reason, mahjong is aways the thing that attracts people.) Its fun.. XP

In the end, they went back some time that is close to 12am. X)

Presents? Yeah i did receive presents. The present are pretty awesome too. XP

This is a card/envelope that is .made a by 14 year a girl XP

This is what is inside the envelope. XP

What is written in the card is secretly private.. hehehe.. XD XD Anyways, Thanks Sheryl for the lovely card. X)

This is Suelyn b'day present to me. Well she actually gave me a BOX of these things. But i was kind enuf to share it to others. XP

Whats really cool about this chocolate is that its better than ROCKY. So, its called POCKY. Get it? nah I dont get it myself either.. I just made that shyt out of no where. XD

I got this konon-nya awesome plastic bag from Suilun! XD

And inside is..
A Wing Chun Kungfu Note book which is EMPTY!!! D8 Well, like i said, its a note book. XP

It comes with a cool badge as well.. Yeah. You guys shud start calling me 'that' now. XD

Anyways, all of these presents (including the plastic bag) is from Suilun and Yanleng. Thank you both of the cool presents. XP

This year's birthday is not as HAPPENING as the previous ones.. cause my birthday lies within the exams weeks. Well its no surprising to that. Its always has been like that since primary.. so im not really feeling anything. XP

There still this one person that im waiting for a birthday wish although its like my be-be-belated already.. Bah, lets just get over it.. Its already due due due date already la. XP

THANK YOU EVERYONE for whatever that you've done. X)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Wishes

Maybe some of you might not know cause its not mentioned in my blog. Well, its my 19th Birthday Today. (25th Febuary)

I've been receiving TONS of happy birthday wishes. Especially on facebook since facebook is the one going around telling people that. XD Oh, and not to forget, some people texted me. XD

Anyways, im here to show my appreciation to all of you guys that wished me. Well not all of them la, im only going to show the first peoples, first ten guys, ten girls and another eight people who wished me happy birthday face to face. on facebook and through texting. XD

*If your names are not here even though u wished me early. Its either u wished too early or I've forgotten your names or missed it. XP

So yeah.. Heres
The BIRTHDAY WISHES Hall of Fame!!!

The people who wished me Happy Birthday Face to Face..

Faris >> Benjamin Cheong >> Nick >> Max >> King.

The top ten GUYS who wished me Happy Birthday through Facebook..

Bro Cedric >> Choong Lye >> Sui Yuan>> Gabriel Lim
See Toh>> Sao Yong>> Suilun>> Alex Kwok
Kay Jun>> Zhen Whei

The top ten GIRLS who wished me Happy Birthday through Facebook..

Christy>> Daphney Teoh>> Vanessa Lim>> Stefira Marzuki
Esther Teng >> Xiau Wei >> Sumitra >> Natalie Hew
Shin Ann >> Huiee.

The top EIGHT people who wished me Happy Birthday through texting..

Mun Ping >> Xiau Wei >> Kelly Tan >> Winnie Ngu
Suilun >> Yan Leng >> Shu Mei >> Amelia Ng.

Meet my 'fake' twins.. XD

Me >> Choong Lye >> Rachel Wong.
We're the 25th February Babies! XD

I wanna thank all of the blog readers for visiting and reading my blog this whole time. Reading what i've been seeing, experiencing, living through all this time. X)

Thank you all for the wishes. Yeah, ALL OF YOU. X)

There are some important people that i have in my head that didnt really wish me.. But bah.. who cares.. Its okay for people to forget birthdays. XP

After He Left

Yeah, as some of you know from the previous blog post. My dog just passed away. X)

Heres what happened after he left. XD

I kept some of his fur before he was sent to the burning place.
(dunno whats that called.)

Yeah, we decided to burn it instead of burrying him. Well we would prefer to burry him but we dont know where to burry him. I dont have garden and the garden outside my house cannot dig too deep cause its not own by us. So yeah.. burning was our only solution.

This is how he looks inside his 'coffin'. Cute eh? X)

And this is how Jasper looks like now. XD

Its not as cute as before but yeah i can live with that. At least i know that its around us even know its dead. X)

These are the best looking pictures that we manage to took of Jasper. XD Cute eh? XP

Well, yeah. I still feel empty and alittle bit emotional about losing someone like him. Im not used to not having him around.. Like really really really not used!

No one to stand up and wiggle its tail at me when i walk out from the house early in the morning.
No one's nose where i can put mine on when i want someone to kiss me.
No one to listen and not fight back my opinions when i need someone to talk too.
No one to hug when im sad.
No one to bark me to bring him to exercise and make myself exercise.
No one to fight and bark at strangers.
No one to protect me and no one for me to protect.
No one that will make me smile when i came home.

I can talk about these all day long if i want to. XD

But what to do, his my first dog ever in my life. We all have to move along. XP

Sorry to be alittle bit emotional and all these days.. But i promise the next post WILL not be emotional! XD

Special thanks to Tarvin and LenPing for calling on that day. JinHwei and Suilun, for texting me after the incidents. X)

Monday, February 21, 2011

R.I.P. Jasper Boy

The precious time that I have spend with him.

His adorable little size.
His cute looking face.
His sexy back.
His fierce some looks.

Before he goes to the vet..

And finally...
Rest In Peace..

Goodbye Jasper Boy.
(2002~2011) 2:41pm (22/2/2011)

People might think that your crazy, but we all know that you bark and bite cause you care. X)
People might think
your not cute at all, but to us, your the cutest. X)
People might say that
you have no guts cause your small, but we know that you are the strong and undefeatable one. X)

Goodbye and sleep tight my little lion king. X)

Im gonna miss you..
Im gonna remember you..
I love you..

Guess whose Back?

Yes, yours truly.. The one and only.. MICHEAL JACKSON!!

Nah, im just pulling your legs.. His not back. His still dead. But whose back? I am. XD

After a long 6 days in China AKA Xiamen to be more specific, Im finally back to Malaysia.. fuh~

Lets not start talking about china yet. We shall just summarize the whole journey for now. XP

Day 1: Reached, trying get use to the place. Boring.
Day 2: My Cousin's wedding dinner day. Boring.
Day 3: My cousin's wife's wedding dinner day. Not that Boring.
Day 4: Morning boring but night time sorta interesting..
Day 5: Morning boring but night time was kinda fun. XD
Day 6: Leaving, really really boring.

I really really and really tried to make myself entertained. I really really try to make myself not to feel so boring. But im just not use to the environment and the things going on there.

Some of you have been asking me. So let me answer you guys. No, there are no good looking girls there. Sadly, Xiamen doesnt have good china dolls. XD But apparently, there are lots of good looking guys there. Well, at least thats what my cousin sisters said. XD

I have been doing alot of thinking during the holidays.. Like really alot..

Well, im just glad to say im back to malaysia. Gonna miss my 'never seen before' cousins there. XD They are all really nice people.

Oh well, Im gonna start unpacking my stuffs now. See you guys soon~ XP

Monday, February 14, 2011

Flying to China

Yeah, by reading the title. You guys should know where I am flying to la.

Im going to fly to china for 6 days. Taking off on wednesday (tomorrow) and coming back on monday. Which part of China? Xiamen. XP

I have a feeling that this trip to China is going to be alittle bit boring. Lets just hope im wrong la.

And for some reason, i dont feel like going to China at all.

For some reason, my parents are being a real pain in the neck about going to china. I think its because they want us to show a good image of malaysians to the my china relatives. One of the ways to show that we have a good image is to cut our hair. And without questioning, i was forced to cut my hair. AGAIN!? DX

The good thing about this trip is that, all my other relatives are following me. Its sorta a good thing since its just my family going there. I can talk to my close cousins and laugh with my uncles and aunties. But my mom doesnt go along very well with my relatives due to some personal reason. So, lets hope that no drama happened during this trip la.

I just going to say this, Im going to miss alot of you. Yeah, you, the one reading this blog. XD

I dunno whether is there going to be internet there for me to blog. So Im not sure whether i will be bloging and updating my blog there. But one thing for sure is that i wont be facebooking there. Cause from what i heard, facebook is band there. DX

Alright people. See you guys in about a week.. X)

CHEERS *not so pumped*

I hope that you will miss me these days.. or at least just have a thought of me. X)

My Valentines Day

Valentines Day is just like an ordinary for some of us. But its a very special day for the some of us as well. XP

How did i spend my valentines day? Well, simple. Doing nothing. I just went on with my normal college monday schedule and study with my full heart contents. Okay maybe not full heart but you guys get my point right? XD

Its not that i dont wanna do anything special for somebody. Its just that, im afraid to do something special for somebody. Im just afraid if that person thinks that i have feeling for her. You know. Who knows i might scare the girl away right? Besides, im taller and larger size and any other girl that i've met. XP

Instead of spending time with a girl. I spend my night with 5 other guys. King, Max, Nick, Benjamin and Faris. What did we do? We dated the Mahjong set of cards. Whole night hardcore mahjong only. From dunno how to play mahjong become mahjong killers. XD

It was another bro nights out la. Sure it sounds pretty gay, but we had a great time man.

Turns out, I actually have a valentines date. I asked this little girl from my temple. Shes sorta my guitar student. But i was joking around asking her to be my Valentines. She noticed that i was celebrating valentines day alone, so she accepted me to be her valentines for 3 and a half hours. XD

I find it very very cute, cause u will never have a small little girl accepting you to be her valentines. XD Its just a one day thing, so what the heck. XP

Happy Valentines Day Sheryl. XD

Yeah, I feel very pedophiles myself. You guys dont have to say anything. DX

I hope everyone who are single, or not single or single but unavailable had a great valentines day this year. X)


Happy Valentines Day

Hey guys, its another year of Valentines. What are you guys up to? Love? Or secret love? XP

Me? I've been keeping myself busy before valentines. Didnt really have a thought, time or the interest to prepare something for valentines day la. XP

But like i said, i've been keeping myself busy. With what?

A friend of mine, Nick has this idea of doing something for valentines. Since both of us are single and lifeless, we decided to do a Valentine day song cover. Both of us cant really sing, so we asked Gabriel to help us with the singing part. XD

The song that we choose was 'Valentines' by Kina Grannis.

But we wanted to make it special. Since its valentines day. We wanted to do something serious for no apparent reason. So instead of just doing a Music cover, we decided to do make a VIDEO cover instead. Yeap, with some additional of acting and this and that. XD

It was all settle within one day thing. We settle the video shooting, acting, mp3 making, all in one day. Pretty epic. And i turns out, the video is pretty awesome. XD I have to say that everyone who are acting are very good and sporting. XD

Heres the result of our one day of hardwork. XD

Like, Comment, and Subscribe my channel if you like this video. XP

I would like to thank everyone for being so cooperating during the video shooting day. Its like my first time being a video director, so im not really good with these things. But still, i hope i didnt offended anyone that day. If i did, i sincerely apologize.

Hope you guys enjoyed watching the videos. X)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

January Intake Orientation Night Performance

Some of you guys actually asked me. How did the orientation night performance went? Well see for yourself. XP

Nicole couldnt make it for that night cause she felt sick. X(

But no worries, although it was only me and Gabriel but i think we did a pretty good job. XP These things are actually not for me to judge, its best that you guys see it for yourself. XD

'Fireworks' (Acoustic version) by Klex & Gabriel

Sounds a little bit different from the original. Well, its acoustic. So yeah. XP

'A 4 Song Mash Up' by Klex & Gabriel

Just to let you guys know. The songs that are mashed up are..
1. Ho Ho Hopefully by The Maines.
2. Mine by Taylor Swift.
3. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry.
4. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars.

Kudos to Melissa and Neil for take the video. X)

I would have to say, Gabriel did a good job for a guy who appear on stage for the first time. XD

Hope that everyone enjoyed the performance that night. Cause I enjoyed it alot. XP

Monday, February 7, 2011

Just like my Dad.

You know why I always wanna be just like my dad right? Still dunno know why? Just take a look at this touching picture. XP

Just so some of you dont know.. Thats my grandma on the chair and my father one the right holding on to her hands. X)

Once my dad reached Alor Setar. He was buggin us to quickly dress up so that we can quickly head over to my aunty's house. That was the one time that i think my dad is actually annoying. XD

The main reason is because my grandma is not living at the house that my grandpa bought. She is too old to move around, therefore, she moved over to my aunty's house. So someone there can actually take care of her. X)

Once my dad reached over to my aunty's place, the first thing that he did was walked up to my grandma and kissed her on the forehead and talk to her. Asking her how is she doing.

Yeah, its a sweet thing to do. X)


Whats '98' issit a sign, or some code?

Nah, 98 is actually a thing. A living thing. Its a DOG. End of the story. XD

Yeap, that small little thing in my hand is 98. XP

My uncle found this little puppy lost along the road side before chinese new year. He decided to adopt the little thing. He thinks that its faith for him to meet the little puppy, who knows the thing might bring good luck to his family. XD

Why do they call him '98'? Simple. Direct translate it to cantonese.

For those of you who dont know cantonese. It means dog prosperity. X)

The thing is small but can the thing BITE. XD

I was not lying about me loving dogs. XP

HIstory of the House

Every single house has its own history. Well, maybe some of it dont really have one.. but my grandpa's house sure does. (my father's side)

I never knew that such history existed until my dad and my brother told me. I never met my father's side grandpa before. He died from cancer before i was born. But what he did in the past is pretty touching. Its a proud history to hold on to. XP

Heres the story.. X)

My dad had a very poor life. So poor that they cant really afford a house. They all live in a wooden house which is not much of a house... From what i heard from my dad is that it only have 2 rooms. One is my grandpa's bed room and another one is the kitchen. All of my father's relatives sleep in the living room together.

My grandpa is just an ordinary worker that which switch jobs over time to time. You know. Like olden days people. Some carry stuffs, some sell stuffs, some ride bicycles around to deliver stuffs. My grandpa did all of that. XD

Once he gets his salary, he will save some and another some to buy lottery numbers. XD From what i heard from my dad is that my grandpa is a BIG lottery fan. He buys lottery every time but never really won.

One day, my grandpa walked passed some park that has a pond in it. (I dont really remember wheres that.) They say that the park was the place where the Money God usaully go and hangout at a certain time. (Which is also dont remember what date as well. XD)

My grandpa was superstitious and was bored at the same time. He bought some fruits and joysticks and start praying there everyday. (He was working around the area that time.) Hope that he can win a lottery number some day.

One night, my grandpa dream of something weird. Its like something is hinting him to pick a certain number. Immediately my grandpa brought the numbers.

Guess what? My grandpa won the grand prize.

The first thing that my grandpa bought was a double story house so that my father and his other relatives can live in a better place. After that he began a business in pasar malam selling cloths in pasar malam. The rest of the money i dont really know where it go. XP

Thats basically the whole story..

So what happened to the old house? My grandpa sold it.

The new house? Thats a place to have our reunion.

The cloth business? Well, its passed down to my aunties. XP

All thanks to that lottery and my grandpa for buying it all the time. XD It sounds like my grandpa didnt really do anything, but still thanks to him, we can have our reunion spot for every chinese new year. X)

Therefore, every night before the first day of CNY, my dad wants everyone of my relative along with my little cousins to all stay overnight at the house. (His the big brother there, so yeah. XD) Everyone must sleep there. No exception. No matter how cramp it gets, everyone must still sleep there. Its a tradition to show respect to my grandpa. X)

My dad also says that, grandpa will always visit us on the first day of CNY. I dunno whether it happens to anyone of you, but every first day of CNY and i meant EVERY first day of CNY, there will be moth flying into the house. My dad says that its my grandpa transform into a moth just to visit us.

I dunno whether thats true or not.. but im pretty superstitious myself. XP

Thanks to grandpa, we have this lovely house to stay. X)

There are also some of ancient/old stuffs inside the house!!! All of them are older than i am! D8

This cupboard was there ever since my dad was young. How ancient is that!?

This 'thing' is about 20 plus years old! Believe it or not? XP

My grandpa was a great man, so is my dad. I'll make my future son or daughter think the same way like I do now. X)

Weird Dreams

During the chinese new year holidays, i've been getting alot of weird dreams. No the dreams are nothing to do with Taylor Swift. XP

These dreams have something to do with my friends. Im sorry to say that it have nothing to do with my college friends. Maybe is cause i've been seeing them most of the time, so i didnt have weird dreams about them.

Its actually a good thing for them i guess. XD

Most of these weird dreams are involved my high school and primary school friends. Heres what happened in my dream. (im surprise that im remember almost everything until today. D8)

I dream of my friends coming over to alor setar along with me and visiting my place. We sat down, chat, talked, and then next thing you know, we appeared at petaling jaya's pasar malam. D8 (its a dream.. dont laugh.) We hang out, talked again and slowly and slowly.. my friends get lesser as they are going back home.

At the end of the day, i was left with this one special girl. Both of started walking along the pasar malam roar and next thing you know, we end up at a park. (sounds like some love movie drama.. i know..) Both of us sat down at the swing corner and started updating each other. In the end her parents came to the park and fetch her home.

Again. Next thing i know, I was in my grandma's house lying down on the bed texting with my friends about today. Saying that they and we had a good time. Something like that. Then it was around 3 something in the morning and I was about to sleep. Then, the special girl texted me and said that she had a nice day.

And because shes special, i was bother to wake get and text her. I still remember clearly that i wroted something like that..

"I had a great day too. X) But why are you still awake at this time? o.O"

After that i waited and waited and waited.. and suddenly just slept.

Next morning. I woke up and checked my phone again. There was no reply. Woke up had some breakfast.. and then I was thinking about what happened last night. So i checked my inbox just to read her message one more time. (I do that all the time while I wait for ppl's message to come in. XP)

Then, i found out that there are no extra messages in my inbox. None of the message existed. Then i knew, that i never actually send a message to anyone at all. D8 It was all just a dream..

Scary issint it? XP

Whats so scary about these kind of dreams is that.. it all felt so real. Its so real that i actually fooled myself..

Usually these kind of weird dreams is like a signs.. And its usually a 'thinking out of the box' kind of sign. Its never a straight forward kind of thing. XD

But through that dream, im pretty sure that i missed my high school friends and primary school friends alot. Like really really alot. They are in my head half of the time during the holidays! DX And thats scary as well..

Oh well, i guess i've been watching too much comedy, love, drama movies. Thats why I have these weird dreams in my head.

Im crazy and weird.. Thats no surprise. XP

But no worries, i wasnt the only one who had weird dreams. My brother had weird dreams too. He had three dreams.. all are different plots.. but they all have a scene which is similiar..

Each dream, my brother will dream of white dogs biting white stuffs.

My brother was worried so he asked my parents. My dad says that sometimes it could mean something related to his life or it could be a hint to numbers like lottery numbers. (my dad is as superstitious as i am. XD)

Speaking of lottery numbers.. The next post is going be something related it. XP Stay tune.


Waaaadaaaaap guys! Im finally back (on sunday night) from my 6 long days Alor Setar kampung Chinese New Year holidays~ XD

I went back Alor Setar on monday, ALONE. No kidding. The reason is because to make the car not so cram. =.= I reach there and my other relative members come and pick me up. The whole night im staying over at my grandma's house alone.. in one enemy room.. its somehow scary thou. DX

It was a pretty nice experience, although its a very bad beginning for my chinese new year. XP

What can i say about this time's CNY holidays? Well.. I will say that its not as happening as last time already. The kids there are growing up real real real fast. No more small kids to play. Now the kids in my kampung is starting to be a real pain in the ass.. They dont care who the hell are you, they will whack the shyt out of you! DX XD

As for my uncle aunties side, everything is going fine. They say that im starting to be more mature and more talkative. Just so you guys dont know, i dont talk very much around my relatives. But this year i start to talk to them and joke around with them more often. Never really knew that they are really nice people to talk too. X)

Gamble? Drinking? Nah, i dont do those things. My other family members did la. XP

Long story short.. im back.. The whole CNY 2011 stories will be up soon. After a few more interesting post that i wanna blog about.

Yeah, im pretty lifeless.. I know. DX