Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Whole New Level

Yes, Im trying to take my video covers to a whole new level.

Ever since i manage to make the Valentines (Music Video Cover) Sucessful. I wanted to take my video covering skills to a whole new level.

Heres the trick on how I did my Valentines Video Cover. Its no secret. Its actually what most of the youtube singers doing these days. XP First, me, Gabriel and Nick made a mp3 of our cover. Then, we asked some of our college friends to help us with the acting. Cut the videos, blend in with the mp3 and WALAH!!! We have a MUSIC VIDEO cover! XD

Whats the NEW level part is making a mp3. Not the video acting part.

This time, i wanna take it to another level! This time, im going to involve more instruments. More instruments can actually make music sounds better. XP (Thats what i think..) But i dont really have THOSE instruments. I MAKE one out myself!

Dont get it? Okay, Lets say, I want a drum, a Bass drum. I found a box that can actually make the sound of a bass drum. Not exactly like one, but sound something like one. So, i record, i save it and covert it into an mp3 again.

Whats really hard is fusing the timing of the mp3 with another mp3. The timing must be right. The sound must be right. And with my cheap video editing softwares and camera, its hard to make it sound just the way I want.

The more instruments I want it to be in my covers, the more difficult the thing gets.

Whats the worst part.. If one sounds wrong.. i will have to do the whole thing again..

Its hard its really really hard.. Its gonna buy lots and lots of time.. DX

And for some reason, i think my voice changed.. compared my voice when im recording 'When 10 songs Meets', my voice sounds alot rougher right now. DX

Without good and pro gadgets and softwares, its hard to do a good music video cover.. Its not impossible, its actually very possible if i get every perfectly done.. Thats like the hardest part.

Well, looks like im not going to make a mash up cover for awhile until have i enough experiments and research on how to make things sound really really nice.

But dont worry, I'll still be doing covers with other people.. XP

Guess what? i finally made another 10 songs mash up!! *JENG JENG JENG* XD

But like i said, its not going be out until i finish experimenting stuffs and things..

Gimme sometime people.. It'll be out soon. X)