Monday, February 7, 2011

Weird Dreams

During the chinese new year holidays, i've been getting alot of weird dreams. No the dreams are nothing to do with Taylor Swift. XP

These dreams have something to do with my friends. Im sorry to say that it have nothing to do with my college friends. Maybe is cause i've been seeing them most of the time, so i didnt have weird dreams about them.

Its actually a good thing for them i guess. XD

Most of these weird dreams are involved my high school and primary school friends. Heres what happened in my dream. (im surprise that im remember almost everything until today. D8)

I dream of my friends coming over to alor setar along with me and visiting my place. We sat down, chat, talked, and then next thing you know, we appeared at petaling jaya's pasar malam. D8 (its a dream.. dont laugh.) We hang out, talked again and slowly and slowly.. my friends get lesser as they are going back home.

At the end of the day, i was left with this one special girl. Both of started walking along the pasar malam roar and next thing you know, we end up at a park. (sounds like some love movie drama.. i know..) Both of us sat down at the swing corner and started updating each other. In the end her parents came to the park and fetch her home.

Again. Next thing i know, I was in my grandma's house lying down on the bed texting with my friends about today. Saying that they and we had a good time. Something like that. Then it was around 3 something in the morning and I was about to sleep. Then, the special girl texted me and said that she had a nice day.

And because shes special, i was bother to wake get and text her. I still remember clearly that i wroted something like that..

"I had a great day too. X) But why are you still awake at this time? o.O"

After that i waited and waited and waited.. and suddenly just slept.

Next morning. I woke up and checked my phone again. There was no reply. Woke up had some breakfast.. and then I was thinking about what happened last night. So i checked my inbox just to read her message one more time. (I do that all the time while I wait for ppl's message to come in. XP)

Then, i found out that there are no extra messages in my inbox. None of the message existed. Then i knew, that i never actually send a message to anyone at all. D8 It was all just a dream..

Scary issint it? XP

Whats so scary about these kind of dreams is that.. it all felt so real. Its so real that i actually fooled myself..

Usually these kind of weird dreams is like a signs.. And its usually a 'thinking out of the box' kind of sign. Its never a straight forward kind of thing. XD

But through that dream, im pretty sure that i missed my high school friends and primary school friends alot. Like really really alot. They are in my head half of the time during the holidays! DX And thats scary as well..

Oh well, i guess i've been watching too much comedy, love, drama movies. Thats why I have these weird dreams in my head.

Im crazy and weird.. Thats no surprise. XP

But no worries, i wasnt the only one who had weird dreams. My brother had weird dreams too. He had three dreams.. all are different plots.. but they all have a scene which is similiar..

Each dream, my brother will dream of white dogs biting white stuffs.

My brother was worried so he asked my parents. My dad says that sometimes it could mean something related to his life or it could be a hint to numbers like lottery numbers. (my dad is as superstitious as i am. XD)

Speaking of lottery numbers.. The next post is going be something related it. XP Stay tune.