Monday, February 14, 2011

Flying to China

Yeah, by reading the title. You guys should know where I am flying to la.

Im going to fly to china for 6 days. Taking off on wednesday (tomorrow) and coming back on monday. Which part of China? Xiamen. XP

I have a feeling that this trip to China is going to be alittle bit boring. Lets just hope im wrong la.

And for some reason, i dont feel like going to China at all.

For some reason, my parents are being a real pain in the neck about going to china. I think its because they want us to show a good image of malaysians to the my china relatives. One of the ways to show that we have a good image is to cut our hair. And without questioning, i was forced to cut my hair. AGAIN!? DX

The good thing about this trip is that, all my other relatives are following me. Its sorta a good thing since its just my family going there. I can talk to my close cousins and laugh with my uncles and aunties. But my mom doesnt go along very well with my relatives due to some personal reason. So, lets hope that no drama happened during this trip la.

I just going to say this, Im going to miss alot of you. Yeah, you, the one reading this blog. XD

I dunno whether is there going to be internet there for me to blog. So Im not sure whether i will be bloging and updating my blog there. But one thing for sure is that i wont be facebooking there. Cause from what i heard, facebook is band there. DX

Alright people. See you guys in about a week.. X)

CHEERS *not so pumped*

I hope that you will miss me these days.. or at least just have a thought of me. X)