Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hows the Birthday?

Lots of you guys have been asking and texting this particular question. Well, im going to answer you guys. XP Its going to be a pretty long story.. cause its like from 12am to 12am kind of story. XD

Nick, Benjamin and Max are hanging over at my house on the 24th of Febuary night playing mahjong. Play play play, once the clock strikes 12am they have to leave cause its getting really late already. But before they leave, they wished me happy birthday and Nick gave me a pinch in the tummy. Ouch.. XD

Not long later, Suelyn called me and ask me to do some really really stupid things. (Sorta like a birthday punishment) She asked me to walk down stair, walk out the house, jump 3 times, walk back into the house, go to the kitchen, take a cup, fill the cup with tap water, then throw the water away, the fill the water with drinkable water, drink finish the water in 5 seconds, failed, fill again, drink again, sucess, walk out of the house, turn around 10 times, take of my shoes, throw it into my house, pick them up, go up stairs.. etc..

Seriously, I did all of those things.. Why? Cause she say if i dont do that i wont get presents and I wont get surprise. XP So stupidly, i did everything to she said..

But something was funny.. The whole conversation has nothing involved inside my room. I started to get suspicious. Until a certain point, i got sick of the orders, i start walking up the stairs into my room. Then, she immediately asked me not to use my computer. I can play games but not use my computer. So i was thinking something was funny..

Then i told her that, i need to play games through my computer. Then she said can but cannot be involved with internet. Things are getting alittle bit more suspicious..

Solve the puzzle here, the first thing she asked me to do is get away from the computer. BUT i can actually do anything with the computer but cannot use the internet. What is the first thing i that we will do when we have internet? Facebook..

Next, i remember that night, my sister asked for my facebook account. Well I didnt suspect anything cause shes my sister.. but now thing once i put everything together.. I ignore whatever suelyn said and login into my facebook account.

Guess what? I got 49 notification spams!! D8 Im like HOLY SHYT!!! The spams are all from Bryan, Zhen-Whei and Suilun. A few more extras spams are cause of my NEW status post.
So by now you guys should have figured out the whole puzzle thing..

Heres the whole thing that happened if you guys dont really understand.

Yanleng, created a event page known as SPAM YuMing's Wall!! (I dont remember whats the name but its something like that) everyone planned the whole thing before hand!!

My sister was part of the event, so to make things more interesting they want to hack into my account change my profile pictures and spam spam spam my status post. That way my notification box will be like fly high! XD

But they need me to NOT use the facebook on the certain time. Thats where Suelyn comes in.. Thats why suelyn is there to pull me away from my computer.. To make my actually participate, she use the 'birthday present' card and 'surprise' card to pull me in. XD

Whats worst is that Nick, Max and Benjamin who are in my house before that raped my facebook account as well. Therefore, my college friends are sorta involved in the whole thing as well. XD

I have to admit.. i fell for that trick perfectly.. XD Good job Yanleng and Suilun. XP

Slept... ZzZzZzZzZz... till the next morning~

The next day I have no class but i've decided to go to college to try and study there. Didnt well work out pretty well.. but still i manage to see my friends and obtained some face to face wishes from them. X)

Went Ali Maju with Gabriel, Ashwin, Jaclyn, Nick and Catherine. Thanks to Ashwin for stealing my bill, I didnt get to pay for my lunch. Thanks Ashwin. X)

Took the bus home as usual.. Went home. My parents had to go out for a dinner. So we have to cut the cake early than usual.

Smile 1

Smile 2. See any difference from the first one? XD

Dad and Me. For some reason, both of us dont really like to smile. XD

Dad, me and Bro.

Me and Sister. She has a reason wearing a weird hat. XD

Me, my maid, me and my sister.

The whole family. XD XD XD

Head back to my room, studied A LITTLE BIT (as in really little bit.) Then played a little bit of pokemon, then have myself a long afternoon nap. XP

Then, i was woke up by a kick. Its definately not my brother cause his sleeping as well. When i wake up and try and see whose kicking me, I was shocked. My best friends Tarvin, Nathanael and LenPing gave me a surprise crashing house visit! 8D

They then brought me out for a dinner. Which was pretty awesome since its been like weeks since we last talked and update each other. I finally can get high and crazy around my friends again! XD Seriously, going out with them is always more awesome than any other outings that i've been. XP

After having an update dinner, we head back to my place and play PSP and mahjong. (For some reason, mahjong is aways the thing that attracts people.) Its fun.. XP

In the end, they went back some time that is close to 12am. X)

Presents? Yeah i did receive presents. The present are pretty awesome too. XP

This is a card/envelope that is .made a by 14 year a girl XP

This is what is inside the envelope. XP

What is written in the card is secretly private.. hehehe.. XD XD Anyways, Thanks Sheryl for the lovely card. X)

This is Suelyn b'day present to me. Well she actually gave me a BOX of these things. But i was kind enuf to share it to others. XP

Whats really cool about this chocolate is that its better than ROCKY. So, its called POCKY. Get it? nah I dont get it myself either.. I just made that shyt out of no where. XD

I got this konon-nya awesome plastic bag from Suilun! XD

And inside is..
A Wing Chun Kungfu Note book which is EMPTY!!! D8 Well, like i said, its a note book. XP

It comes with a cool badge as well.. Yeah. You guys shud start calling me 'that' now. XD

Anyways, all of these presents (including the plastic bag) is from Suilun and Yanleng. Thank you both of the cool presents. XP

This year's birthday is not as HAPPENING as the previous ones.. cause my birthday lies within the exams weeks. Well its no surprising to that. Its always has been like that since primary.. so im not really feeling anything. XP

There still this one person that im waiting for a birthday wish although its like my be-be-belated already.. Bah, lets just get over it.. Its already due due due date already la. XP

THANK YOU EVERYONE for whatever that you've done. X)