Monday, February 7, 2011


Waaaadaaaaap guys! Im finally back (on sunday night) from my 6 long days Alor Setar kampung Chinese New Year holidays~ XD

I went back Alor Setar on monday, ALONE. No kidding. The reason is because to make the car not so cram. =.= I reach there and my other relative members come and pick me up. The whole night im staying over at my grandma's house alone.. in one enemy room.. its somehow scary thou. DX

It was a pretty nice experience, although its a very bad beginning for my chinese new year. XP

What can i say about this time's CNY holidays? Well.. I will say that its not as happening as last time already. The kids there are growing up real real real fast. No more small kids to play. Now the kids in my kampung is starting to be a real pain in the ass.. They dont care who the hell are you, they will whack the shyt out of you! DX XD

As for my uncle aunties side, everything is going fine. They say that im starting to be more mature and more talkative. Just so you guys dont know, i dont talk very much around my relatives. But this year i start to talk to them and joke around with them more often. Never really knew that they are really nice people to talk too. X)

Gamble? Drinking? Nah, i dont do those things. My other family members did la. XP

Long story short.. im back.. The whole CNY 2011 stories will be up soon. After a few more interesting post that i wanna blog about.

Yeah, im pretty lifeless.. I know. DX