Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentines Day

Valentines Day is just like an ordinary for some of us. But its a very special day for the some of us as well. XP

How did i spend my valentines day? Well, simple. Doing nothing. I just went on with my normal college monday schedule and study with my full heart contents. Okay maybe not full heart but you guys get my point right? XD

Its not that i dont wanna do anything special for somebody. Its just that, im afraid to do something special for somebody. Im just afraid if that person thinks that i have feeling for her. You know. Who knows i might scare the girl away right? Besides, im taller and larger size and any other girl that i've met. XP

Instead of spending time with a girl. I spend my night with 5 other guys. King, Max, Nick, Benjamin and Faris. What did we do? We dated the Mahjong set of cards. Whole night hardcore mahjong only. From dunno how to play mahjong become mahjong killers. XD

It was another bro nights out la. Sure it sounds pretty gay, but we had a great time man.

Turns out, I actually have a valentines date. I asked this little girl from my temple. Shes sorta my guitar student. But i was joking around asking her to be my Valentines. She noticed that i was celebrating valentines day alone, so she accepted me to be her valentines for 3 and a half hours. XD

I find it very very cute, cause u will never have a small little girl accepting you to be her valentines. XD Its just a one day thing, so what the heck. XP

Happy Valentines Day Sheryl. XD

Yeah, I feel very pedophiles myself. You guys dont have to say anything. DX

I hope everyone who are single, or not single or single but unavailable had a great valentines day this year. X)