Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Wishes

Maybe some of you might not know cause its not mentioned in my blog. Well, its my 19th Birthday Today. (25th Febuary)

I've been receiving TONS of happy birthday wishes. Especially on facebook since facebook is the one going around telling people that. XD Oh, and not to forget, some people texted me. XD

Anyways, im here to show my appreciation to all of you guys that wished me. Well not all of them la, im only going to show the first peoples, first ten guys, ten girls and another eight people who wished me happy birthday face to face. on facebook and through texting. XD

*If your names are not here even though u wished me early. Its either u wished too early or I've forgotten your names or missed it. XP

So yeah.. Heres
The BIRTHDAY WISHES Hall of Fame!!!

The people who wished me Happy Birthday Face to Face..

Faris >> Benjamin Cheong >> Nick >> Max >> King.

The top ten GUYS who wished me Happy Birthday through Facebook..

Bro Cedric >> Choong Lye >> Sui Yuan>> Gabriel Lim
See Toh>> Sao Yong>> Suilun>> Alex Kwok
Kay Jun>> Zhen Whei

The top ten GIRLS who wished me Happy Birthday through Facebook..

Christy>> Daphney Teoh>> Vanessa Lim>> Stefira Marzuki
Esther Teng >> Xiau Wei >> Sumitra >> Natalie Hew
Shin Ann >> Huiee.

The top EIGHT people who wished me Happy Birthday through texting..

Mun Ping >> Xiau Wei >> Kelly Tan >> Winnie Ngu
Suilun >> Yan Leng >> Shu Mei >> Amelia Ng.

Meet my 'fake' twins.. XD

Me >> Choong Lye >> Rachel Wong.
We're the 25th February Babies! XD

I wanna thank all of the blog readers for visiting and reading my blog this whole time. Reading what i've been seeing, experiencing, living through all this time. X)

Thank you all for the wishes. Yeah, ALL OF YOU. X)

There are some important people that i have in my head that didnt really wish me.. But bah.. who cares.. Its okay for people to forget birthdays. XP