Monday, February 21, 2011

R.I.P. Jasper Boy

The precious time that I have spend with him.

His adorable little size.
His cute looking face.
His sexy back.
His fierce some looks.

Before he goes to the vet..

And finally...
Rest In Peace..

Goodbye Jasper Boy.
(2002~2011) 2:41pm (22/2/2011)

People might think that your crazy, but we all know that you bark and bite cause you care. X)
People might think
your not cute at all, but to us, your the cutest. X)
People might say that
you have no guts cause your small, but we know that you are the strong and undefeatable one. X)

Goodbye and sleep tight my little lion king. X)

Im gonna miss you..
Im gonna remember you..
I love you..