Monday, February 21, 2011

Guess whose Back?

Yes, yours truly.. The one and only.. MICHEAL JACKSON!!

Nah, im just pulling your legs.. His not back. His still dead. But whose back? I am. XD

After a long 6 days in China AKA Xiamen to be more specific, Im finally back to Malaysia.. fuh~

Lets not start talking about china yet. We shall just summarize the whole journey for now. XP

Day 1: Reached, trying get use to the place. Boring.
Day 2: My Cousin's wedding dinner day. Boring.
Day 3: My cousin's wife's wedding dinner day. Not that Boring.
Day 4: Morning boring but night time sorta interesting..
Day 5: Morning boring but night time was kinda fun. XD
Day 6: Leaving, really really boring.

I really really and really tried to make myself entertained. I really really try to make myself not to feel so boring. But im just not use to the environment and the things going on there.

Some of you have been asking me. So let me answer you guys. No, there are no good looking girls there. Sadly, Xiamen doesnt have good china dolls. XD But apparently, there are lots of good looking guys there. Well, at least thats what my cousin sisters said. XD

I have been doing alot of thinking during the holidays.. Like really alot..

Well, im just glad to say im back to malaysia. Gonna miss my 'never seen before' cousins there. XD They are all really nice people.

Oh well, Im gonna start unpacking my stuffs now. See you guys soon~ XP