Monday, February 7, 2011

HIstory of the House

Every single house has its own history. Well, maybe some of it dont really have one.. but my grandpa's house sure does. (my father's side)

I never knew that such history existed until my dad and my brother told me. I never met my father's side grandpa before. He died from cancer before i was born. But what he did in the past is pretty touching. Its a proud history to hold on to. XP

Heres the story.. X)

My dad had a very poor life. So poor that they cant really afford a house. They all live in a wooden house which is not much of a house... From what i heard from my dad is that it only have 2 rooms. One is my grandpa's bed room and another one is the kitchen. All of my father's relatives sleep in the living room together.

My grandpa is just an ordinary worker that which switch jobs over time to time. You know. Like olden days people. Some carry stuffs, some sell stuffs, some ride bicycles around to deliver stuffs. My grandpa did all of that. XD

Once he gets his salary, he will save some and another some to buy lottery numbers. XD From what i heard from my dad is that my grandpa is a BIG lottery fan. He buys lottery every time but never really won.

One day, my grandpa walked passed some park that has a pond in it. (I dont really remember wheres that.) They say that the park was the place where the Money God usaully go and hangout at a certain time. (Which is also dont remember what date as well. XD)

My grandpa was superstitious and was bored at the same time. He bought some fruits and joysticks and start praying there everyday. (He was working around the area that time.) Hope that he can win a lottery number some day.

One night, my grandpa dream of something weird. Its like something is hinting him to pick a certain number. Immediately my grandpa brought the numbers.

Guess what? My grandpa won the grand prize.

The first thing that my grandpa bought was a double story house so that my father and his other relatives can live in a better place. After that he began a business in pasar malam selling cloths in pasar malam. The rest of the money i dont really know where it go. XP

Thats basically the whole story..

So what happened to the old house? My grandpa sold it.

The new house? Thats a place to have our reunion.

The cloth business? Well, its passed down to my aunties. XP

All thanks to that lottery and my grandpa for buying it all the time. XD It sounds like my grandpa didnt really do anything, but still thanks to him, we can have our reunion spot for every chinese new year. X)

Therefore, every night before the first day of CNY, my dad wants everyone of my relative along with my little cousins to all stay overnight at the house. (His the big brother there, so yeah. XD) Everyone must sleep there. No exception. No matter how cramp it gets, everyone must still sleep there. Its a tradition to show respect to my grandpa. X)

My dad also says that, grandpa will always visit us on the first day of CNY. I dunno whether it happens to anyone of you, but every first day of CNY and i meant EVERY first day of CNY, there will be moth flying into the house. My dad says that its my grandpa transform into a moth just to visit us.

I dunno whether thats true or not.. but im pretty superstitious myself. XP

Thanks to grandpa, we have this lovely house to stay. X)

There are also some of ancient/old stuffs inside the house!!! All of them are older than i am! D8

This cupboard was there ever since my dad was young. How ancient is that!?

This 'thing' is about 20 plus years old! Believe it or not? XP

My grandpa was a great man, so is my dad. I'll make my future son or daughter think the same way like I do now. X)