Monday, February 7, 2011

Just like my Dad.

You know why I always wanna be just like my dad right? Still dunno know why? Just take a look at this touching picture. XP

Just so some of you dont know.. Thats my grandma on the chair and my father one the right holding on to her hands. X)

Once my dad reached Alor Setar. He was buggin us to quickly dress up so that we can quickly head over to my aunty's house. That was the one time that i think my dad is actually annoying. XD

The main reason is because my grandma is not living at the house that my grandpa bought. She is too old to move around, therefore, she moved over to my aunty's house. So someone there can actually take care of her. X)

Once my dad reached over to my aunty's place, the first thing that he did was walked up to my grandma and kissed her on the forehead and talk to her. Asking her how is she doing.

Yeah, its a sweet thing to do. X)