Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Hey guys, its another year of Valentines. What are you guys up to? Love? Or secret love? XP

Me? I've been keeping myself busy before valentines. Didnt really have a thought, time or the interest to prepare something for valentines day la. XP

But like i said, i've been keeping myself busy. With what?

A friend of mine, Nick has this idea of doing something for valentines. Since both of us are single and lifeless, we decided to do a Valentine day song cover. Both of us cant really sing, so we asked Gabriel to help us with the singing part. XD

The song that we choose was 'Valentines' by Kina Grannis.

But we wanted to make it special. Since its valentines day. We wanted to do something serious for no apparent reason. So instead of just doing a Music cover, we decided to do make a VIDEO cover instead. Yeap, with some additional of acting and this and that. XD

It was all settle within one day thing. We settle the video shooting, acting, mp3 making, all in one day. Pretty epic. And i turns out, the video is pretty awesome. XD I have to say that everyone who are acting are very good and sporting. XD

Heres the result of our one day of hardwork. XD

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I would like to thank everyone for being so cooperating during the video shooting day. Its like my first time being a video director, so im not really good with these things. But still, i hope i didnt offended anyone that day. If i did, i sincerely apologize.

Hope you guys enjoyed watching the videos. X)