Thursday, April 26, 2012

How did We become Friends?

Ever since uni life started.. and all the freaking HUGE workload starts piling up like a freaking moutain.. I think.. no wait.. Im pretty damn sure that my socializing skills has tremendously decreased.. Im pretty much close to being an anti-social.

How do I know this? Well, im trying to make new friends in my uni.. cause u know, im the kind of guy who likes to have more friends in his life.. cause im a freaking loner in reality?? Anyways, i find it extremely hard to try and even know one person.. its kinda an exception if its a girl but even on guys!? Freaking weird right?

Okay to be more clear.. im not shy around the guys.. Im shy around the girls (surprise!) I have this thought that i might say something wrong and scare them away.. scare that they might be thinking that im hitting on them or something. (some girls tend to have that psychological thought these days) As for the guys, we talk but topics just runs out waaaay too fast.. Conversation with guys cannot last very long.. and it tends to created this awkward silent atmosphere..

Back in the days when i was in high school and college.. socializing wasnt a really big a deal for me.. it was actually a piece of cake if i recall not wrong.. But now when I think of it.. i really wanna ask myself.. How did I do that!?

What did i do that is sooo easy to socialize with others? What approach did I used? Why am I not as nervous or shy as I am right now back in the days? How was I able to do that!? D8

Last time, when Im in a party with my friends.. we can just easily socialize with ANYONE we want. (Thats probably how i know some of you guys out there today. XP) But now, getting to know someone's is also a pain in the neck for me! DX

Maybe I should just be like Jin in "My Generasi" video. Have a paper written "Hi, can we be friends?", pass it to the person when we meet, then pray to whoever that is looking after me up there to pray he or she adds me on facebook! Genius! XD

Hey, dont dare me.. I will really do it. *desperate* XD

So guys, tell me.. How did We become Friends?

You guys can answer this question thru the cbox, or by leaving a comment under this post. I would love to read your responds. X)

Till then.. CHEERS!! XD

Monday, April 23, 2012

Because She is a Friend of my Enemy

I was just walking along the corridor of my uni and this topic just suddenly struck into my head as i saw the person who i dislike talking to a girl who i find is pretty good looking.. Its just something random i wanna express out right here. XP

Now, one of the weirdest habits i have when it comes to getting to know a girl or wanting to get along with a girl that im interested in.. i will usually avoid knowing a girl who is close or friends with my enemy.. And most of the time, i will just give up and lose interested in that girl. Funny right?

Why do I do so? Well, just do a little bit of thinking inside your head.. or if u dont really understand what im about to explain next, you may look for a board or a piece of paper to draw down everything in a diagram. XD (dont worry, its not complicated at all. XP)

Okay, lets say im interested in knowing this girl.. and she is a friend of the person who I dislike (lets call it PWID for short shall we?) the chances of me getting along or getting to know the girl is most probably less than 13% (its just a random number i made for myself. it might be true!) This might not happen in movies or dramas but in reality, if the PWID hates me as well, he will talk shyts behind my back to the girl that i like..

NO ONE, will be mature enough to not talk a single bad thing about the person that he/she dislikes.. its nearly impossible.. Especially this particular dude that im talking about..XP

This leads on to creating a very bad pre-image for the girl.. therefore, putting down my chances of getting after a girl. Whats worst is that, if the girl doesnt know who i am at all, and the PWID just tell her shyts about me, that will just lead me to pretty much zero chances.

Okay, even if both of us manage to get together.. what if things just didnt go the way that it should be? What if both of us break up? (i hope not) Then, when the PWID knows about it, it gives him the opportunity and reason to talk even more bad things about me behind my back.. Then the girl will agree with wtv things that the PWID says cause psychologically, she thinks the same way as well cause u know, she just broke up with me and she tends to think that im a freaking douche bag or something. In the end, that just creates another enemy for me.

But these kind of things are very subjective as well if you look at it another way. Maybe the girl whom im interested in is not that kind of girl? Maybe she sees me in a different kind of way? who knows? But lets face it, that MOST PROBABLY will never happen..

Just ask yourself, would you rather trust the words of a person whom you just met or trust the words of your friend? Gimme the FIRST answer that flies into your brain.. XP

But and only BUT if every thing goes well.. both of you love each other and wont even let friends get into the way.. then good for you.. i guess you probably have found a lucky person. X)

After saying everything.. i think that this whole thing is still very subjective.. it really depends on how that person really thinks who you are. First impression is always very important.. but doesnt mean that there shouldnt be a good second chance to show your impression again.. sometimes, you just gotta pray hard and grow some guts to go after someone who you really think might be the one for you. And also pray hard that he or she feels the same way too.. the doesnt have to be right now.. it can be later on in the future.. X)

So yeah, thats my habit.. if there is a girl who is a friend of my enemy, i probably wouldnt even take a chance to go after her.. unless they both of just hi bye friends.. then i think that i might have a shot.. but anything else besides that, its just not going to happen.. maybe thats why im still single.. DX

Anyways, to all couples out there who are still in a relationship and have a back story something similiar to what im talking about right here.. good for you all.. hope u both will stay happy for a long long time to come. X)

Till then.. CHEERS~ X)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Oreo and I

Oreo and I are pretty much alike.. NOT in terms of physically and habitally!! But in terms of our lifes.. Hear me out here.

Oreo is a smart and very very active doggie.. his actually a very strong dog. One pull and poof, you will fall onto the ground, i swear.. Not just that, this little fella also eats alot.. and when i mean alot.. its really really ALOT!! His like this bottom-less pit that eats and eats and eats but doesnt grow big nor get fat. And he eats real fast..

Now for those of you who know me should understand alittle bit right here on why is he so similiar to me. Well, im a big eater who doesnt get fat and i eat real fast. Right? The only part that is not really similiar is.. im not REALLY smart and im not strong. XP

Okay, thats not really the main point what i think its very similiar to me and Oreo.. is loneliness..

There is alot of people around Oreo, but sadly.. no one really pays much attention to him. He keeps begging people to give him attention by jumping on to people and licking them but he tends to do it in a very harsh and rough way cause his strong.. So, people find what his doing very aggressive and scary.. everyone around him is like an illusion to him.. they are there but the truth is they are not really there..

Oreo does have me, but.. sometimes im busy with my own stuffs and therefore, not paying much attention to him as well.. I feel bad.. X(

So whats so alike with me and Oreo on this part? Well, everything basically.. Im attention seeker, i do creepy things to get people's attention but still people find it annoying and weird and of course.. freaky/scary.. i do have lots of friends.. but sometimes, friends are busy with their own stuffs.. sometimes, friends will only find you when they need you...sometimes, friends dont even give a damn about how your life is and just ignore whatever you do or say..Its like illusions..

Thats why, im very very and extremely grateful to those of you that came to me and text me and ask me how am i doing.. Every message meant the world to me.. Thank you all so much again.. X)

Knowing and writing this really makes me sad.. Seeing everyone around me thinks that Oreo is different, aggressive, dirty really pisses me off sometimes.. its the true but why cant we just look at the positive side of him instead?

I know i havent been posting about Oreo for a long time.. So, i guess this is a pretty good story to talk about Oreo.. X)

Been emoing these days.. feel alittle bit disappointed in myself.. social life has been hard on me.. Well take some time to get back on my feel.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Belated Birthday was better

Hey guys, i didnt told you guys anything about this cause i was too crazily busy with my uni stuffs and i didnt update anything at all.. but a month plus a couple of weeks ago was my birthday..

Before i start to brag about my stories.. i wanna take this time to thank everyone who remembered and wished me on that day itself. Some of you guys even wished me after the day which is totally fine.. Thank you all soooo much! X)

And for those who forgotten, its totally okay.. you guys dont know or dont remember because i didnt public my birthday on facebook this year.. if it makes you feel better.. my dad and my mom didnt even remember my birthday. X)

So how was my 20th birthday? its Sad.. seriously, sad.. I didnt get any big celebration, no big celebration, no presents, no family birthday picture and no cake. sad eh? X)

I bought myself a small piece of cake that night and celebrated my birthday alone that night.. If Oreo eat birthday cakes, i would gladly buy him one as well to celebrate with me. XD

My birthday cake this year. X)

Okay, its not all that bad.. its not as sad as it sounds. There are certain things that happen AFTER my birthday. XP

The best thing that happen was definately a rm100 angpao from my sister as a birthday present ON THE DAY ITSELF. She was the first family member who wished me happy birthday and also the only family member who gave me a present. (she is probably also the only one in the family who remembers my birthday.) I really greatful and thankful to have such an awesome sister like her. Deep down inside.. im deeply touched. X')

The second best thing was heading back to sunday school and meeting some of my friends there. I have this tradition thing.. every year.. on my birthday week.. I will head back to my temple and do some pray.. thanking whoever that is looking after me for the past 20 years of my life.. thanking them for bringing wtv that happen into my life in order for me to become who i am today.. Yeah, u guys get the point.

Suilun and Suelyn are the only one who gave a present that day.. It was a hand made card and a sport shirt by both of them.. Both of the present meant the world to me.. since that year's birthday was such a sad one.. receiving present from both of them definately made my day.. X)

Lastly, was a celebration by my uni mates. One day during my programming class, ms gave us a short break after the lecturer. Alex suddenly asked me to go toilet WITH HIM along with Eugene. Which at that point i felt EXTREMELY weird.. But i was too focus on thinking about something else so i didnt bother about what they just asked me to do.. so i just willing go to toilet TOGETHER with both of them.

After coming out from the toilet both of them immediately rushed back to class room without waiting for me.. it was weird but then again i was still thinking about some other things i didnt bother about it. The moment i step into the class, everyone was standing around a cake and they started singing happy birthday song.

Theres the birthday boy and there the cake~ mmm cheese cake. XD

At last after a 3 days after my birthday, i finally get to have an actually birthday celebration with friends and cakes around me. It felt great.. Thanks to Alex for planning all of this for me.. Im SUPER greatful to what u did there mah man. X)

Honestly.. im jealous.. im jealous of other people who have a better birthday celebration than i am this year.. i used to be one of them but this year everything just died.. things just happen.. everyone who are important to me are just not around me anymore.. owh well.. no point being jealous over something that have already pass right? X)

I got present, i got celebration, i got people who cared and remembered my birthday.. shouldnt be that greedy and ask for anything else right? Anyways its just another day right? XD

Althought my birthday was not that good but my belated birthday was definately better that the birthday itself. XD


Blows Dust

Hehehe.. I know its been a very very long time since i last blogged.. some of u guys are sorta complain that im not updating my blog regularly like i use to be. XP

Alright so im back here for alittle while now.. so dont get angry alright? And since I havent been talking much about my uni mates and life, i shall update u guys about whats going on with my uni life now. XP

Life at my side has been really really really busy.. but honestly.. its not as busy as my previous semester. Maybe cause im used to it already? Or maybe cause i have lesser IT subjects this semester? Me and uni-mates get to spend more time hanging out with each other which is great but just different.. XD

Just the a couple of weeks ago, me and my uni mates went up to genting during out assessment break. It was a one week break meant for doing our BIG assignments but instead we planned to go to genting and have chill time. Two days one night at genting, it was awesome. X)

From the left, Nicholas, Pooven, Liana, Yenn Yenn, Me, Theodore, Alex, Eugene, Ashwiin (squatting) and Chong Han who is ima. XD

I found this super cute wolf/husky looking hat!! But it was just waaaay too expensive so i didnt buy it but Ashwiin bought it for his sister. XD

After the semester break we rush back to uni to finish up our assignment. No long after that we have out presentation for our management assignment.

Its been awhile since i last done a presentation, the last time i did a presentation was for the project with Datin.. after that no more. And GAWD!!! I miss doing presentation!!

Normal people will usually say the opposite of what i just said.. but seriously.. I miss doing presentation!! It is one of those things that im actually good at cause im love to talk (like obviously..) and i like people to listen to my ideas, my suggestions and sometimes my stories!! I dont get to do that im my normal life cause no one really gives a damn about what i do anyways..

Anywhore, we did out presentation and we kinda nailed it.. cause ms said that she liked our presentation, it was spontaneous, she ask questions we answer her like we know (actually we dont) and walah!! Scored. XP

Some of you guys who remember my stories about the amount of students i have in class.. i mention there are only 9 of us right? and why suddenly go so many other shenanigans in this picture? well thats because this semester we have other subjects that are also business subjects, so yeah i kinda made a couple of new friends this semester. XP

Although it sounds fun and all but 2nd semester for my uni life is still hard and busy as hell.. but you know what they say.. you study hard, u play hard as well. X)

I always think that my social life in uni is very different from my primary, secondary and college life. Cause in uni life i have lesser friends.. but with this bunch of crazy uni friends and with the help from Magic the Gathering, i think i can still maintain in this mode for a pretty long time.. i hope. X)

Alright, i guess that enough updating for now.. will update more BOOMS stories.. if i can remember any.. or if theres any.. or if i dont feel lazy.. XP