Thursday, April 26, 2012

How did We become Friends?

Ever since uni life started.. and all the freaking HUGE workload starts piling up like a freaking moutain.. I think.. no wait.. Im pretty damn sure that my socializing skills has tremendously decreased.. Im pretty much close to being an anti-social.

How do I know this? Well, im trying to make new friends in my uni.. cause u know, im the kind of guy who likes to have more friends in his life.. cause im a freaking loner in reality?? Anyways, i find it extremely hard to try and even know one person.. its kinda an exception if its a girl but even on guys!? Freaking weird right?

Okay to be more clear.. im not shy around the guys.. Im shy around the girls (surprise!) I have this thought that i might say something wrong and scare them away.. scare that they might be thinking that im hitting on them or something. (some girls tend to have that psychological thought these days) As for the guys, we talk but topics just runs out waaaay too fast.. Conversation with guys cannot last very long.. and it tends to created this awkward silent atmosphere..

Back in the days when i was in high school and college.. socializing wasnt a really big a deal for me.. it was actually a piece of cake if i recall not wrong.. But now when I think of it.. i really wanna ask myself.. How did I do that!?

What did i do that is sooo easy to socialize with others? What approach did I used? Why am I not as nervous or shy as I am right now back in the days? How was I able to do that!? D8

Last time, when Im in a party with my friends.. we can just easily socialize with ANYONE we want. (Thats probably how i know some of you guys out there today. XP) But now, getting to know someone's is also a pain in the neck for me! DX

Maybe I should just be like Jin in "My Generasi" video. Have a paper written "Hi, can we be friends?", pass it to the person when we meet, then pray to whoever that is looking after me up there to pray he or she adds me on facebook! Genius! XD

Hey, dont dare me.. I will really do it. *desperate* XD

So guys, tell me.. How did We become Friends?

You guys can answer this question thru the cbox, or by leaving a comment under this post. I would love to read your responds. X)

Till then.. CHEERS!! XD

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