Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blows Dust

Hehehe.. I know its been a very very long time since i last blogged.. some of u guys are sorta complain that im not updating my blog regularly like i use to be. XP

Alright so im back here for alittle while now.. so dont get angry alright? And since I havent been talking much about my uni mates and life, i shall update u guys about whats going on with my uni life now. XP

Life at my side has been really really really busy.. but honestly.. its not as busy as my previous semester. Maybe cause im used to it already? Or maybe cause i have lesser IT subjects this semester? Me and uni-mates get to spend more time hanging out with each other which is great but just different.. XD

Just the a couple of weeks ago, me and my uni mates went up to genting during out assessment break. It was a one week break meant for doing our BIG assignments but instead we planned to go to genting and have chill time. Two days one night at genting, it was awesome. X)

From the left, Nicholas, Pooven, Liana, Yenn Yenn, Me, Theodore, Alex, Eugene, Ashwiin (squatting) and Chong Han who is ima. XD

I found this super cute wolf/husky looking hat!! But it was just waaaay too expensive so i didnt buy it but Ashwiin bought it for his sister. XD

After the semester break we rush back to uni to finish up our assignment. No long after that we have out presentation for our management assignment.

Its been awhile since i last done a presentation, the last time i did a presentation was for the project with Datin.. after that no more. And GAWD!!! I miss doing presentation!!

Normal people will usually say the opposite of what i just said.. but seriously.. I miss doing presentation!! It is one of those things that im actually good at cause im love to talk (like obviously..) and i like people to listen to my ideas, my suggestions and sometimes my stories!! I dont get to do that im my normal life cause no one really gives a damn about what i do anyways..

Anywhore, we did out presentation and we kinda nailed it.. cause ms said that she liked our presentation, it was spontaneous, she ask questions we answer her like we know (actually we dont) and walah!! Scored. XP

Some of you guys who remember my stories about the amount of students i have in class.. i mention there are only 9 of us right? and why suddenly go so many other shenanigans in this picture? well thats because this semester we have other subjects that are also business subjects, so yeah i kinda made a couple of new friends this semester. XP

Although it sounds fun and all but 2nd semester for my uni life is still hard and busy as hell.. but you know what they say.. you study hard, u play hard as well. X)

I always think that my social life in uni is very different from my primary, secondary and college life. Cause in uni life i have lesser friends.. but with this bunch of crazy uni friends and with the help from Magic the Gathering, i think i can still maintain in this mode for a pretty long time.. i hope. X)

Alright, i guess that enough updating for now.. will update more BOOMS stories.. if i can remember any.. or if theres any.. or if i dont feel lazy.. XP


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