Friday, April 13, 2012

Oreo and I

Oreo and I are pretty much alike.. NOT in terms of physically and habitally!! But in terms of our lifes.. Hear me out here.

Oreo is a smart and very very active doggie.. his actually a very strong dog. One pull and poof, you will fall onto the ground, i swear.. Not just that, this little fella also eats alot.. and when i mean alot.. its really really ALOT!! His like this bottom-less pit that eats and eats and eats but doesnt grow big nor get fat. And he eats real fast..

Now for those of you who know me should understand alittle bit right here on why is he so similiar to me. Well, im a big eater who doesnt get fat and i eat real fast. Right? The only part that is not really similiar is.. im not REALLY smart and im not strong. XP

Okay, thats not really the main point what i think its very similiar to me and Oreo.. is loneliness..

There is alot of people around Oreo, but sadly.. no one really pays much attention to him. He keeps begging people to give him attention by jumping on to people and licking them but he tends to do it in a very harsh and rough way cause his strong.. So, people find what his doing very aggressive and scary.. everyone around him is like an illusion to him.. they are there but the truth is they are not really there..

Oreo does have me, but.. sometimes im busy with my own stuffs and therefore, not paying much attention to him as well.. I feel bad.. X(

So whats so alike with me and Oreo on this part? Well, everything basically.. Im attention seeker, i do creepy things to get people's attention but still people find it annoying and weird and of course.. freaky/scary.. i do have lots of friends.. but sometimes, friends are busy with their own stuffs.. sometimes, friends will only find you when they need you...sometimes, friends dont even give a damn about how your life is and just ignore whatever you do or say..Its like illusions..

Thats why, im very very and extremely grateful to those of you that came to me and text me and ask me how am i doing.. Every message meant the world to me.. Thank you all so much again.. X)

Knowing and writing this really makes me sad.. Seeing everyone around me thinks that Oreo is different, aggressive, dirty really pisses me off sometimes.. its the true but why cant we just look at the positive side of him instead?

I know i havent been posting about Oreo for a long time.. So, i guess this is a pretty good story to talk about Oreo.. X)

Been emoing these days.. feel alittle bit disappointed in myself.. social life has been hard on me.. Well take some time to get back on my feel.


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  1. well, my boy. that's growing up for you. i'm having a similar social change going on here as well. i feel you. loneliness sure doesnt feel good. for my part, i've changed, priorities have changed and i'm out of my usual group. but its not all bad, i assure myself. and i'm sure its not all rot and hell for you too. each phase is different and each part has its silver lining. just hang around long enough and you'll find that that's just one part of life that humans go through and learn. cheers, kei


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