Saturday, May 19, 2012

Im still Alive

I know i havent been doing any bloggin for the past 2 weeks (around that time) but just to let you guys know, im not dead.. yet.. XD

Again, life at my side has been kinda busy.. there was a week that me and my friends are spamming and rushing 3 assignments.. it was a very last minute rush but it all end up fine.. i guess.. i hope.. DX

And nothing much really happen during the past 2 week.. unless you wanna hear some programming language stuffs.. Which i HIGHLY doubt anyone of you are interested in. I remember most of my college friends saying that computing stuffs is boring. DX XP

I always wanted to blog, no really seriously.. I always wanted to update my blog but i just dont have a topic to talk about or an incident to talk about.. Its not like nothing really happen that day, something did happen but its not really something to talk about in the blog. Usually i just post it in my twitter and end with it. XP

Btw, those of you who dont have my twitter, feel free to add me! But I will only approve those people whom i know. Name: klex.mingz

Twitter has kinda been my second blog channel.. any small small thing happen to me on that day i will just tweet about it. Sometimes i pity my followers, they have to listen to all my spamming emotional tweets. Really sorry to my followers. XP

Yeah, im just here to drop by and say that im not dead  yet.. i still visit my blog to check my cbox everyday and i still visit other people's blog to gain some inspiration to blog..

Owh, if you guys think that im REALLY busy all the time and all, dont think to much.. im really not that busy.. i still can spend sometime talking on the phone or at least sms and all. Dont be afraid that u guys are bothering me or something.. yeah, i might reply late but that doesnt mean im busy and all. (sound so desperate wanting people to talk to me cause no one wants to talk to me. DX)

Hope you guys out there are having a MUCH better time on my side.


Thursday, May 3, 2012


"uoyssimi", have you guys seen this hidden word before? Its not really that popular today.. but i just kinda know whats the meaning of this word a couple of months ago. Just wanted to bring it up for those of you who dont know what issit. XP

So heres a story of how I actually knew and met this word "uoyssimi". Its a pretty funny story that happened between me and a friend of mine. She reads my blog, so im going to you some direct words to indicate her. XP

It all started a couple of months ago.. it was just some normal day, i was chilling infront of my computer flying around facebook waiting for my friends to come online and play hon. Suddenly, i got a notifaction of facebook saying i receive a notifcation from 'you'. Then there it is.. the word..

Honestly. when i just saw that word  i have no clue nor idea what word is this? The moment 'you' posted this on my facebook wall, i was soooo lost. I have no clue what are you writting. First of all, it was already extremely rare for 'you' to post on my wall and now for you to write something that I have no clue at all was seriously surprising. XD

My first assumption for this word is good night in japanese.. cause it sounds alike. For good night in japanese is "ohyasummi" (something like that, im not really good in japanese) but that moment, i start doing some thinking in my head. I was pretty sure that you are not really a japanese kind of person, why suddenly post me a japanese word? And to start a conversation by saying "good night:" was pretty weird.. So i read the word again.. and after reading it a couple of times, i was wrong. it wasnt what i expected.

I wanted to reply your wall post sooo badly (cause u know its like one of your few wall post on my facebook) but i couldnt reply it cause it have no clue what was the word about. So, i took the desperate moment's way.. Google it. XD

I actually went and google for the word "uoyssimi", i couldnt really find any answers that I want. So, i went deeper.. i went and google "what is uoyssimi?" then i found this yahoo answer website. A poor fella (like me) was asking the same thing.. and he was in a hurry and desperate. Finally, after flipping thru all the comments i finally found out the meaning of the word.

So after talking about this for sooo long, what is the word "uoyssimi", its really simple.. its "imissyou" spelled backwards. X)


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Its been 6 long Years!

I dunno whether anyone of you noticed or not.. but this blog has been going on for SIX FREAKING LONG YEARS! D8 8D

Ever since October 11 2007, the first blog post for this blog was created.. until this very day.. Wow.. Now hell, thats one long surviving blog i have there. XD

Some of you are probably asking "How in the world did you manage to maintain the interest in writing blogs?". Im not very sure myself but a few things for sure, i like to share my stories around the world and also since no one is really there with me to listen to me blablerring all the time, so my blog is just a spot for me to release all of it here. X)

I flipped back to my previous blog post that i posted back in the days.. and I can see there are a couple changes of the things that i've posted. Mainly, are the topics that i talked about right here.

Last time i tend to post more on my daily life posts.. like ALOT about my daily life post.. Like almost every freaking single day, i will make a blog post about my silly life. Some of the daily life things that i've posted are not even important! Its sooo not important to the extend that the me today finds it kinda annoying.. and even the me today dont give a damn about it. Still, its funny reading those weird, awkward, childish posts. XD

Next, last time i have blog post about some other things like.. songs that i like to listen (song of the month) and birthday wishes post.. You dont see me doing those very often right now.. maybe cause im too busy with my works and there are just too many songs that i like. (most of them are not even originals but covers) plus, birthday wishes are all done in reality or worst comes to worst, thru facebook. XD

Moving on, the next 'thing' that is not in my blog anymore is the colorful colorful words that i like to edit on my blog post to (i think) make it look beautiful. Even enlarge or super mini-fied words dont seem to be appearing that often on my blog posts anymore. Again, im too busy with my works to edit the blog posts.

So what do I have now that my past blog post dont have? I can only found a few.. One is I tend to swear more in my blog post. Which is no good. No more 'WTF' or 'WTH' those childish kind of things already. I have totally man-ed up! (or rude-d up) XD

I have Q&A blog post on my blog right now. Which is something that i never did 3 or 4 years ago. During my college days, i tend to socialize with people more thru facebook. I will accept questions from my friends on facebook or from friends who are reading my blogs and answer them on my blog itself. It fun and its also a very good way to socialize with my readers. X)

But there are some things that never changed until today.. The Emo emo blog post are definitely the first in line right here. That didnt change at all!! Guess im still the emo little fella like i am for the past 6 years plus. D'X

Besides that, I still do tags. Even know I was not tag in any blog because its not that popular anymore and people dont blog anymore, i still do tags that im not involved or tags that i see on facebook. Doing tags are fun and funny if its something to do with your friends. XD

Next, are emoticon.. I've been posting emoticons like 'XD' 'DX' 'D8' '8D' 'X)' 'X(' for the past 6 years.. After doing blogs for 6 years plus, writing emoticon have probably become alittle bad habit of mine. Cause I sometimes acccidentally added into my program codes. XP (no worries, i removed it after doing some double checking)

Not only that, for the past 6 years.. my spelling and grammer is still HORRIBLE. Its sooo horrible to the extend that if its your first time reading my blog post and you dont know who am I, by just reading a couple of blog post, you can already tell that im a chinese. XP (and people say bloggin makes your grammer better.. i beg to differ..)

Lastly are pictures.. I never stop posting pictures.. which is probably what this whole blog is all about. Memories. The blog link is called memoriezbeyond for a reason. So yeah, I still post pictures to keep my memories right here. Where i can still look it whenever Im free. Memories to keep and remember.. good or bad its all here. All thanks to my constant posting of pictures and also thanks to the people who take picture for those memories of mine. X)

To all those 100,000+ readers who have been reading for my blog posts, THANK YOU ALL very much for reading. It doesnt matter that if your just browsing by or you accidentally clicked it or something, I just wanna thank you all for visiting. XD

So yeah, there you have it. A 6 years old blog spot with 6 years worth of memories.. And its on going.. X)