Saturday, May 19, 2012

Im still Alive

I know i havent been doing any bloggin for the past 2 weeks (around that time) but just to let you guys know, im not dead.. yet.. XD

Again, life at my side has been kinda busy.. there was a week that me and my friends are spamming and rushing 3 assignments.. it was a very last minute rush but it all end up fine.. i guess.. i hope.. DX

And nothing much really happen during the past 2 week.. unless you wanna hear some programming language stuffs.. Which i HIGHLY doubt anyone of you are interested in. I remember most of my college friends saying that computing stuffs is boring. DX XP

I always wanted to blog, no really seriously.. I always wanted to update my blog but i just dont have a topic to talk about or an incident to talk about.. Its not like nothing really happen that day, something did happen but its not really something to talk about in the blog. Usually i just post it in my twitter and end with it. XP

Btw, those of you who dont have my twitter, feel free to add me! But I will only approve those people whom i know. Name: klex.mingz

Twitter has kinda been my second blog channel.. any small small thing happen to me on that day i will just tweet about it. Sometimes i pity my followers, they have to listen to all my spamming emotional tweets. Really sorry to my followers. XP

Yeah, im just here to drop by and say that im not dead  yet.. i still visit my blog to check my cbox everyday and i still visit other people's blog to gain some inspiration to blog..

Owh, if you guys think that im REALLY busy all the time and all, dont think to much.. im really not that busy.. i still can spend sometime talking on the phone or at least sms and all. Dont be afraid that u guys are bothering me or something.. yeah, i might reply late but that doesnt mean im busy and all. (sound so desperate wanting people to talk to me cause no one wants to talk to me. DX)

Hope you guys out there are having a MUCH better time on my side.


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