Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wesak Flash Backs..

WoooHooooo~ Wesak Day!!

Firstly before i begin anything abt it i wanna thank WeiGin, XinYi and YanLeng for updating these pictures and also apologise to them for stealing from their blog. I bet the blog police will be on their way looking for me. =.= Okay thats enough, shall we begin??

Where is this? Where is this? For your Infomation this place is my temple! XD Beutiful place with full of lights around the corner. I cant really explain.. but ask Huiee! She been there before. XP

Yeah man.. this the the amount of people there. Tons of them! o.O

Oh ya, btw this year's wesak day's theme was..

Peace & Love ~ It starts with us!

This picture is kinda blurr... XP Btw, Suilun, me, Munwai and Zhenwei are sitting on the stage. The girl's head on the right? I dunno.. XP
Choir Team..

Yup this is the BISDS school choir team board. Well issint that obvious.. =.=
The proof that we are singing~ FYI Vanessa was our sifu.. XD
After Singing..
Zhen Wei too a quick nap.. ZzZzZz..
waking him up was funny. We gave him a big shock of his life. XD
Suelyn was day dreaming.. XP
This picture is actually kinda cute. XD I never seen Suelyn daydream like that before. XD Suelyn.. what are u thinking?? XP
Justin was lepak-ing~
I heard that he got a new name. Ah ma as in grandma! o.O Okay... i think i'll stick with Justin, retarded or Meimei. XP
John was drinking cold water. John.. you dont have to show your retarded face here.. everybody is looking. =.= Just joking man.. XP
YeeWan, YanLeng and Suilun are helping out in the mobile stall. We are selling candles for your infomations. Lots and Lots of candles. XP
Night Time..
Mobile stall is still on until late late night.
The two LengLui jaga-ing the stall. One of them is my sister btw..
Thank God!!! Finally a picture of me!! sobs...
I was helping out as well. Hardworking man! XD
Such a huge fan of David Cook.. Makan oso wanna support!
Okay okay he won, so shut and eat your food. XD
Come to think of it this pictures is sorta scary.. Suilun's eyes.. brrrr... Is like he wanna eat you or something! D8 Just joking.. XP
Due to the internet lagg-ness i dun think i will post out anymore pictures abt the wesak day. I think that should do it. Next is the CFCamp..
Guys i think it will take a while for me to update abt the CFCamp. Most importantly the pictures. Its tooo laggy and i cant really update or post it out. It will take sometime for me to update finish. But i can promise you before holiday ends the thing will be up in my blog adi. X)

Im back!!

YU MENG!! i mean.. YU MING!! Is back!! XD

Well i just came back from CFCamp 2 days ago.. it was an extremely tired camp but in exchange it was extremely fun!! XD People said that i've change through out the camp. I cant really explain what does that means but... lets just say its a great experience for me. X) Btw.. the camp was a BLAST!! XD

MAY.. hrm.. sure is a though month. Lots and Lots of things has been happening, mayb thats why i dun really have the time to update my blog. XP

- Mid year exams
- Wesak Day
- CFCamp
- PS2!!! XD

These things are the main things that made me busy for the past few weeks. But wesak and CFC was a great! X) It deserve to waste few days of my life. XD

Okay.. i think thats enough for the greetings that im back.. i shall begin posting pictures from wesak day.. ON THE NEXT POST! XD

Just keep wait~ X)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gaming Results

To those of you who dont knw, let me tell u guys again. Angela loaned me her PS2 again!! (Thank You! XD) Thats why i got new games to play! XD My PSP?? My brother loaned it to his friends and everything which pisses me off! I dont get play! Sobs.. okay back to the main issue.

Onimusha -Dawn of Dreams-

This game really kicks ass man!! Starting to love this game! XD I always love Onimushas but this one really beated me up! Like normal Onimusha kill Genma soilders and then absorb their souls then upgrade new weapon to get new powers. But this one u get to have partners! Both u and your partners get to upgrade weapons and armor! Woooohooooo!!! Not just that all of yur partner shall have super Oni mode!! Play the game and u will get what i mean.
This game needs a little bit of IQ for sometimes which really pisses me off! Thats the only part im pissed off but other than that im cool with the whole game. Theres 2 disc for this game and im only at disc 1! There will be a long way to go~ I'll take my time. X)
The Main character.
My favourite partner, Jubei! X)
Jubei's slash!
Soki Blue Demon mode.
Ultimate Oni Demon!!
Hack G.U. vol.3 -Redemption-
Im not really playing this game but it counts. Im kinda stuck right at the begining. Which pisses me off. I checked the gamefaqs but i dunno knw how to start!! Grrrrr... but i watched the youtubes its actually a nice game. According to LenPing this game is famous. o.O Arh screw it!
The main character, Hasura Xth Form.
You get to shoot guns!! Wooohooo!
spam!!! XD
According to what i knw, this is the Avatar that u control.

Friday, May 23, 2008

About My Teachers

Teachers day... waaaaa it was fun man... Oh, where was I?? I was at HOME! XD I didnt went to teachers day cos i need to rest more due to this coming sunday's CFCamp. Thus thanks to Angela for lending me the PS2 i have been soooo busy at home playing games! XD Holiday mah cant blame.. XP

I want to post out a few things abt my teachers, since i didnt go for teachers day. X)

The Best Teacher:
Pn.Ting --- Very concerning and almost treat us like her own son and daughter. X) Forgotten whats her son's name but just jealous of him. XP

The Most Concerning Teacher:
Pn.Wan --- Before teachers day (thursday) she talked to me abt my Physics test incident. I just founded out how concerning teacher she is. X) Pn.Ting is concerning but since shes the best teacher i shall give this position to Pn.Wan. X) Thus shes not going to teacher my class anymore. sobs.. X(

The Most Closest Teacher:
En. Mustafa --- Because he knws my mom thats why he knws me well. Thus his also very concerning.. but i only can see him one week once. Haiz.. if only i can see him everyday. X)

The Most Playful Teacher:
Pn.Harminder --- You all should knw why gua.. Even knw shes fierce but still she very playful as well. XD She can do push ups man! D8

The Most Funniest Teacher:
En. Zul --- You should also knw why adi gua.. I like the style he play baseball. He shakes his ass before hiting the ball! XD

The teacher that I regreted say he/she is bad:
Sis. May --- serious.. Sis.May isint soooo bad.. Shes actually very nice! 8D Starting to love her class! X) Getting bored of Bro. Poh.. XP

The teacher the i missed with:
En. Arif --- My X-science teacher. Sobs... missed him lar wei.. sobs.. He brought me to waterfall before thus belanja me Roti Canai everytime. X) Missed him.. X) Peace brother. X)

The teacher that im pissed off now:
Pn.Chin --- Mother Chi B*i, i hope she jump down building die or triped and die or something. She ruined my Physic's life!! Tell you guys next time larh! Psh!! *Points middle finger that Pn.Chin's picture.*

The teacher that people love to make fun of the most:
Pn. Kwang --- Tons of people love to inmitate her voice! XD Especially Jonathan Yap. Im kinda pissed with this teacher for sometimes but not as bad as Pn.Chin. Hmp!

The teacher that love to smile the most:
En. Beh --- Ah hahaha!!! Come to think of it im a good joker of sometimes. XD En.Beh does love to smile. He not a really really really bad teacher.. but just boring for sometimes. X) The can really do accounts man.. X)

The teacher that I always High 5 with:
En. Chao --- My english tuition teacher. Both of us always high 5 cos we always have the same ideas in essay writting! XD Great mind thinks alike. XP

The Most Kesian Teacher:
Pn. Zaini --- Cos sometimes no one really listen to her cos shes teaching the most boring subject with is Sivik. I believe not really everyone like Sivik. Thats why kesian her loh.. X)

Okay thats enough for me larh. Come to think of it this looks like a tag! hehehe.. Okay then lets make this a tag! XD I shall tag.. Anyone of reads this okay?? X)


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wesak Day

Its wesak day!!! Wooooohooooo!!! XD a 3 days and 2 nights vacation at the temple. There must be lots of story behide these 3 days.. so listen to my story.. (I'll to make this short as possible)

Amazingly i decided to NOT bring my PSP to the temple cos i was scared to lose it.. thus 3 days in the temple is not a short time. Called me stupid or anything else, but i think i made a right choice.

Day 1, lets just skip to the fun part shall we?? The fun part of the day was building up the mobile stall. I tell u Suilun is adicted to the song "Low" Dammit! Why that song!? Change song lar Suilun. Thus, Suilun said that my tie-ing looks like a retarded but then the tie-ing that he did was almost as same like mine just that mine is more better looking. XD

Then when its time for choir practise, i felt a little bit sicky.. I take a quick nap and then woke back up but when the time i woke back up, it finish. X( Then that night Me, John, Justin and MunWai had a sleep over at the temple.

We had a guy talk and tell each other jokes. It was 2.30am and all of us just cant shut up and sleep, so John decided to play this game. Who ever didnt shut their mouth and sleep then that guy will kena. Justin was the first victim who kena John's wrath. In the end, Me and John owned the game. XD

Day 2, early in the morning then got choir practise. This time i participated for the whole session! Then in the afternoon me, ZhenWei, John and Suelyn paid a visit to Justin's house! 8D His grandma's cooking was no joke.. it was really good! XD In the mean time we took a quick bath at his house.

ZhenWei was playing Justin's PS2. I loaned some games from him which are Onimusha-Dawn of Dreams-, Hack vol.3 -Redemption- and Digimon Data Squad. Now all i need is a PS2! Dammit.. We played a little bit a Digimon rumble arena 2 there. Its been a long time ever since i played it.. but still i kick ass! XD Back to the temple and busy helping out with the mobile stall until 7.00pm.

Here comes something funny here.. Suelyn was jaga-ing the stall with us. Then she asked a lady whether she want to buy anot. Then the lady said that she will buy after she come out from the toilet. I told her that the lady wont come and buy one but then she said she will. So i have a little betting with suelyn. If the lady comes and buy a candle i will buy one small candle. In the end i won her!! The lady just walk pass our stall! XD I win~I win~ I~ am the campion~ my friend~ XD

At night 8pm~11pm was our free time. Oh oh oh!! Here comes the funny part. John decided to do something.. intresting.. X) So we made an MV of How to Save a Life! XD ZhenWei took the book shelf as if its a piano. John get a few chairs and some huge water tank as the drum. Finally im the singer! XD The song played and all we have to do its act like as if we are playing and singing the song. It was pretty smooth at first.. until.. John suddenly just throw the "drum sticks" on the floor and said "Tiu!!! Dont wanna act adi larh!" XD It was pretty darn funny! I laughed like mad!! XD

11pm was back to work and this time i sawed ShuMei and ShuSian there. We sold tons of candles that night but it was tire-ing.. Then its time for us to had our rest.. we slept right away at 1.20am...

Day 3 (waow that was fast..) The day begins.. Wesak day! D8 Better get our voice sparked shining. Early in the morning we started practising. Then its time to perform at 11am. The first round was owning! We sang beutifully mayb cos that time we are still energetic. XP

Time flies and we continue singing round by rounds.. fuh things are getting real tiring.. According to what Samatha said, Huiee went there! D8 I wanted to see them there but they werent!! I was too busy singing until i dun have the time to spot for her! Sad.. X(

Bro.Ronnie and his new Tissa class are making a sketch for the wesak day. Seriously.. i think the sketch was pretty boring.. Compare to my school's drama days, we kick their ass badly! XD Then before our final performance, Suilun was told to play the piano while the children are having their colouring competition.

I was standing beside Suilun giving him songs to played. Fuh.. 20 minutes of playing non stop! Fuh~ luckily we didnt ran out of songs half road.. XP Then the final round of singing begins.. Then it ends.. XP According to what Vanessa said, We were a BLAST! BOM!! I believe so, cos we really put everything in the final one. X)

I have to wait for m transport to fetch me home. In the mean time, MunWai brought the Wesak day T-shirt for me! woooohoooo! Thanks man! X) Then i decided to help with the mobile stall while waiting. Guess who bumped into me? Weigin!! XD She was waiting for her parents.. X)

Finally back home.. with my PSP.. X) Okay i do regreted for not bringing PSP there! Or else i wont be feeling bored while waiting for the next round. XD

Wesak day was a BLAST!! FUN!! and tiring. Whats next? 1oth CFC CAMP!!! Wooohoooo!!

Btw.. pictures are coming real soon.. just wait kay? X)

Friday, May 16, 2008


Got tagged by Megan for the first time. So here goes nothing!!

Section One: Have you ever..

1. Cheated on Someone??
- Hey, im not THAT evil okay! People cheat then got!

2. Fallen off the bed?
- Never.. pro mah! XD

3. Broken someone's heart?
- Never.. no one wants me..

4. Had your heart broken?
- Yesh.. many times..

5. Had your dream come true?
- Hell Yeah!! a PSP!! XD

6. Done something you regret?
- Who wouldnt?? Duh~

Section Two: Currently..

1. Wearing?
- erm.. normal T-shirt?? Pants and underwears! XD Oh oh and glasses. XP

2. Like anyone?
- Not really..

3. Had Piercings?
- Hell NO!! Never wanted to!

4. Drive?
- Yeap! Daytona!! XD Of course not really one larh!

5. Ever smoke?

6. Tattoos??
- When i was young yes.. XP

Section Three : Last person you..

1. Hugged?
- My sister i think.. dont remember..

2. Kissed?
- No one.. sobs..

3. IMed?
- Megan!! XD

4. Talked on the phone?
- Justin Lee! XD

5. Yelled?
- Hrm.. i think my sister also.. XP

Section Four : Personal..

1. What do you/did you wanna do when you finish(ed) school?
- Look or a job or college.

2. What has been the best day in your life?
- The day that i got a PSP!! 8D

3. Whats comes first in life?
- Family and Friends! 8)

4. What are you most scared of?
- Ghost, puppets/dummy and my mom..

5. What do you usually think of when u got to bed?
- What will happend the next day? X)

6. Did you lose someone you really loved?
- Hell Yeah.. in a bad way..

7. Love your family?
- Hell Yeah! 8)

Section Five : Favourite..

1. Movie?
- lots of them.. X)

2. Song?
- The Price of Freedom. XD

3. Ice cream flavour?
- Yam! yum~yum~

4. Fruits?
- Banana!! Monkey clan! XD

6. The day of the week?
- Sunday!! Yeah!! XD

7. Colour?
- Silver.. black and red.

Section Six: Do you..

1. Like to give hugs?
- Yup! Whats wrong with that? XP

2. Like to walk in the rain?
- When im emo, yes..

3. Prefer black or blue jeans?
- Can i pick both?? XP

4. Like to travel?
- Yeap!

5. Sleep on yourside?
- Hell Yeah!

6. Have a goldfish?
- Yesh! But died.. that was last time!

7. Ever had a falling dream?
- Yesh.. it pretty scary..

8. Have stuffed animals?
- Tiger!!! XD

Section Seven : This or that..

1. Pierce nose or tongue?

2. MTV or BET?
- MTV!!!!

3. 7th Heaven or Dawnsons Creek?
- What the @#$% is that??

4. Sugar or Salt?
- Sugar water or Salt water? Duh~ Sugar!

5. Silver or Gold?
- Silver!!

6. Chocolates or Flowers?
- Chocolates!

7. Colour or black-and-white photos?
- Depends whether im emo or not..

8. M&M or Skittles?
- M&M the ground nut one. X)

9. Stay up late or sleep in?
- Both~ X)

10. Hot or Cold?
- Hot waters in the mornings, cold air cons at night! XP

11. Ketchup or Mustard?
- I dunno.. I never tried Mustard before. Seriously..

12. Spring or Fall?
- Fall, cos that season it will be more windy.. fuh~

13. Happy or Sad?
- High or Emo? Duh~ HIGH!!

14. Wonder or Amazed?
- Both~ 8)

15. OC or Laguna Beach?
- What the @#$% is that?

I tagged:
1. Sui Lun
2. Justin Lee
3. Izzaty
4. Huiee
5. you, You and YOU!!

Back to the Computer

If you dont knw whats going on the please refer back to the last post.

I cant continue typing in the PSP!! It took me 30+ minutes just to make such a short post. I rather use the computer. XP

Between the time before English test starts, i paid a visit to my 4A friend's class which are Jin Hwei, Izzaty and Huiee. Its been awhile ever since i talked to Jin Hwei. Izzaty and Huiee?? Yesterday talked to them already. XD

Jin Hwei looked a little down today.. My six sense is telling me that.. Mayb is cos of the exams marks. Hrm.. Jin Hwei cheer up larh its only mid year not SPM. X) We still have a long way to go this is just a begining. X)

I just notice that Huiee is a little bit.. how to say.. STUPID!? XD Just joking.. its just that shes very blur blur only. XP She not using her 5 sense!!! D8 What if she has SIX of them like.. ME! XD

After the test my headache begins to react again. But no worries.. Exams is already over!!! Fever also nvm already! XD

Currently having..

Oh ya btw i pass my freaking accounts!! Wooohoooo!!! Wesak day i coming real real soon.. around 60+ hours from now i think.. Dammit im having a soar throat. Gotta cure it before wesak day.

To all BISDS YOUTH choir team!!
Our practise this saturday will in the auditorium AKA the place that we had puja. Okay?? Thus we are looking for people to help out in the mobile stall. Can u all find anyone that can work for the wholeday and he/she is npt in the choir group?? If you got anyone please inform me ASAP!!! Thank you..

The PSP was here..

Greetings peoples! Im using my PSP right now to edit this blog! XD Dammit, its tough typing words using PSP. Its slow in the mean time.. i still need training in this crap.

Finally exams its over!! I have fun doing English paper 1. Most of my classmates picked question 2 which is the one "I opened the door slowly..". I wrote 513 words. Tarvin wrote 600+ words and guess how many did Shekar wrote? 800+ !!! D8

I had a bad fever today.. But thanks to the PJK test i manage to get some rest to boost my self.

To be continue..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Basketball Battle!

Warning! Warning! Long post alert!!

Theres a BIG game going on today! My basketaball gang versus some china fellas!! Its actually just some small little friendly match. X) But things have been intresting during the gameplay..

Weng is like usual, our captain. Then Fai and Jon are playing as point guard. Jimmy playing as center and rebounder. And guess whose the last fella in the team?? ME!! XD (damm LOA.. XP) Im playing as rebounder only. XP But still its a tough job for me.

On the other side, the china fellas arent really that tall. Im taller than some of them. XP But they have strong muscles and huge body size. Their body seriously scares me wei.. o.O But no worries i got Weng and Jimmy to back me up.

The game begins.. Its a 11 points to victory match and also u must have 2/3 victories to win the game. Lets just say that they need to win 2 games to offically owned the game. X)

Like usual basketball games are rough but this one is just a little bit smooth.. My team begin to strike more than the China fellas. The first match was our victory, 11-6 they some how got owned. XP

But things are just getting started. They begin to move around quickly.. Our team begin to heat things up. There where the funny part begins. Fai was faked (means kena tricked) by a china fella. The Fai looked and that fella and said "You?? Faster than me?? SHIT!! This is getting so intresting!". I was laughin around the corner. But Fai was not joking.. His speed up soooo freaking much that even I cant see where did he go!! XD The China fellas are much more quicker than we are. We are still blur blur like that only. XP They won us by 9-11, we could have win. X(

Final match and the game is really really getting serious. Roughness begins to unleash around the corner. Jimmy was like wispering to me "Are they fast or are we just slowing down?" I replied "I dont knw.. i think they are getting faster. I doing the best i can." Seriously they are much more faster then around 2, thus my team wasted most of our energy on game 1. Dammit.. chinese fellas are smart! XD

Suddenly Fai accidentally made a sliped pass (means a cacat pass) But then Weng still able to get it. Then one chinese fellas is like wanted to kick the ball away from Weng's hands and almost stepped on his finger. Luckily Weng was strong and quick enough to take the ball away. After that Weng just throw the ball aside and shouted "What The F*CK!!! You want to step my FINGERS!?" All fo us stopped playing and Weng was soooo furious is like he wanted to punch that guy in the face. Tensions starts..

Fai and Jimmy went and stop Weng from making any harsh move. We manage to chill Weng down.. fuh.. I was very furious.. Usually he dont really get THAT mad, but this time its just over its limit. My six sense sensed that something is wrong. I asked Rebbeca and she told me everything. Weng told me something that i'll always put it in my mind. "Yuming.. Dont follow your emotions.. Just be who u are.." Those words really made me more.. realize should i say..

The game goes on and the game has been shorten. The point ot victory is 7 points. All of us put it maximum effort in it. I was beated.. I have very weak stamina.. thats why i cant do anything much in that game. Then the game ends..


it was a 7-4 victory we owned them badly. Weng was like staring at the fella that almost stepped his feet and said "If your do that to any basketball player, i swear that u will get punch in the face." The china fella is like stuned already.

It was a tough and tiring game. Even kwn its only a friendly match but we believe that friendly match is still a game. I have a greating time today.. I was a fun and exciting game. X)

T.R.U.S.T GANBATTEH!!! (FYI thats our teams name)

Dammit! The most hardest exam is going on tomolo!! PJK!!! D8 Aiya.. nvm lar screw it! XD Have to study English. XP After PSP fever! XD

Cheer up Weng!! Things well get welll! Trust me i knw.. X)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time Must move Faster!!

Usually.. i wanted time to move slowly.. slow to make my life time longer.. slow so that i can stay with my friends longer.. X)

But this time.. everything is going around.. I WANT TIME TO MOVE FASTER!! Just for these 2 days larh.. i want my exams days to be over.. X( I wanna touch my PSP... sobs.. 5 days didnt touch adi arh.. sobs.. You'll never see that in national geografic. XD

Good God! Bleach Heat the Soul 5 is coming out!! D8 Time to toss Heat the Soul 4 away!! XD Wesak day is coming!! Yiiipieeee!! Time of the BISDS Choir group to be in action!! XD Thus time to sell candles. XP I wonder is bro.Ronnie doing the book marks again?? o.O

My exams condition?? Hrm.. Let me put it this way..
Moral - i think can pass..
BM - also think can pass..
BI - one more paper.. hope can score!
Add Maths- high chances of failing.. X(
Sejarah - I was okay.. hope i pass again..
Physics - Its either fail or KOSONG marks.
Sivik - I dun mind screwing it. XD
Mod Maths - one more paper.. hope can score too!
Chemistry - F*cked up..
EST - Have confident in the paper. XD
Accounts - Screw paper 2 but paper 1 was okay..
PJK?? - The hardest test ever!! XD

Currently adicted too the song:
- San Noro Yui (japanese)
AKA I'll say I love u to the one i love.
- The Summonded (crisis core)

Dammit.. its only.. 8.20pm now! D8 Time faster move!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got tagged by my own sister.. (=.=) Its kinda weird.. but she just tagged me! o.O so here goes nothing!!! X)

1. what is the most important thing in your life?
- Friends and Family.. wait.. and PSP!! XD

2. will you consider a sexual relationship before marriage?
- .... well what do u think!? XD

3. do you smoke?
- Never man!!! I'll try to NOT smoke!

4. what is the latest gadget that you own?
- PSP.. sobs.. feel so proud thinking abt it.. sobs..

5. who did you mostly text yesterday?
- No one.. i dont have a phone nor neither did i online..

6. how old are you and are you a virgin?
-16, what do u think!? DUH~

7. what is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
- food.. in school.. if u one something big then PSP! XD

8. chocolate, oreos or villa?
- Chocolate and Oreos.. how abt mix?? XP

9. where do you wish to get married?
- Dunno.. never of it.. seriously..

10. how old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
- I hope its.. 25 i think.. who knws!?

11. how many kids do you want?
- hrm... okay.. depends... on how many SHE wants..

12. are you in love?
- NO... black rose..

13. where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
- hrm.. does canteen count?? XP

14. name the latest book that you bought?
- hrm.. i dun really by book! Except exercise book.. XD

15. what is your full name?
- Tan Yu Ming, keep that in mind..

16. do you prefer your mother or father?
- Father, his the best man..

17. do u believe in GOD?
- I buddha a god?? Wtv it is i still believe.. X)

18. name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time?
- Katsura!! Dammit... to IN to anime..

19. christina or britney?
- neither..

20. do you do your laundry?
- Whats the use of maid??

21. the most exciting place you want to go?
- i dun really knw.. check my sister's blog for the answer. XD

22. hugs or kisses?
- Of course both!! Which idiot only pick one??

23. single or attached?
- sobs.. single..sobs..

24. point out 5 things that made the person tagged you associated with you
Kelly Tan Yik Yoong
- Caring..
- Annoying.. sometimes..
- Dancer~
- Lazy!!!
- Playful..

Im tagging...
1. Tarvinder
2. Megan
3. Peiyin
4. Izzaty
5. Huiee
6. Wen Jun
7. Yuenhee
8. you, You and YOU!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Group Study??

This story happend few weeks ago.. but cos these days i have not been touching my blog so im putting this story up since there is picture. X) Heres how the whole story goes..

Last thursday.. the holiday that day. My classmates decided to have a little group study. So these are the jacoons there..
Nataneal Tan
Wei Soong
Megan Tan
Racheal Tan
Lastly.. ME!! XD
Okay.. one by one people showed up. I decided to begin our study first but Tarvinder suggested we go pay a visit to our friend AKA my neighbour Vania. So we paid a visit there and we met her friend Josh. Have a little play with her piano and her guitar for the past 1 hour and head back to my house.
We were deciding to see Ah Long Ptd but since we have waste such a long time in Vania's house we decided to cancel the crap. In the tuition room me and Tarvinder are playing PSP!! XD We are like heating the soul with each other. Its my first time linking poeple and playing games in PSP. In the end we wasted another 1+ hours. XP
After that only we offically begin to study. XP My brain was totally empty that time. Then i belanja them makan my Donuts! I BAKE ONE! XD They said it was good. X) Since the donuts contains sugar = glucose. My brain finally begin to function! XD
We learnt a little bit of add-maths.. and a little help from my mother things went out pretty well. X) Next subject! Physics! I knw nuts abt physics but luckily we have our two smart physics fellas there to teach us! D8 Who are they? Wei Soong and Tarvin! XD But Tarvin was the one teaching us!
Thank to Tarvin i get to knw a little bit of physics.. But time was running out and they have to leave. Since there is another few more minutes we decided to rest. We went down and played PSP! XD Before that we have this photo shoot which was made by me! XD Check it out!
Nat: huh??
Nat: OUCH!!
After that everyone left.. Then.. Me and my brother played PSP!! XD Kicked each other's ass then its time for me to study.. X)
Exams.. dammit.. 5 more days.. Hope time flies larh.. Chemistry is gonna be the next thing im screwing up. Hope i dont screw my other subjects larh.. X(

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gaming Results

As u all knw that i just obtained my PSP!!! Woooohooooo!! But its a second handed PSP so im not sure how old issit.. XP All i knw its a Japanese version PSP cos usaully PSP in Malaysia the OK button is using the button "X" but this one is using the button "O" to click OK. But that doesnt make the diffrence.. Its still playable! XD

How my PSP looks like! XD

Okay so im here to tell guys what game that i have been playing.. but to tell u all the truth is still the same like last time cos i didnt really download other game due to the suxy-ness of the internet these days.. X( So here goes nothing! X)

You all might think that im playing Crisis Core right? Its half correct and half not correct.. Im not the one playing Crisis Core. My brother is the one playing Crisis Core! D8 Im playing other games. XP But i can remember the stats of my brother's character. X)

-Crisis Core-

I thought i was the only one that played Crisis Core crazily.. but i didnt really kwn that my brother was 10 times crazier!! D8 His like story is like sooooo freaking front but his level and stats is like far away behide wei! This is his current stats>>

level 66
HP 59000+
MP 250+
AP 3400+

STR 127
VIT 255 (max)
MAG 60+ (dun remember)
SPR 97
LUK 35

ATK++ ----- STR+74
Drainga------ HP+690%
Mug--------- AP+90%
Electrocute---- MAG+30
Lucky Star----- LUK+4
Curaga--------- SPR+40

Crazy man.. you should see the way he played it man... Crazy!! He kill Bahamut Fury like in.. 20 seconds!? D8 Damm pro.. Okay thats enough! Next game!!

-Monster Hunter Freedom 2-

Very familiar game right? This game is freaking though!! It will take u quite awhile to make u get use to this game sistem.. A very challenging game for gamers. Until now i only did a few quest from this game!! Is all abt yur weapon, skills and agilty. One hit from a boss you life will go like weeeeeeuuuuu.. pain..

Im a Katana user!!

In this game there is also have boss. But one in everysingle mission. Sometimes the unpredicted bosses came out from no one and all of them are freaking and hard.. D8 I currently defeated..

Yian-Kut Kut -Super irratating dragon wannabe. Its actually a bird but a bird which can shoot fire! D8 Weird.. Its counts as a medium size monster in the game cos there are tons of other monsters out there with a bigger size than this one.

Congalala -Irrating as well.. but not as irratating as Yian Kut-Kut at least this one is stupidier that Yian Kut-Kut . But it has hard body which is hard to slice through. But still i've killed him. XD

Next game..

-Bleach Heat the Soul 4-

Another familiar game right? But this time i played it im a little bit more pro.. XD I have a few favourite and strong characters in this game. Some of them are pure gay.. and some of them are needs skills to do yur combo. This are the characters that i like to use.

Kenpachi- Yeah.. i knw LenPing.. His the man.. XD To use Kenpachi u need skills to use him. I mean u need to knw how to use the combos of his. But his has a gay limit break AKA super power. His limit break can hurt people even when the fella is falled on the ground. You wont get what i meant here but if i show u might understand. X)

Shinji -Another fella which need his combo to make him strong. Thus he has a gay limit break just like Kenpachi. But his is easy to hit the character. Too bad that i cant open his Vaizards form or else he can kick ass.. XP

Espada No.4- This guy is sorta gay. His combos are gay as well.. his limit break is pain and gay. Once he has lots and lots of drive he can kill u by using his limit break comboly.. pain..

Urahara- I just like this character. His combos are gay but his limit is a little bit weak. Something like Getsuga Tensho.. But still his cool and he has good combos.. I dun really like to use him in the game.. I use Shinji and Kenpachi more.. X)

Ichigo Bankai- Nothing much.. but i u put good partners and have a very good timing, Ichigo can be a real pain.. Thus he can become vaizards form which is powerful cos it creates getsuga tensho form each attack he does but it cos lots and lots of drive. But once he opens vaizard form yur be finish even in a short time..


Hollow Ichigo- His is a cheating character!! He is super duper gay!! His attacks are something like Ichigo's but a lot gayer.. Each of his attacks creates a getsuga tensho! D8 Something like Ichigo's vaizard form but just that this one is unlimited time. Still strong character always have a strong weakness. His weakness is.. it has very very low amount of defense. You can kill this guy in 3 succesful limit break.

Last Game..

Brave Story -A new Traveler-

This is something new..I dun really understand the storyline but still the game is fun even knw its something like pokemon, u attack then i attack. But this one is more like FF8 which brings back memories. X) But i have to tell u the look of the main character sucks.. But still i have fun playing with it. X)

Good graphics right??

His is the main character. Tatsuya..

Dammit exams is like around the corner and im still playing PSP!! D8 but my brother took the PSP away.. X( But its for my own good. After exams holiday im gonna spam the game like crazy! XD