Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gaming Results

Its been awhile ever since my last gaming result is out. XP So wanna hear what happend to my games these days? Shuuuuu.. listen and see. XD

2 more levels to become Jester or Assasin!!! Yes, i need 2 more level to change job in Dragonica. Fast?? Not really.. spend 4 hours playing at home and only got 2 level. I need some tankers to help me out in the new mission map which is FREAKING hard..

Jester or Assasin?? I really dont know.. Both are also good jobs.. Jester is AOE speciallist and Assasin is AGI striking specaillist.. ish.. My brother face the same thing when he wanted to change his job. He dunno which to pick between Knight and Galdiator.. XP

Im currently stuck at MH2ndG. Its not really stuck la.. I have to admit.. i've been playing monster hunter for a long time but 2ndG is alot harder then Freedom 2. Is either im gettin suck at monster hunter or its really that hard. Or mayb its because they have G rank monster which are similar to Guild Quest but just that this one u have to do it ALONE. D8 Hard..

Getting True Devil Slicer in Freedom 2 is not that hard.. but in 2ndG is a royal pain in the ass.. ish.. Killing a G rank Khezu is hard.. and diffrent since they add new GAY attack for Khezu. Tigerx?? Nah.. its still the same.. XD Monster Hunter 2ndG i really need party only i can go through other stages. Cannot play solo like last time ady.

Currently aiming:
Rathalos Full Armor Set
Azure Rathalos Full Armor Set
True Devil Slicer
Dragon Fire Sword

Anyone watch Bleach? I LOVE ESPADA 1!! His the coolest and the most rocking Espada i've seen. Grimjaw was cool but not as cool as Starrk. (Espada 1) Im just wondering when is Vizards are coming out.. thats the only thing im waiting for.

Anyways.. i watched Transformers.. when?? Before the show even come out with my brother. 8D Where or How did i watch it?? I reall dun know, my brother is the one that invited me to watch through internet. Rating for the movie?? 100/10. Optimus Prime rocks!!

Nothing much about gaming already.. what i really need is my guitar back, my freedom to sunday school and my bro's com pincode. XD

Tomorrow another empty sunday.. what to do?? o.O Sunday Schoolly friends!! Make sure let me see whose this "new girl" is. XD And tell me whats going on!! XD

Happy Birthday John. X)

Friday, June 26, 2009

These days.. (added extras)

(I added in some extras from the last post. XP)

Seriously.. banding me from not going to sunday school wont make a difference towards how im studying.. im still not going to study YET. XD Stupid mom..

These days im doing nothing but sleep.. tuition.. eat.. PSP.. dragonica.. XD Seriously.. everyday also like that. Its the same thing all over again. But not worries.. i've face something far more bored than this condition. XD

I found out that lots of people from my class are playing Dragonica as well. 8D John phoned me last night and ask me about that game. XD Yay! Yay! More people play la!! XD

When you play Monster Hunter, do not play it which me, Tarvin and Nat. We will shout like as if the hunter in the game is really us. Especially Nat, that pussface shout whenever the monster rush into him. Tarvin will just keep spaming "holy words" and me?? I will do both!! XD

Oh, i never had a chance to tell of u that my hari sukan was today.. Im rumah biru's head of desiginer. D8 Surpise?? Same here... And guess what?? BIRU DID A GREAT JOB THIS YEAR!! Me?? I didn do much work seriously.. its all last minute work. XD

Marching we got 1ST!!! Wooohoooo!!! Decoration we got 2ND!!! 8D And overall we got 2ND for 2009 SMK Taman SEA Hari Sukan. Without the biru seniors, teachers and my assistance.. the decoration definately will be shitty looking one. Oh ya, thanks to my "models" as well. XD Of all years of hari sukan, this was the best year. Why?? Cause im the masscot of the year!! XD Im acting as "Wau-man" not WOWman but you can call me that also. XD

I went for some saringan and i got bronze of lompat pagar and silver for lompat kijang. All the lompat activites. XD Lompat tinggi?? I didnt make it.. X( Sad la..


So what if i i didnt get gold? I still think that bronze and silver are prettier.. especailly silver. XD

I still cant touch my guitar.. YUI Tan still cant sing YET. ish.. i need money.. really really need money. Is either for new guitar or guitar strings? I dunno la..


Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I did on Sunday

Since i cant go to sunday school anymore.. and i cant meet/tell my friends how am i doing.. i mind as well post it on the blog. X) At least to let them knw how im doing. (this post is not only for my sunday school friends, anyone can read, as its a public blog. XD)

Sunday.. my mom stopped me from going sunday school. Since im soooo bored and i dun wanna study alone at home i decided to take "L" lesen course. Yeap, 6 hours listening to some guys giving ceramah about cars. =.=

The talks was like any other ceramah, intresting at first and gets bored in the end. Same as this one.. but i got bored of the talks right after the first 1 hour. XD I brought my PSP and played Monster Hunter there. XD (Killed Tigerx that time) But sadly, the psp cant last for long. So i find my sunday school friends and kacau them.

My first person to kacau is.. YanLeng. Yeap, i aim for her to kacau. Dunno why.. Its like reflexs. XD So i started smsing her and she replied me in the speed of light. XD Suddenly, someone send me a message, it was Suilun. XD So we i started smsing here and there. Then, i was break time.. fuh.. take a quick break. X)

After the break, we are splited in group to listen how to drive a car. Means... WE GET TO DRIVE!! 8D Yay!!! At least its something better than listening. XD I was teamed up with this guy.. guess whats his name?? Wei Jin!!! (FYI is not typo error) D8 So immediately i go sms Weigin and tell her that. XD Dunno why but i cant stop laughing.

Then, its time to drive.. 8D Wei Jin did pretty bad at first cause its his first time driving and also his nervous. I okay with the dangerous situation already since my bro always speed. XP When is my turn to drive.. drive.. drive.. drive.. turn.. turn.. turn.. and then the instructor said i was good!! 8D We we're playing with clutch and breaks only, i was naughty so i played accelerator as well. XD

After that time to head home.. fuh.. one whole day~ At least this time's one was a lot more intresting then the undang-undang one. Thus, there are more good looking girls there.. fuh.. fuh.. fuh.. the Best part of all is, I get "L" lesens just like *snaps* like that. Undang-undang exams?? I didnt told u guys right?? I passed. XP 44/50.

Head home and saw my father and mother not at home.. ishhh... should have come back earlier. Then my sister pass to me some chocolate cake which is from Weigin. (gin not jin) Taste it.. mmmmmm... lots of love. Thanks babe~ X)

I started to get bored.. cause my PSP is charging and i got no guitar to play and my sister is hogging the computer. Guess what i did?? I tried to dance back the dance for CFCamp theme song. XD Though i didnt remember most of it.. but that reminded me of all my sunday school friends. Miss them la..

After my sister finish hogging, i got online and played an online game. Its a very very new online game which is called "Dragonica". FAR and WAY better than maplestory. pffff... My brother recommanded me to play. XD

My brother is playing as Warrior, lvl18 name: ExHero and Im playing as Theif, lvl13 name: ExDeath. Is a very nice game, trust me. You guys will love it.. soooo.. PLAY!! XD

I guess thats all i did la.. X) After this is just lots of PSP spaming and more Dragonica spaming. XD I didnt study.. XP

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I hold it Anymore..

With the so called wonderful words and de-motivation.. i cant take it anymore.. i breakdown.. yeap, im not manly anymore.. i cried.. Thanks the "mistress" of the house..

People that i love are just not around me when im down..

Info: Do you know that when your crying, crying harder and harder makes you feel more better?? XD That happend to me.. XP

"You must stop going to sunday school already!!" says mistress.

These are the real words that made me break down..

She just doesnt know that im sensetive.. she just dont know that how important sunday school is to me.. She just dont know that how much she hurted me.. She doesnt know..

Im not happy..

Monday, June 15, 2009

So far.. No Good..

So far.. two days of back to normal life school days.. i have lots of problems.. making me triple the stress like usual.. Im BIG TIME Holiday sick.. mayb its not holiday sick.. Its mayb something else.. hrm..

I got hari sukan to be incharge of and i need to make the rumah design.
I got undang-undang exams coming this thursday.
I got tons of red marks paper flying towards me.
I feeling god damm stupid.
I got no guitar to play for the moment.
I cant use the internet. (I was lucky right now.)
I got a game creating competition coming soon.
Im out of ideas for the games creating competition.
I got no games to play in PSP.
I lost my voice and i cant sing.
I cant hear "her" voice again.

Lots of trouble coming in.. sometimes.. i really feeling like breaking down. But but but!! As a MAN!!! I will live on with it. Like SuiYuan said to me before.. "This is LIFE, have to live with it" Haiz. okay... lets just live with it. Issshhhh...

Sometimes, i wat can really help me out here is a good hug from someone i really really "love".. well that cant be happend anyways. Fat chance..

Okay i just cured my solution of not having any PSP games. XD Thanks to Nat for all his hard work, i finally get to play one of my favourite games again!! Monster Hunter but this time is add with "2ndG" in it which is soooo much more nicer and better. XD

Lets just wait for time to fly and time to slow down on sundays. X)

Miss you guys. X)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


As u all know that BISDS choir team has entered Finals.. *dum! dum! dum!* Yeap, and today was the finals.. wanna knw the result?? You dont wanna knw i will still say..

Yeap, we won!! What position?? I dunno.. seriously.. problaly around 4~6th position. XD Yes, Yes, we didnt really WON the thing.. but.. like the title says.. SO WHAT??? I won something precious than some gold/silver/bronze medal!!! I gain EXPRIENCE!!! I can level anytime like.. NOW!! XD

I believe the choir had know what i've said to them already.. yeap.. what i want to say, i've said.. If you all wanna know what i've said?? Then go check Suilun's blog.. that rider boy copy righted everything inside there. I dunno why.. but these days i started to give people "Words of Wisdom". Sounds impposible right?? "Words of Wisdom" by YuMing!! D8

Im sad... real got damm sad.. its not because we didnt win for Nalanda competition.. (Let me say this first.. its not copy righted YanLeng) I was just sad that i cant spend more time with my sunday school friends.. I really, really, really want to spend more time with them. Is not that i dun wanna go school and i dont miss school friends. (no no no) its because i only can see them only once a week.. and holidays.. they have being going here and there.. but.. i wasnt there to have fun with them. X( Just wasted my holiday..

The another thing im sad is.. I have to get back to my normal life again.. yeap.. with the "awesome" mom around me.. and "awesome" teachers here and there.. ishhhh.. Its back to study study study.. The worst part of all is.. No more PSP.. and i cant play Guitar.. YUI Tan lost her voice again..

Oh btw, on our way back to temple from Nalanda Competition.. i had a melody in my head.. mayb its another song.. mayb.. mayb i will write the song something abt "One Voice, One Melody" XD But have to wait la..

Anyways.. Youtube fans (just incase yur here) Im changing my song "Change My World" from a love song into a nature song.. Yeap.. something to do with nature.. lyrics will change and pitch will change also.. videos will be upload soon. X)

Sometimes.. i wish im the kind of person who wont take relationship thing tooo seriously about it.. I would make me feel better..

have to sleep in another 30 mins.. Ishhhh... some one give me a wake up call?? XD

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We're not singers, We're WINNERS

Why am i saying this words?? o.O Why suddenly turn sooooo "rasional" one? XD Well this is the reason..

Nalanda hymm singing competition was today. And my temple's choir group, "One Voice, One Melody" got into the finals!!! XD There are for category.. junior solo, junior choir, senior solo, senior choir. My temple's team manage to get the all the senior category to the finals.. But juniors.. tough luck.. anyways.. its our last year.. and their first.. so shouldnt be a problem.. Cheer up kids. X)

Something god damm shitty happend today!! Yeap.. its was during competition.. we had a mike test session.. I'm playing guitar using John's guitar for senior solo which is Wui Ting. Suddenly.. i strum too hard... John's guitar string BREAK!!! D8 SHITTTTTTTTTT!!! Damm kan cheong.. shit shit shit.. BUT thanks sweepie, Bryan and also John for helping me to solve everything. Sadu to all of you!! Most importantly thank the judge for fetching bryan to help us to buy strings. XD I dun remember his name.. but i will next time. XD

Oh something quite funny happend. XD When the string break, and we found someone to help us out with the strings, Justin came and ask us to which string break. Me and John said it loud and clear.. G STRING!! *everyone stares and us* XD

Thanks to Tarvin, i got obbessed with "You Found Me"by The Fray. But seriously.. the first time i heard the song i already said its nice. XD

Thanks to Suilun and KaiYuan, I got obbessed with "No Boundaries" by both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. If u guys ask me which version is better? I said both!! Kris Allen is guitar and Adam Lambert is piano, both are my favourite instrument. So i dun really care! XD

I got 2 choices for my next music of the month coming soon now.. guess which one is my music of the month leh? XP I seriously havent decided.. why dont u guys tell me? XD

Tonight Im suppose to go to Weigin's house with the whole choir to sleep over.. but my mom asked me to go home.. issssshhhh.. I WANT TO SLEEP OVER!!! Even my sister disagree with the sleeping over idea.. she thinks that we wont sleep at night. Issshhhhh... sometimes.. i really think that all of us acts like my mom. XD Sorry Weigin.. this is to prove how much i really wanna go. XP

Tomorrow finals.. issssshhhhhh.. IM NOT NERVOUS AT ALL!!! Come on lah!!! We are not singers.. WE ARE WINNERS!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

From Kamen Rider Fans

Okay kamen rider fans.. this is something for you guys to watch. Its from other PRO kamen rider fans.. Enjoy!! X)

Im a Faiz fan.. so i farking want that suit!! Grrrr... its just sooo awesome la.. but its pretty childish.. and what for i have a kamen rider suit for?? XD Okay heres another one just to make you guys laugh.

Hilarious?? Amen to that!! XD Enjoy!!

Just for FUN

Im bored... yeap.. real bored.. there another 4 hours till the nalanda competition practise starts.. and im deep shit bored!! (for once i want time to go fast. XD) PSP?? Charging mah.. XP

Okay lets just do something for FUN~ X) Yeap.. something i invented myself..

Lets see how many songs that you can find through your name. XP I've check a few and i found all of the alphabets for it. XD Lets see arh..

T- Taiyo No Uta -Erika Sawanjiri-
A- again -YUI-
N- Namidairo -YUI-

Y- You Found Me -The Fray-
U- Umbrella -Rihanna-

M- Mungkin Nanti
I- I'm Yours -Jason Mraz-
N- No Way -YUI-
G- Gee -Girls Generations-

Okay.. im still bored.. lets do it again.. but with different songs. XD

T- The Man Who cant be Moved -The Script
A- Action Zero -AAA-
N- Next to You -Jordin Sparks-

Y- Yume De Aeta Nara -175R-
U- Umbrella -YUI-

M- My Generations -YUI-
I- I Remember You -YUI-
N- No Air -Jordin Sparks-
G- Goodbye Days -YUI-

I want to do round 3.. but its kinda hard.. Im out of ideas with songs which starts with N and U. XP Guess i shall stop here la.. that should be enough.

You guys should try doing this when your bored. XD It helps!!

Cant wait to get out and see you guys again.. X)

In the mean time.. watch this guys!! its from 7B. X)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Too Much Preassure..

Preassure.. Preassure.. Preassure.. hissssss....

Yeap, i got tons of things to do these week.. why got soo many things leh?? Cause im a freaking lazy bump. XP One word settles it. LAZY!!!

I got accounts exams tomorrow, undang-undang exams coming soon, add-maths project which need to be pass up by monday, nalanda competition, a mom to settle, and got stuck in Tales of the World Radiant Mythology. XD Preassure?? Memang ada banyak preassure..

Accounts exams?? I think im gonna flunk it.. big deal.. XD
Undang-Undang?? Study BIG time la of course. (if i can)
Add-maths Project?? Shit la.. PUSH MYSELF LAH!!
Nalanda Competition?? Jaga the voice and practise guitar then can ady. X)
Mom?? erm.. Live with it??
Stuck in TOTWRD?? I can live with that. XD But its just annyoing..

Settling these things really gives me a headchea.. pain.. pain.. pain.. after holiday is going to be a whole lots of big rocks banging towards me already.. shit liao la..

Anyways.. a little music should calm me down. XP
Ooooo.. Hot JAP Girls!! 8D
Heres another one.. o.O

Okay im not gonna post hot girl's pictures for no reason.. im not a prev.. pffff!! Who are they?? They are a band of 4 girls called [Scandal]. What im intrested in them is their music skills.. o.O They can play guitar, bass, sing, echo and the best of all drumming!!! I think their drummer is the best looking girl in their band. (the most right on the 1st picture and the one on the middle right at the second picture)

Anyways.. they are the people who sang the lastest bleach opening. [Shoujo S]. I've seen the PV and they are good.. not only their looks but also they skills.. o.O They can dance and play guitar!! 3 girls doing that!! Beat that la..

Anyways.. YUI is still good enough for me. X)

Study accounts!!! Study undang-undang!! Do add-math proj!! Practise singing and guitaring!! and PLAY Tales of the World!!! XD

I say only but I wont do.. XP Lazy ma..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Everysingle night..

I stare at the phone..


should i make a call??

or should i wait for "her" to call me??

sit down there..

lye on the bed..

staring on the phone..

then look at the time..

come to 12..

still keep thinking.. XP

when the phone rangs..

rush and pick it out..

in the end replied in dissapointment. X(

I took the phone.

stare at the number for a moment..

should I? should I? ~.~



then again..

i put it down again..

mayb not today..

mayb some other day. *smiles*

I can wait~ X)

Still the BEST!! XD

Its gonna be one cold night for me.. X)

Tag Along

I used to get tag everytime.. but thank god!!! Chao uploaded his blog and also tagged me!! 8D Yipieeeee!! I finally got tag to do already!! But this tag is like shit la.. very ma fan one.. believe me or not??

-Pick 12 person from your blog link list.
-You can also include the person who tag you among the 12 person as well.
-State how old are they.
-State how did you meet that person.
-State when did you meet that person.
-State the most memorialble thing he/she said to you.
-State the most memorialble thing he/she did with you.
-State what will make/remind you think of them.
-Tag all the 12 of them after you finish the tag.
-Remind all 12 of them that they are tagged.
-The people who are tag can retag the person who are tagged.

1. Suilun

-Through youth camp
-Around 3~4 years ago.
-"Oh Crap!"
-Kamen Rider!! XD

2. Tarvin

-Through schooling?? XP
-Since form 1.
-"Eh GAY!!"
-Pathetic Jokes.

3. YanLeng
-Through sunday school!
-Since form 3 during Tissa Year. I think..
-"Fark kai Mang!"
-A unstoppable and freaky laughing. XD

4. Nathanael

-Through primary school! o.O
-Since standart one, slowly calculate la.

5. WeiGin
-Through Youth Camp! XP
-2 Years ago!!
-A green colour elephant soft toy. X)

6. XinYi
-Through sunday Schooling~
-12 years ago.. but the truth is 2 years ago. XD
-"Im not fat!!!"
-The Song: Lucky. XP

7. Bryan

-Through SJC! xP
-Last year december.. 6 months+ ago. XP
-"All bananas in the world.. UNITE!!"
-Banana Dance! XD

8. Suelyn
-Through Youth Camp.
- 3 years ago i think.. same year as suilun. XD
-"Zhu!! Zhu" (translation: PIG)
-Scizzors, Paper, Stone. XD

9. John

-Through Sunday Schooling.
-12 years ago.. fuh..
-"Eh, same room arh.."
-Suelyn. XP

10. Justin
-Through Schooling and Sunday Schooling.
-2 years ago~ X)

11. Huiee

-Through Schooling~
-2 years ago!

12. Peiyin
-Through Sunday Schooling~
-2 years ago!
-"Good Luck"
-Korean guys. XP


Told you its a very ma fan tag.. but as a friend.. do the tag la. XD

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Saturday was bored as hell.. but thank god that sunday ROCKS!! XD Cause i finally get to get out from the house and also do somethings which really really worth my time. X)

Sunday.. of course is back to sunday school time!! XD We had this event.. which is going to this BGF place and perform choir there. And the special part of this event is.. YUI Tan is involve!! 8D Yeap, i have to play guitar for one of the song which is "Where Peace Begins" Nice song.. Eiman!! XD

Spend 4 hours in sunday school practising. X) (Proves how serious we are) then after that we take off to BGF!! Woohooo!! XD Me, Justin, SueSan, Suilun and Nicole are assign to sit in Vincent's car.. We made the car go round.. XD Soooo freaking noisy!! XD We go kacau other people's car like honning them and cutting pass them. We made noise.. but still we reached there peace and early! XD

Seriously.. this is my first impression when i heard of this place.. Its a place where is something like hall.. a stage and mike systems everything.. Thus the hall will be filled with lots and lots of people. X) And and.. i thought the place is going to be far far away from my house..

Turns out into the opposite.. the place is kinda small.. no stage.. YES, got mike system. XD Not very much of people and the place is like soooooo freaking near my house. Walk home also can arh! But dangerous.. XD

BGF had PUJA!! I was like SHIITTTTT!!! Vanessa was also like SHYYYTTT!!! D8 We monkeys choirs had to sit down there QUIETLY for some time!! D8 Of all the things.. sobs.. die la... noisy and hyper person like me cannot take it one la..

But it turns out very intresting!! 8D Very nice.. im willing to sit for it for another 10mins.. (10mins only arh!!) XD After that there are some ladies telling us about their country.. somewhere in india.. i dont remember where!! But seriously.. if i have a chance.. i will try.. TRY to go there and lepak. XD Just for a week or two. X)

After that singing time!! Have to show semangat!! Cause there are some buddhist song composers are there.. o.O YUI Tan ganbantteh!! XD

Flower of Mankind >> Take this Wings >> Where Peace Begins >> Gemilang

Yeap.. first two buddhist songs.. after that 2 songs by our malaysian idols. XD Sungguh semangat Malaysia!! XD (konon-nya..)

After that.. its time to go home.. sobs.. why must the thing be soooo near my house la.. sobs.. i finally get to come out from the house but 8 hours later.. still have to go home jugak.. haiz.. NVM!! Yan Leng teman-ed me home. XD

Going to sunday school is fun.. how fun issit?? Let me show you~

CFCamp Group pictures!! XD ALL IN!!! XD

Comitteszzz and Justin being Superman.. XD

Comitteezzz.. take 2!! Mike being Superman.. XD

The last shot.. Suilun, Me and Justin being POWER KIDS!! XD

Sooooo much precious memoriez.. X) Keep it well.. man.. *thumbs up*

How nice would it be if sunday school friends are mixed with school friends. 8D That would be the best. XD

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boring as HELL Saturday

Saturday is suppose to chillex and everything.. But still.. this week's saturday sucks.. its not much of a fun.. i was suppose to go basketball with my friends but my mom arranged a undang-undang talks for me on the same time.. dammit..

Undang-Undang thing is just sooooo farking boring!! And i, soooooooo stupid didnt invite people to teman me and go listen! Go there at least got people to talk to mah.. haiz.. Its just like ceramah but in a smaller room and people around you are like in different ages. D8 Scary.. XD

Should have called Nat to teman me since his birthday is over.. haiz.. but luckily he called me for no reason and chat with me during the break time!! Thanks Nat. X)

Wasted 5 hours of my life time.. dammit.. but of course i wont sit down there and do nothing of course.. I brought PSP!! XD Finished Phantasy Star at that time.. but still the god damm game boress me.. I need Tales of the World.. or Mayb.. Monster Hunter!! Any game will do la!!

Came back home after like 5 minutes ZOOM!! Off to BI Tuition.. haiz.. Another 2 hours of my life time..

Let just say that saturday was just fuh.. fuh... fuh... bored as hell.. XP

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Music of the Month

Yeap.. another music of the month!!! XD

This month's music of the month came from CFCamp. No, no, no its not the theme song of the camp. The theme song is good but its not stuck in my head. XD The song which is stuck in my head is the song that John keep plucking and Justin keeps singing during CFCamp. XP Thanks to them, this song is stuck in my head already. XD

I got sooo obbess with the song that i plucking the song!! D8 Im not a plucker im a strummer and im doing plucking music for the first time. It shows how obbesses am i with this song.. XD Okay lets not keep bragging.. the music of the month is..

Your Call -Secondhand Serenade-

Waiting for your call, I'm sick, call I'm angry
call I'm desperate for your voice
Listening to the song we used to sing
In the car, do you remember
Butterfly, Early Summer
It's playing on repeat, Just like when we would meet
Like when we would meet

Cause I was born to tell you I love you
and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight

Stripped and polished, I am new, I am fresh
I am feeling so ambitious, you and me, flesh to flesh
Cause every breath that you will take
when you are sitting next to me
will bring life into my deepest hopes, What's your fantasy?
(What's your, what's your, what's your...)

Cause I was born to tell you I love you
and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight

And I'm tired of being all alone,
and this solitary moment makes me want to come back home x4
(I know everything you wanted isn't anything you have)

Cause I was born to tell you I love you
and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight

Cause I was born to tell you I love you
and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine
Stay with me tonight
(I know everything you wanted isn't anything you have)

I learned the plucking and also i created myself my own strumming.. its not 100% accurate but it sounds almost the same. XD

Thats all for music of the month.. enjoy~ X)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

THe 500th Post!!

I've been blog like 2 years already.. starting for the end of PMR, this blog was born.. And 2 years later.. i finally reaced my 500th post already!! XD

Honestly.. without all you support by flipping through my blog and dropping comments in my cbox, this blog would be just long dead.. X) And through the vote, i can see how many people like my blog. Thank you sooo much.. And those who vote for the cacat punya answers.. thank you still for wasting your time to read and visit my blog. Or mayb you guys are just making fun. XD Thanks again for all your support!!

Today is not just the day that my 500post is out..
Today is not just the day that YUI's [again] album came out 2nd day..
Today is not just the day that Kamen Rider Decade epi.19 subbed it out..
Today is also the day..

Of my sister's birthday.. Yeap.. the one and only..

MatKelly!! KELLY TAN!!! XD

This lady has been living with me for the 17 years of my life.. of course as brother and sister.. there is of course loving and fighthing.. but majority of it is loving. XD You guys think that im lame?? Wait till you guys she how lame she is!!

Need I say more?? XD

Today is her XXth birthday. (slow guess her age la..) As a brother im here to wish her..


I also thank the people who help me on wishing her last night? X)

~End of 500th post

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Before i Go to Sleep..

It like 4am in the morning and im still hyper active.. thanks to the old good afternoon nap.. hyper as hell.. so get on to the internet and i remember something..

Tomorrow YUI's New Album coming out!! 8D Woohooo!!!
YUI new single album [again] coming out on 6/3 which is like today!! 8D Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!! I hope people will post her new songs on youtube. XD Then i get to steal and download.. XP

YUI. [again] I like this picture cause theres like lots of guitar around her. X)

No matter what other people say.. I still think YUI is cute. X)

Yeap, the wanna cry looking face again. XD

This is how she looks like now!! Yeap, 2009!! Sooo pretty... 8)

Have i mention that shes already 22? XP

Ganbanteh YUI!!!

Seriously.. if im in japan and i found where this album is sold.. im willing to buy it!!! BUt sadly.. its extremely to hard to find her album in malaysia.. stupid country..

Im back from CFC!!

Im back from camp yesterday.. Fuh.. its over.. but still.. i miss camp.. it better than staying at home with some naggers at home. You all should know who am i talking about.. Hrm?? XP

Im working as cafe department which is the one in the kitchen boiling waters and everything. and heres the people who i work with~ (The name down here we give ourself one. XD)

K.O.C (King Of Cafeteria)- John
H.O.D (Head Of Desiplin)- YuMing (me)
H.O.C (Head Of Cleaness)- ShuXian
H.O.B (Head Of Boiling)- ZhenWei
H.O.M (Head Of Money)- XuanZhi

Being Cafe was FUN. Seriously.. but when its are going too well.. you will start to get bored.. this is why i brought YUI Tan to the camp! XD But working with the bunch of cafe departments.. its great.. we even had a word which we use it all the time and it also copyrighted by Russell Peter.


Me and ZhenWei just love these words. XD

Camp was FUN... for the facilitator of course.. but for other department, its work work work!! Fuh.. Last time when i was still a faci, kids remember me as one of they good gor gor and jie jie for the 3 days.. but now.. kids still remember me! As the bad guy in the kitchen.. haiz.. generations changes..

Since im in the cafe department.. i've missed most of the activity since i have to stay at the cafe most of the time.. but overall.. i think that camp was a great success.. at least kids remember who am i! XD They dont remember my name but they sure call me something else which is..


Yeap, im the policeman.. in the sketch and also in the cafe! XD

The 3 days 2 nights camp was extremely tiring but its also an extremely great experience.. *salute* I gain great experience.. especially the running away or also known as chase by a dog incident. XD Hilarious..

Of Course im going to say thank you too..

HveyChi- As a chairperson, you did a great job. Seriously *clap* even know you dont really scold people (i think) but you are great at giving motivation to the comittees and also the participants. *salute* And also, thanks for saving us from the chasing dog incident. XD

Geetha- Your a helper.. but one very very KIND helper who is willing to help out in the cafe most of the time!! Washing plates, giving out food, controling the kids and also gossiping. XD Thank you very much. *salutes* X)

SuiYuan- Even know i only see you lepak here and lepak there but still.. you control the faci well.. thus you also help us do clean up, jaga the cafe and also giving out all the veges to the kids! XD *salutes*

Programmers: ShuMei, Suilun, Justin
First time in my life i ever seen only 3 programmers taking control of the activities in the camp. For a only 3 mens power, WOW good job!! The kids had fun even we cafe had fun while we curi curi go spy of your activities that time. X) *salutes*

Cafeteria: John, ShuXian, ZhenWei, XuanZhi
For that 3 days you guys are like a family to me.. John is head of the family, ShuXian like the housewife, ZhenWei cafeteria brother and XuanZhi our accountant. Thanks for temaning me most of the time when im bored.. and John, good job man.. Head of Cafe of the first time and you did a tremendosly great job. *salutes*

QM: MunWai, MunPing, YanLeng, Mandy
QM are like the vampires of the camp. Sleep in the morning and work at night (thats what i know abt QM la) but you guys are totally different. Work in the morning, afternoon, evening and then also work at night!! You guys are as tired as walking zombies and yet you all can still help out in the cafe and programme. I satule.. *salutes* X)

Most of you all are first timer.. you guys did well.. and there are lots and lots of space to improve.. but still without most of your help we cafe will have more work and more hard time controling the kids. On behalf of the cafe.. i thanked all of you. X)

We kick ass!
Dont we?? XD

The camp was even better when all the kids went home!! Comittess play time!! XD We played "Cow ear grass goes MOO!!" and also "Chop Chilil Chop" Extreme FUN!! Feels like an early Youth Camp. Something like Teens Camp. XD

After the camp.. Got lecture by my mom this and that, up and down.. then, jump to the bed and ZzZzZz.. Woke at midnight and gave "someone" a call~ XP

What next?? BGF, Tarvin's House, Add-Maths Project, Undang-Undang exams, PSP, YUI and Nalanda.. other than that its just tuition tuition tuition..

So ask me.. Am i starting to enjoy my Holiday?