Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gaming Results

Its been awhile ever since my last gaming result is out. XP So wanna hear what happend to my games these days? Shuuuuu.. listen and see. XD

2 more levels to become Jester or Assasin!!! Yes, i need 2 more level to change job in Dragonica. Fast?? Not really.. spend 4 hours playing at home and only got 2 level. I need some tankers to help me out in the new mission map which is FREAKING hard..

Jester or Assasin?? I really dont know.. Both are also good jobs.. Jester is AOE speciallist and Assasin is AGI striking specaillist.. ish.. My brother face the same thing when he wanted to change his job. He dunno which to pick between Knight and Galdiator.. XP

Im currently stuck at MH2ndG. Its not really stuck la.. I have to admit.. i've been playing monster hunter for a long time but 2ndG is alot harder then Freedom 2. Is either im gettin suck at monster hunter or its really that hard. Or mayb its because they have G rank monster which are similar to Guild Quest but just that this one u have to do it ALONE. D8 Hard..

Getting True Devil Slicer in Freedom 2 is not that hard.. but in 2ndG is a royal pain in the ass.. ish.. Killing a G rank Khezu is hard.. and diffrent since they add new GAY attack for Khezu. Tigerx?? Nah.. its still the same.. XD Monster Hunter 2ndG i really need party only i can go through other stages. Cannot play solo like last time ady.

Currently aiming:
Rathalos Full Armor Set
Azure Rathalos Full Armor Set
True Devil Slicer
Dragon Fire Sword

Anyone watch Bleach? I LOVE ESPADA 1!! His the coolest and the most rocking Espada i've seen. Grimjaw was cool but not as cool as Starrk. (Espada 1) Im just wondering when is Vizards are coming out.. thats the only thing im waiting for.

Anyways.. i watched Transformers.. when?? Before the show even come out with my brother. 8D Where or How did i watch it?? I reall dun know, my brother is the one that invited me to watch through internet. Rating for the movie?? 100/10. Optimus Prime rocks!!

Nothing much about gaming already.. what i really need is my guitar back, my freedom to sunday school and my bro's com pincode. XD

Tomorrow another empty sunday.. what to do?? o.O Sunday Schoolly friends!! Make sure let me see whose this "new girl" is. XD And tell me whats going on!! XD

Happy Birthday John. X)