Monday, June 15, 2009

So far.. No Good..

So far.. two days of back to normal life school days.. i have lots of problems.. making me triple the stress like usual.. Im BIG TIME Holiday sick.. mayb its not holiday sick.. Its mayb something else.. hrm..

I got hari sukan to be incharge of and i need to make the rumah design.
I got undang-undang exams coming this thursday.
I got tons of red marks paper flying towards me.
I feeling god damm stupid.
I got no guitar to play for the moment.
I cant use the internet. (I was lucky right now.)
I got a game creating competition coming soon.
Im out of ideas for the games creating competition.
I got no games to play in PSP.
I lost my voice and i cant sing.
I cant hear "her" voice again.

Lots of trouble coming in.. sometimes.. i really feeling like breaking down. But but but!! As a MAN!!! I will live on with it. Like SuiYuan said to me before.. "This is LIFE, have to live with it" Haiz. okay... lets just live with it. Issshhhh...

Sometimes, i wat can really help me out here is a good hug from someone i really really "love".. well that cant be happend anyways. Fat chance..

Okay i just cured my solution of not having any PSP games. XD Thanks to Nat for all his hard work, i finally get to play one of my favourite games again!! Monster Hunter but this time is add with "2ndG" in it which is soooo much more nicer and better. XD

Lets just wait for time to fly and time to slow down on sundays. X)

Miss you guys. X)