Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I did on Sunday

Since i cant go to sunday school anymore.. and i cant meet/tell my friends how am i doing.. i mind as well post it on the blog. X) At least to let them knw how im doing. (this post is not only for my sunday school friends, anyone can read, as its a public blog. XD)

Sunday.. my mom stopped me from going sunday school. Since im soooo bored and i dun wanna study alone at home i decided to take "L" lesen course. Yeap, 6 hours listening to some guys giving ceramah about cars. =.=

The talks was like any other ceramah, intresting at first and gets bored in the end. Same as this one.. but i got bored of the talks right after the first 1 hour. XD I brought my PSP and played Monster Hunter there. XD (Killed Tigerx that time) But sadly, the psp cant last for long. So i find my sunday school friends and kacau them.

My first person to kacau is.. YanLeng. Yeap, i aim for her to kacau. Dunno why.. Its like reflexs. XD So i started smsing her and she replied me in the speed of light. XD Suddenly, someone send me a message, it was Suilun. XD So we i started smsing here and there. Then, i was break time.. fuh.. take a quick break. X)

After the break, we are splited in group to listen how to drive a car. Means... WE GET TO DRIVE!! 8D Yay!!! At least its something better than listening. XD I was teamed up with this guy.. guess whats his name?? Wei Jin!!! (FYI is not typo error) D8 So immediately i go sms Weigin and tell her that. XD Dunno why but i cant stop laughing.

Then, its time to drive.. 8D Wei Jin did pretty bad at first cause its his first time driving and also his nervous. I okay with the dangerous situation already since my bro always speed. XP When is my turn to drive.. drive.. drive.. drive.. turn.. turn.. turn.. and then the instructor said i was good!! 8D We we're playing with clutch and breaks only, i was naughty so i played accelerator as well. XD

After that time to head home.. fuh.. one whole day~ At least this time's one was a lot more intresting then the undang-undang one. Thus, there are more good looking girls there.. fuh.. fuh.. fuh.. the Best part of all is, I get "L" lesens just like *snaps* like that. Undang-undang exams?? I didnt told u guys right?? I passed. XP 44/50.

Head home and saw my father and mother not at home.. ishhh... should have come back earlier. Then my sister pass to me some chocolate cake which is from Weigin. (gin not jin) Taste it.. mmmmmm... lots of love. Thanks babe~ X)

I started to get bored.. cause my PSP is charging and i got no guitar to play and my sister is hogging the computer. Guess what i did?? I tried to dance back the dance for CFCamp theme song. XD Though i didnt remember most of it.. but that reminded me of all my sunday school friends. Miss them la..

After my sister finish hogging, i got online and played an online game. Its a very very new online game which is called "Dragonica". FAR and WAY better than maplestory. pffff... My brother recommanded me to play. XD

My brother is playing as Warrior, lvl18 name: ExHero and Im playing as Theif, lvl13 name: ExDeath. Is a very nice game, trust me. You guys will love it.. soooo.. PLAY!! XD

I guess thats all i did la.. X) After this is just lots of PSP spaming and more Dragonica spaming. XD I didnt study.. XP