Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boring as HELL Saturday

Saturday is suppose to chillex and everything.. But still.. this week's saturday sucks.. its not much of a fun.. i was suppose to go basketball with my friends but my mom arranged a undang-undang talks for me on the same time.. dammit..

Undang-Undang thing is just sooooo farking boring!! And i, soooooooo stupid didnt invite people to teman me and go listen! Go there at least got people to talk to mah.. haiz.. Its just like ceramah but in a smaller room and people around you are like in different ages. D8 Scary.. XD

Should have called Nat to teman me since his birthday is over.. haiz.. but luckily he called me for no reason and chat with me during the break time!! Thanks Nat. X)

Wasted 5 hours of my life time.. dammit.. but of course i wont sit down there and do nothing of course.. I brought PSP!! XD Finished Phantasy Star at that time.. but still the god damm game boress me.. I need Tales of the World.. or Mayb.. Monster Hunter!! Any game will do la!!

Came back home after like 5 minutes ZOOM!! Off to BI Tuition.. haiz.. Another 2 hours of my life time..

Let just say that saturday was just fuh.. fuh... fuh... bored as hell.. XP