Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tag Along

I used to get tag everytime.. but thank god!!! Chao uploaded his blog and also tagged me!! 8D Yipieeeee!! I finally got tag to do already!! But this tag is like shit la.. very ma fan one.. believe me or not??

-Pick 12 person from your blog link list.
-You can also include the person who tag you among the 12 person as well.
-State how old are they.
-State how did you meet that person.
-State when did you meet that person.
-State the most memorialble thing he/she said to you.
-State the most memorialble thing he/she did with you.
-State what will make/remind you think of them.
-Tag all the 12 of them after you finish the tag.
-Remind all 12 of them that they are tagged.
-The people who are tag can retag the person who are tagged.

1. Suilun

-Through youth camp
-Around 3~4 years ago.
-"Oh Crap!"
-Kamen Rider!! XD

2. Tarvin

-Through schooling?? XP
-Since form 1.
-"Eh GAY!!"
-Pathetic Jokes.

3. YanLeng
-Through sunday school!
-Since form 3 during Tissa Year. I think..
-"Fark kai Mang!"
-A unstoppable and freaky laughing. XD

4. Nathanael

-Through primary school! o.O
-Since standart one, slowly calculate la.

5. WeiGin
-Through Youth Camp! XP
-2 Years ago!!
-A green colour elephant soft toy. X)

6. XinYi
-Through sunday Schooling~
-12 years ago.. but the truth is 2 years ago. XD
-"Im not fat!!!"
-The Song: Lucky. XP

7. Bryan

-Through SJC! xP
-Last year december.. 6 months+ ago. XP
-"All bananas in the world.. UNITE!!"
-Banana Dance! XD

8. Suelyn
-Through Youth Camp.
- 3 years ago i think.. same year as suilun. XD
-"Zhu!! Zhu" (translation: PIG)
-Scizzors, Paper, Stone. XD

9. John

-Through Sunday Schooling.
-12 years ago.. fuh..
-"Eh, same room arh.."
-Suelyn. XP

10. Justin
-Through Schooling and Sunday Schooling.
-2 years ago~ X)

11. Huiee

-Through Schooling~
-2 years ago!

12. Peiyin
-Through Sunday Schooling~
-2 years ago!
-"Good Luck"
-Korean guys. XP


Told you its a very ma fan tag.. but as a friend.. do the tag la. XD