Thursday, June 11, 2009

Too Much Preassure..

Preassure.. Preassure.. Preassure.. hissssss....

Yeap, i got tons of things to do these week.. why got soo many things leh?? Cause im a freaking lazy bump. XP One word settles it. LAZY!!!

I got accounts exams tomorrow, undang-undang exams coming soon, add-maths project which need to be pass up by monday, nalanda competition, a mom to settle, and got stuck in Tales of the World Radiant Mythology. XD Preassure?? Memang ada banyak preassure..

Accounts exams?? I think im gonna flunk it.. big deal.. XD
Undang-Undang?? Study BIG time la of course. (if i can)
Add-maths Project?? Shit la.. PUSH MYSELF LAH!!
Nalanda Competition?? Jaga the voice and practise guitar then can ady. X)
Mom?? erm.. Live with it??
Stuck in TOTWRD?? I can live with that. XD But its just annyoing..

Settling these things really gives me a headchea.. pain.. pain.. pain.. after holiday is going to be a whole lots of big rocks banging towards me already.. shit liao la..

Anyways.. a little music should calm me down. XP
Ooooo.. Hot JAP Girls!! 8D
Heres another one.. o.O

Okay im not gonna post hot girl's pictures for no reason.. im not a prev.. pffff!! Who are they?? They are a band of 4 girls called [Scandal]. What im intrested in them is their music skills.. o.O They can play guitar, bass, sing, echo and the best of all drumming!!! I think their drummer is the best looking girl in their band. (the most right on the 1st picture and the one on the middle right at the second picture)

Anyways.. they are the people who sang the lastest bleach opening. [Shoujo S]. I've seen the PV and they are good.. not only their looks but also they skills.. o.O They can dance and play guitar!! 3 girls doing that!! Beat that la..

Anyways.. YUI is still good enough for me. X)

Study accounts!!! Study undang-undang!! Do add-math proj!! Practise singing and guitaring!! and PLAY Tales of the World!!! XD

I say only but I wont do.. XP Lazy ma..