Friday, June 26, 2009

These days.. (added extras)

(I added in some extras from the last post. XP)

Seriously.. banding me from not going to sunday school wont make a difference towards how im studying.. im still not going to study YET. XD Stupid mom..

These days im doing nothing but sleep.. tuition.. eat.. PSP.. dragonica.. XD Seriously.. everyday also like that. Its the same thing all over again. But not worries.. i've face something far more bored than this condition. XD

I found out that lots of people from my class are playing Dragonica as well. 8D John phoned me last night and ask me about that game. XD Yay! Yay! More people play la!! XD

When you play Monster Hunter, do not play it which me, Tarvin and Nat. We will shout like as if the hunter in the game is really us. Especially Nat, that pussface shout whenever the monster rush into him. Tarvin will just keep spaming "holy words" and me?? I will do both!! XD

Oh, i never had a chance to tell of u that my hari sukan was today.. Im rumah biru's head of desiginer. D8 Surpise?? Same here... And guess what?? BIRU DID A GREAT JOB THIS YEAR!! Me?? I didn do much work seriously.. its all last minute work. XD

Marching we got 1ST!!! Wooohoooo!!! Decoration we got 2ND!!! 8D And overall we got 2ND for 2009 SMK Taman SEA Hari Sukan. Without the biru seniors, teachers and my assistance.. the decoration definately will be shitty looking one. Oh ya, thanks to my "models" as well. XD Of all years of hari sukan, this was the best year. Why?? Cause im the masscot of the year!! XD Im acting as "Wau-man" not WOWman but you can call me that also. XD

I went for some saringan and i got bronze of lompat pagar and silver for lompat kijang. All the lompat activites. XD Lompat tinggi?? I didnt make it.. X( Sad la..


So what if i i didnt get gold? I still think that bronze and silver are prettier.. especailly silver. XD

I still cant touch my guitar.. YUI Tan still cant sing YET. ish.. i need money.. really really need money. Is either for new guitar or guitar strings? I dunno la..