Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Saturday was bored as hell.. but thank god that sunday ROCKS!! XD Cause i finally get to get out from the house and also do somethings which really really worth my time. X)

Sunday.. of course is back to sunday school time!! XD We had this event.. which is going to this BGF place and perform choir there. And the special part of this event is.. YUI Tan is involve!! 8D Yeap, i have to play guitar for one of the song which is "Where Peace Begins" Nice song.. Eiman!! XD

Spend 4 hours in sunday school practising. X) (Proves how serious we are) then after that we take off to BGF!! Woohooo!! XD Me, Justin, SueSan, Suilun and Nicole are assign to sit in Vincent's car.. We made the car go round.. XD Soooo freaking noisy!! XD We go kacau other people's car like honning them and cutting pass them. We made noise.. but still we reached there peace and early! XD

Seriously.. this is my first impression when i heard of this place.. Its a place where is something like hall.. a stage and mike systems everything.. Thus the hall will be filled with lots and lots of people. X) And and.. i thought the place is going to be far far away from my house..

Turns out into the opposite.. the place is kinda small.. no stage.. YES, got mike system. XD Not very much of people and the place is like soooooo freaking near my house. Walk home also can arh! But dangerous.. XD

BGF had PUJA!! I was like SHIITTTTT!!! Vanessa was also like SHYYYTTT!!! D8 We monkeys choirs had to sit down there QUIETLY for some time!! D8 Of all the things.. sobs.. die la... noisy and hyper person like me cannot take it one la..

But it turns out very intresting!! 8D Very nice.. im willing to sit for it for another 10mins.. (10mins only arh!!) XD After that there are some ladies telling us about their country.. somewhere in india.. i dont remember where!! But seriously.. if i have a chance.. i will try.. TRY to go there and lepak. XD Just for a week or two. X)

After that singing time!! Have to show semangat!! Cause there are some buddhist song composers are there.. o.O YUI Tan ganbantteh!! XD

Flower of Mankind >> Take this Wings >> Where Peace Begins >> Gemilang

Yeap.. first two buddhist songs.. after that 2 songs by our malaysian idols. XD Sungguh semangat Malaysia!! XD (konon-nya..)

After that.. its time to go home.. sobs.. why must the thing be soooo near my house la.. sobs.. i finally get to come out from the house but 8 hours later.. still have to go home jugak.. haiz.. NVM!! Yan Leng teman-ed me home. XD

Going to sunday school is fun.. how fun issit?? Let me show you~

CFCamp Group pictures!! XD ALL IN!!! XD

Comitteszzz and Justin being Superman.. XD

Comitteezzz.. take 2!! Mike being Superman.. XD

The last shot.. Suilun, Me and Justin being POWER KIDS!! XD

Sooooo much precious memoriez.. X) Keep it well.. man.. *thumbs up*

How nice would it be if sunday school friends are mixed with school friends. 8D That would be the best. XD