Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Im back from CFC!!

Im back from camp yesterday.. Fuh.. its over.. but still.. i miss camp.. it better than staying at home with some naggers at home. You all should know who am i talking about.. Hrm?? XP

Im working as cafe department which is the one in the kitchen boiling waters and everything. and heres the people who i work with~ (The name down here we give ourself one. XD)

K.O.C (King Of Cafeteria)- John
H.O.D (Head Of Desiplin)- YuMing (me)
H.O.C (Head Of Cleaness)- ShuXian
H.O.B (Head Of Boiling)- ZhenWei
H.O.M (Head Of Money)- XuanZhi

Being Cafe was FUN. Seriously.. but when its are going too well.. you will start to get bored.. this is why i brought YUI Tan to the camp! XD But working with the bunch of cafe departments.. its great.. we even had a word which we use it all the time and it also copyrighted by Russell Peter.


Me and ZhenWei just love these words. XD

Camp was FUN... for the facilitator of course.. but for other department, its work work work!! Fuh.. Last time when i was still a faci, kids remember me as one of they good gor gor and jie jie for the 3 days.. but now.. kids still remember me! As the bad guy in the kitchen.. haiz.. generations changes..

Since im in the cafe department.. i've missed most of the activity since i have to stay at the cafe most of the time.. but overall.. i think that camp was a great success.. at least kids remember who am i! XD They dont remember my name but they sure call me something else which is..


Yeap, im the policeman.. in the sketch and also in the cafe! XD

The 3 days 2 nights camp was extremely tiring but its also an extremely great experience.. *salute* I gain great experience.. especially the running away or also known as chase by a dog incident. XD Hilarious..

Of Course im going to say thank you too..

HveyChi- As a chairperson, you did a great job. Seriously *clap* even know you dont really scold people (i think) but you are great at giving motivation to the comittees and also the participants. *salute* And also, thanks for saving us from the chasing dog incident. XD

Geetha- Your a helper.. but one very very KIND helper who is willing to help out in the cafe most of the time!! Washing plates, giving out food, controling the kids and also gossiping. XD Thank you very much. *salutes* X)

SuiYuan- Even know i only see you lepak here and lepak there but still.. you control the faci well.. thus you also help us do clean up, jaga the cafe and also giving out all the veges to the kids! XD *salutes*

Programmers: ShuMei, Suilun, Justin
First time in my life i ever seen only 3 programmers taking control of the activities in the camp. For a only 3 mens power, WOW good job!! The kids had fun even we cafe had fun while we curi curi go spy of your activities that time. X) *salutes*

Cafeteria: John, ShuXian, ZhenWei, XuanZhi
For that 3 days you guys are like a family to me.. John is head of the family, ShuXian like the housewife, ZhenWei cafeteria brother and XuanZhi our accountant. Thanks for temaning me most of the time when im bored.. and John, good job man.. Head of Cafe of the first time and you did a tremendosly great job. *salutes*

QM: MunWai, MunPing, YanLeng, Mandy
QM are like the vampires of the camp. Sleep in the morning and work at night (thats what i know abt QM la) but you guys are totally different. Work in the morning, afternoon, evening and then also work at night!! You guys are as tired as walking zombies and yet you all can still help out in the cafe and programme. I satule.. *salutes* X)

Most of you all are first timer.. you guys did well.. and there are lots and lots of space to improve.. but still without most of your help we cafe will have more work and more hard time controling the kids. On behalf of the cafe.. i thanked all of you. X)

We kick ass!
Dont we?? XD

The camp was even better when all the kids went home!! Comittess play time!! XD We played "Cow ear grass goes MOO!!" and also "Chop Chilil Chop" Extreme FUN!! Feels like an early Youth Camp. Something like Teens Camp. XD

After the camp.. Got lecture by my mom this and that, up and down.. then, jump to the bed and ZzZzZz.. Woke at midnight and gave "someone" a call~ XP

What next?? BGF, Tarvin's House, Add-Maths Project, Undang-Undang exams, PSP, YUI and Nalanda.. other than that its just tuition tuition tuition..

So ask me.. Am i starting to enjoy my Holiday?