Wednesday, June 3, 2009

THe 500th Post!!

I've been blog like 2 years already.. starting for the end of PMR, this blog was born.. And 2 years later.. i finally reaced my 500th post already!! XD

Honestly.. without all you support by flipping through my blog and dropping comments in my cbox, this blog would be just long dead.. X) And through the vote, i can see how many people like my blog. Thank you sooo much.. And those who vote for the cacat punya answers.. thank you still for wasting your time to read and visit my blog. Or mayb you guys are just making fun. XD Thanks again for all your support!!

Today is not just the day that my 500post is out..
Today is not just the day that YUI's [again] album came out 2nd day..
Today is not just the day that Kamen Rider Decade epi.19 subbed it out..
Today is also the day..

Of my sister's birthday.. Yeap.. the one and only..

MatKelly!! KELLY TAN!!! XD

This lady has been living with me for the 17 years of my life.. of course as brother and sister.. there is of course loving and fighthing.. but majority of it is loving. XD You guys think that im lame?? Wait till you guys she how lame she is!!

Need I say more?? XD

Today is her XXth birthday. (slow guess her age la..) As a brother im here to wish her..


I also thank the people who help me on wishing her last night? X)

~End of 500th post