Sunday, June 14, 2009


As u all know that BISDS choir team has entered Finals.. *dum! dum! dum!* Yeap, and today was the finals.. wanna knw the result?? You dont wanna knw i will still say..

Yeap, we won!! What position?? I dunno.. seriously.. problaly around 4~6th position. XD Yes, Yes, we didnt really WON the thing.. but.. like the title says.. SO WHAT??? I won something precious than some gold/silver/bronze medal!!! I gain EXPRIENCE!!! I can level anytime like.. NOW!! XD

I believe the choir had know what i've said to them already.. yeap.. what i want to say, i've said.. If you all wanna know what i've said?? Then go check Suilun's blog.. that rider boy copy righted everything inside there. I dunno why.. but these days i started to give people "Words of Wisdom". Sounds impposible right?? "Words of Wisdom" by YuMing!! D8

Im sad... real got damm sad.. its not because we didnt win for Nalanda competition.. (Let me say this first.. its not copy righted YanLeng) I was just sad that i cant spend more time with my sunday school friends.. I really, really, really want to spend more time with them. Is not that i dun wanna go school and i dont miss school friends. (no no no) its because i only can see them only once a week.. and holidays.. they have being going here and there.. but.. i wasnt there to have fun with them. X( Just wasted my holiday..

The another thing im sad is.. I have to get back to my normal life again.. yeap.. with the "awesome" mom around me.. and "awesome" teachers here and there.. ishhhh.. Its back to study study study.. The worst part of all is.. No more PSP.. and i cant play Guitar.. YUI Tan lost her voice again..

Oh btw, on our way back to temple from Nalanda Competition.. i had a melody in my head.. mayb its another song.. mayb.. mayb i will write the song something abt "One Voice, One Melody" XD But have to wait la..

Anyways.. Youtube fans (just incase yur here) Im changing my song "Change My World" from a love song into a nature song.. Yeap.. something to do with nature.. lyrics will change and pitch will change also.. videos will be upload soon. X)

Sometimes.. i wish im the kind of person who wont take relationship thing tooo seriously about it.. I would make me feel better..

have to sleep in another 30 mins.. Ishhhh... some one give me a wake up call?? XD