Saturday, June 13, 2009

We're not singers, We're WINNERS

Why am i saying this words?? o.O Why suddenly turn sooooo "rasional" one? XD Well this is the reason..

Nalanda hymm singing competition was today. And my temple's choir group, "One Voice, One Melody" got into the finals!!! XD There are for category.. junior solo, junior choir, senior solo, senior choir. My temple's team manage to get the all the senior category to the finals.. But juniors.. tough luck.. anyways.. its our last year.. and their first.. so shouldnt be a problem.. Cheer up kids. X)

Something god damm shitty happend today!! Yeap.. its was during competition.. we had a mike test session.. I'm playing guitar using John's guitar for senior solo which is Wui Ting. Suddenly.. i strum too hard... John's guitar string BREAK!!! D8 SHITTTTTTTTTT!!! Damm kan cheong.. shit shit shit.. BUT thanks sweepie, Bryan and also John for helping me to solve everything. Sadu to all of you!! Most importantly thank the judge for fetching bryan to help us to buy strings. XD I dun remember his name.. but i will next time. XD

Oh something quite funny happend. XD When the string break, and we found someone to help us out with the strings, Justin came and ask us to which string break. Me and John said it loud and clear.. G STRING!! *everyone stares and us* XD

Thanks to Tarvin, i got obbessed with "You Found Me"by The Fray. But seriously.. the first time i heard the song i already said its nice. XD

Thanks to Suilun and KaiYuan, I got obbessed with "No Boundaries" by both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. If u guys ask me which version is better? I said both!! Kris Allen is guitar and Adam Lambert is piano, both are my favourite instrument. So i dun really care! XD

I got 2 choices for my next music of the month coming soon now.. guess which one is my music of the month leh? XP I seriously havent decided.. why dont u guys tell me? XD

Tonight Im suppose to go to Weigin's house with the whole choir to sleep over.. but my mom asked me to go home.. issssshhhh.. I WANT TO SLEEP OVER!!! Even my sister disagree with the sleeping over idea.. she thinks that we wont sleep at night. Issshhhhh... sometimes.. i really think that all of us acts like my mom. XD Sorry Weigin.. this is to prove how much i really wanna go. XP

Tomorrow finals.. issssshhhhhh.. IM NOT NERVOUS AT ALL!!! Come on lah!!! We are not singers.. WE ARE WINNERS!!!!