Friday, June 12, 2009

Just for FUN

Im bored... yeap.. real bored.. there another 4 hours till the nalanda competition practise starts.. and im deep shit bored!! (for once i want time to go fast. XD) PSP?? Charging mah.. XP

Okay lets just do something for FUN~ X) Yeap.. something i invented myself..

Lets see how many songs that you can find through your name. XP I've check a few and i found all of the alphabets for it. XD Lets see arh..

T- Taiyo No Uta -Erika Sawanjiri-
A- again -YUI-
N- Namidairo -YUI-

Y- You Found Me -The Fray-
U- Umbrella -Rihanna-

M- Mungkin Nanti
I- I'm Yours -Jason Mraz-
N- No Way -YUI-
G- Gee -Girls Generations-

Okay.. im still bored.. lets do it again.. but with different songs. XD

T- The Man Who cant be Moved -The Script
A- Action Zero -AAA-
N- Next to You -Jordin Sparks-

Y- Yume De Aeta Nara -175R-
U- Umbrella -YUI-

M- My Generations -YUI-
I- I Remember You -YUI-
N- No Air -Jordin Sparks-
G- Goodbye Days -YUI-

I want to do round 3.. but its kinda hard.. Im out of ideas with songs which starts with N and U. XP Guess i shall stop here la.. that should be enough.

You guys should try doing this when your bored. XD It helps!!

Cant wait to get out and see you guys again.. X)

In the mean time.. watch this guys!! its from 7B. X)