Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Before i Go to Sleep..

It like 4am in the morning and im still hyper active.. thanks to the old good afternoon nap.. hyper as hell.. so get on to the internet and i remember something..

Tomorrow YUI's New Album coming out!! 8D Woohooo!!!
YUI new single album [again] coming out on 6/3 which is like today!! 8D Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!! I hope people will post her new songs on youtube. XD Then i get to steal and download.. XP

YUI. [again] I like this picture cause theres like lots of guitar around her. X)

No matter what other people say.. I still think YUI is cute. X)

Yeap, the wanna cry looking face again. XD

This is how she looks like now!! Yeap, 2009!! Sooo pretty... 8)

Have i mention that shes already 22? XP

Ganbanteh YUI!!!

Seriously.. if im in japan and i found where this album is sold.. im willing to buy it!!! BUt sadly.. its extremely to hard to find her album in malaysia.. stupid country..