Thursday, September 25, 2008

Siviks Project Pics!

I finally found the picture of our Sivik Project!!! Yeeepieee!! Check it out!!!

I was signing up my attendance.

The Class!!! 4IXORA just rocks la.. X) Spot Nat will you??

The other half of my class. Spot Megan will ya??

The happy THREE friends. X)

Brayan and Marcus. They are NOT emoing!!

Our sen-sei!! Pn.Muliati!! Shes helping us too!

Okay lets get down to work shall we??

I cant hold it!!! Ahhh... What!? Never see a guy Pee before!?

Wow!! Nick did a DUO pee!!! XD

We went and take branches and we turn out being Sakais! XD

Meet my BLACK brother! Roshan!! Tarvin is Brown.. XP

Erm.. Jonathan.. thats a dust pad not a cangkul.. XP

Aiyer.... Megan, what are u holding!?

Celine enjoys the sun and the work~ X)

Okay time to chill...

Nick: I can break a stick! Believe me or not??

Nick: Erm... Erh!!! ERH!!! *breaks*

Everyone: *stares...* WAAAAAAA!!!!

Erm.. guys.. public.. and.. arh.. i give up.. *close eyes*

The Brown stoning there.. Megan was having fun posing~


Simply just beutiful issint it??

I can feel the fresh air by just looking at the picture~ XP

Bright and Happy day~ Weeeeee~

Thursday.. How should i put it??

This is what happend on today's thursday~

The whole day we only studied only 2 subjects!! Which is Accounts and Physics!! XD Others?? All are like free period~ XP

Alim came for today, but i think he finally know he suck in teaching thats why he cancel the class and gave it to Pn.Liew, our Chemistry teacher! Still we didnt study but the whole day was experiment only!! XD

Pn. Muliati was lazy to teach so she gave us to bincang abt our Siviks laporan thingy. Yay!! The joy!! XD EST?? Pn. Harmider canceled the class~ Another YAY!! So long story short, we got most of the time free period. XP

Oh oh, during Physic period i was called by Pn.Meena to go to the pejabat. Tarvin and Nat are like shouting HORRRRRRR.... As if i was going to get D3 or something. Then when i went to the office, i wasnt the only one called by Pn.Meena. Jeremy, WoonZhien and Stephanie are called.

Pn. Meena gave us.. AWARD!!! PRICE!!! $$$!!! Jeremy got 2nd in Sivik Quiz, Woon Zhien got 1st in Sivik Quiz, Stephanie got 2nd for Solo Singing and lastly.. I got CHAMPION for solo singing!! Muahahahah!! Yay the JOY!!! XD Thanks to choir for teaching me how to sing Gemilang! X)

The award was something like a letter. Just like getting a D3 letter.. So i was deciding to prank my classmates as if i got a D3. So i enter the class in with a emo and angry face. Everyone was like D8 reaction. Except Tarvin, he shouted :" You got vaucher right!?" Shit.. the plan failed badly..

I thought that Tarvin know that i won first for solo singing since he know that i got vaucher. But then Tarvin suddenly asked me: "Eh, but why u get vaucher arh? What did u do??" I fliped.. XD I told him that i won first place in solo and he was like Ow....Mai...GOD!!! Then Megan, Racheal and Tarvin are like "Sing like how u sang that day! Sing! Sing! Sing!" After hearing my voice, Tarvin fliped.. XD

Oh i created a poem during chemistry period and its wirtten in one of the chemistry lab table. XP (its on the third table, most left one.) This is what i wrote on it.

You werent there when im there..
You were there when im not there..
You werent there when im waiting..
You dont need me when im there..
Angel drops a feather everytime they shed a tears..

Just randomly wrote it on the table. XP

Then after school i temaned Nat and we stoned in the canteen. He said: "Stoning in the canteen.. thats actually fun!!" XD We stone and we stone and we stone until.. Yuenhee JUMPS IN!!! Harlo Chipmunk!! XD

I really have to thank Yuenhee for calling me to go home early. Thank You to the Maximum or else i wont have the guts or chance to do SOMETHING.. I will tell u next time la kay?? XP

I can play Sucessor AKA Burden of Truth with BOTH hands!! XD Sobs.. so proud of myself. Sobs..

I wanna play Monster Hunter Freedom 2!!! Tarvin, SHUT UP and play monster hunter with me!!! XD

The Band gets Bigger!!

I didnt knw that i was in a band until i just realise that all of us taking things so seriously all in a sudden abt the band. XP

Okay lets just say that Im in a band now!! XD Whose the leader?? No heck clue of it!! And that really doesnt matter. XP

Something abt our band is that we dont play those rocking song until we head bang around the corner. Mayb we will play but NOT YET!! Our type of band is we play those song starting emo emo, slow slow de.. den suddenly we add some speed and also some rock as well. Thats the special part abt our band.

The thing just getting bigger and bigger!! XD Whose in our band?? Well this is a small band so it wont many people in it.

Nathaneal - Violinist
Me- Pianist/ Keyboard drummer
Tarvin- Guitar Strumer/ Electro Strumer
Ronald- Guitar Strumer/ Electro Strumer
Len Ping- Guitar Plucker

Well thats all!! XP Whats our song?? Well we didnt tried playing the songs yet but still i think we can pull it through, as long as we need lots of practise.. XP These are the songs in mind..

1. The Price of Freedom
2. Burden of Truth + Under an Apple Tree
3. Night of Seclusion (havent tried)
4. Shall never Surrender (havent tried)

Temporally these songs only. We still suck in all of it except for The Price of Freedom. XP Still wait till we practise more! We will rock!! XD

Whats our band name?? Kingdom Squares!!! Just joking.. never think of having a name for the band at all. XD One day la.. XP

When our next performance this year?? Vania's birthday!!! XD

Going to Nat's house to jam this coming Sat!! Lets ROCK guys!! *head bangs*

To Cure me when im Emo

Everytime when i get emo or something i must do something to chill myself. At least is better than sitting at a corner doing nothing at all. XP So these is what i do best when im emo. Just to share a little bit tips for my other emo friends out there.

1. Playing Piano
- Yup, playing piano works perfectly fine to me! I always play the songs that is really really emo just to realease my emo-ness. Not just when im emo, when im dissapointed, angry, happy then i will play piano. Thanks to The Price of Freedom that brought me into the piano world! And thanks to the piano world i get to control my emotinals most of the time. XP

2. Listen to the Music
- This plan is actually very normal. When we emo we will listen to emo song. But mine is typically different. I will listen to emo song of course, but i will listen to the song over and over and over again!! XD Thats why people will know when am i emo.. but if im listening to those rocking songs over and over again? Dont get me wrong! Im not emoing!! XD

3. Sing
- Also another very normal thing when people are emo. XP I keep singing the song over and over again. I will sing it with FULL emotions. I will sing anytime! anywhere! XD Even in the toilet while bathing. But if you see me singing with full of emotion sometimes.. dont get me wrong too!! Im not emo one sometimes just singing for fun. XP

4. Play Games
- This is super normal! I've been playing games most of the time does that mean im emo?? No, no, no.. When i play the game super pro-lish that time then im emo.. wait that still doesnt explains it.. i play all game pro-lish one!! I play games which or totally violent and bloodlish when im emo. Example DMC4 and Monster Hunter. Everytime i slash the bloody hell monster i can fell the emo-ness realeasing. XD

5. Sleep
- When im emo, i will always sleep.. not like normal sleeping.. it will sleep extra long!! XD Sleeping helps me think that what happend is all just a dream.

I think thats all i wanted to share with my fellow emo friends out there. But who cares abt this emo thingy already? YuMing is ALIVE peeps!! XD Lets put this aside.. and live on in a goodie life. X)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Being Young Again??

Well my sister got bored and she wants to watch one show that we used to watch when we were still little boy and girl. Its a Walt Disney show.. and i have to say i really use to like this cat show when i was young.. I forgotten whats that show called already..

oh! Oh! OH!!! I remember now!!! Its..

Aristo Cats

I love this cartoon show!!! Call me lame or childish but i dun care!! This show is soooo romantic and cute as well! Thus this show got song singing as well!! Well thats what all disney shows are.. XD

Aristo Cats is talking abt a mother cat (Dunchess thats her name) and 3 little kittens (Marie -white-, Toulouse -orange- , Berlios -black- )living in paris with their very rich Madame.
Madame was writing a will and she said that she will give all her fortune her cats. The second person in line is her butler. The butler was sooo furious and he wanted the fortune desperately. The only way is to get rid of the cats. So the butler decided to throw the cats somewhere are the alley but then he meet some wild dogs and the basket of cats drop off from his motorbike. The cats are lost and couldnt find a way home until they meet with an orange alley cat. Thomas O'Malley was its name. Then the adventure back home was hilarious and romantic at the same time as u can see the love line between Thomas and Dunchess. Not to forget the cuteness of the little kittens. XD
I like the song which is in this called "Everybody wants to be a Cat" Its not exactly that nice.. but still is the best song that i could find in the show. XD Still check it out..

Rocking issint it?? XD This song was in my mind through the whole school day! XD

Theres some funny part through this show and it really made me and my sister laugh. Theres this part that Berlios and Marie are fighting. Dunchess stop them and said..

Dunchess: Now now there... Marie, Thats not very lady like to fight like that. You too Berlios, that not very gentlemen like as well.

Berlious: She hit me first!

Marie: Thats because im a lady.

Berlious: Your no lady.. Your nothing but a sister!

Dunchess: Now now there, Berlios that right scolding your sister that way.

Berlious: But mama, she started it!

Marie: Lady do not start a fight but they can END it!


If you still dont get it then u really have to watch the show then. Anyways this show is really really good!! Theres still another part abt the wild dogs part. You really have to watch that part to see how funny it is.

I will rate 9.9/10 for this show! Seriously!! All of them them are just sooo cute!!! Except Thomas... his not really that handsome.. XP

Arent they just cute??

Btw, Megan LOVES this show too!! XD Hi5 Megan!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lets Jam!!!

Yeeeeehaaaa~ Friday night I went to Nat's house to jam and sooo is Tarvin!!! This is going to be a long post.. i think.. Anyways enjoy la~ XD

Me and Nat is comfirm can jam for that night already. But Tarvin is the problem now.. Tarvin is like wanna go but cannot go.. So i thought that, that night is me and Nat jamming only. Then, suddenly that bastard say that he can go! WTF!! XD

My brought my PSP to Nat's house but then my battery less than half %! D8 Means i cant play Monster Hunter unless Tarvin bring his PSP charger which is dumb.. I was think that he would problaly bring his guitar, PSP and Nat games.

When Tarvin arrived, i asked him whether did he bring his PSP charger.. AMAZINGLY he actually bought the thing!! D8 SHIT!!!! Then we start to monster hunt! XD

Tarvin you suck in Monster Hunter.. Even Nat says that!!!

Then we started to Jam. We begin with playing Burden of Truth. Wooooo, Nat still rocks in his violin and I was just the background for that song. Thank god that Nat's piano got drum sounds or else we dont get to play Under an Apple Tree. So we tried Under an Apple tree and everything sounds okay except Tarvin's guitar. You need to adjust your guitar la dude..

Then while we were resting, I was playing the song that i created. Tarvin was intrest in that song and he decided to play the guitar for me. I didnt knw that my song can become the rock version one. XD Now my song got the emo version which is Me and Nat playing and the rock version is me and Tarvin playing. XD

Tarvin said that he can play and master the song unless he keep hearing the song over and over again. So i decided to record the song for him. Recording is NOT EASY!!! I failed recording over and over again!

1. The piano sound tooo loud
2. The door open close sound is inside
3. Tarvin's burp sound was inside
4. Nat's brother come and annoy me
5. The open door sounds is inside and Nat shouting voice too.
6. The phone rang...

WTF!!! Failed almost 6~7 times!! Maigod.. but finally i get a peace and quite full song of that song. Fuh... Tarvin you owe my big time!!!

Then we went and playing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+. I've not been playing this game for almost half a year and i thought i going to sucky in that game. But then while i was fighting Amour Figure i beat him infront of Tarvin and Nat!! XD

After that Nat and Tarvin tried to fight the amour figure. OMG.. You should see the way they fight! They play and scream one wei!! XD Nat was shouting like and girl and Tarvin was happy that he died. XD

Then we went and kacau huiee. AKA Prank call her. XD Tarvin was like some sort of mafia and then capture Nat. I was one of the mafia underling. Then we begin the prank. I wass SUPER funny!!! Huiee was like laughing like crap. XD

Wow.. simply the most happiest day for the week. X)

Duty Time!!!

Okay here goes another thursday duty time. And in fact this will be the last duty time that i will spend with my librarian friends. Sobs... T-T Still thursday is always one of my most happiest day among all days. 8)

This weeks thursday is pretty darn bored.. people around the corner are studying and no time to chit chat. Well i dont blame them for being geek.. X) Study still comes first.. (but not for me.. XD) Beside exams is coming.. (shit..)

Huiee wanna sepak me due to a very special reason. (right huiee??)

Nat introduced to me a song that day. Well its called..

Night...Night..Night.. erm.. SOMETHING LA!!! XD

It was shocking that Nat actually hear Crisis Core songs. XD Goodie~ 8D I think that the song is cool, so we decided to play it in our band. I got addicted to the song in 2 hours of hearing it. XP

JinHwei did something extraodinary thing during duty time. From Nat's blog he called me to tell u guys what happend. So here goes the story.. 8P

At first Nat and I was talking abt some band and song thingy. Huiee suddenly jump is and join the conversation. Chit~Chat~Chit~Chat until the subject STRIPING comes in! D8 I forgotten how did we fly to that subject but still.. WHO CARES! XD

Me and Nat dare Huiee to like strip anything infront of us. (Yes i knw we are horny..) Anything!! one button or two from your pinaform or pull up our skirt or something. (FYI, we are not turned ON..) Well of course, we knew that Huiee doesnt have the guts to do those like of things. (Not surpising to hear that.. XD)

Huiee was laughing and calling for helped. She called JinHwei to save her. Well then here comes tiger! Then we told her abt we dare huiee to do this do that. We were expecting that she will reject, run away or something.. but.. SHE ACTUALLY DID IT!! D8 She pull out 1 button! XD Well at least she has the GUTS to just strip one button, unlike Huiee.. XD

Me and Nat saw that and both of us flip off the chair and started laughing. It was the most shocking thing that i ever seen for that day.

After that i took a quick nap in the library since they are studying and i dun wanna kacau.. ZzZzZzZz.. woke up and its already 4pm!! Time to go~

I got my bag and walked down stairs then i saw Yuenhee and her classmates painting the walkways. Wow! A chipmunk paint!? Gimme my camera! XD

Well it was a funny day and yet a dissapointing day..

Do u knw that i was waiting??

Do u knw that i was looking??

I was waiting for you to Pi-ka-Bo me..

In the end.. I walked home alone..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Song to Introduce

After playing DMC4, the ending was beutiful.. thus the background song is half rocking and half emo.. I just notice that refinishing the whole game again..

I was looking for the song.. and that song really rocks.. Its a song to release anger and in the mean time release your feeling. Too bad the choir group cant sing this song.. except the emo part. XD

I just love the Lyrics for the song. It really feel.. so violent! XD But when it comes to the emo part.. its sooo sad.. Yet still so semangat! I love that song la.. Tarvin love that song too. XD

Btw, the song is called..

Shall Never Surrender

I just love the emo part.. and I want that part to stick into my head and continue sing. Even knw its just a short lyrics.. but its sounds very very good. X)

They will see..
We'll fight until eternity~
Come with me..
We'll stand and fight together..
Through our strength~
We'll make a better day..
We shall never surrender..

Currently became my blog song. XD That song rocks..

To Unleash my Anger

WTHeck!! Full of anger in ME!!! Blame who?? Blame the geeks in my school! Nerd, Geeks, Assholes whatever you call them! They are just geeks!! ARH!!!

First class my ass la.. so what if you guys are first class?? You can boss around can calling people stupid?? Shoot me side ways la! Thank god that the girls in first class are good.. but there are two guys in that class, both of them really clame the name called Geeks and Assholes..

Just two person in the first class tht serious pissed me off.. just two guys.. other?? They are cool.. great and understanding.. Normal guys.. which is GOOD! I like them. 8) Unlike the other two asshole who think they are sooo smart and get to dominate the whole world or something.

Dogs.. just because i shoot one in the back in dodge ball means im doing a sin?? Okay if i did a foul you can just tell me?? You dont have to F*cking scream right?? Such a girl.. The other one just cant take the truth.. Thank the dodge ball game made both of them happy or else they will jump down the bulding and die cause it was their first failure..

You think you deserve people to worthship?? Look into the mirror you as geeks!! Look at yourself!! And think!!! You got brains right? Think!!! If you think im brainless then called me an asshole la!? Im fine with it!!!

Wanna punch me?? Here i stand!!! Suckers..

Now i know how the angel fell..
I know the tale and I know it too well..
I'll make you wish you had a soul to sell..
When I strike you down and send you straight to hell!!!

Fuh.. anger unleashed~ XD

Friday, September 12, 2008

Music of the Month

Yeah! Another music of the Month!! Woohooo~

I got my music of the month throught the BEATS. XP I didnt notice i have song until i played that game. This song is pretty old.. but still it great and very enjoying. What song issit? I give u a hint.. Its the song right at the time when "Lilo ans Stich" was created. Got it now?? its...

Cant Help Falling in Love with You
- A Teens-

Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can't help
Falling in love with you

Shall I say
Would it be a sin(Be a sin)
But I can't help
Falling in love with you

Like a river flows (Oooh)
To the sea (Oooh)
So it goes
Some things are meant to be
Some things are meant to be

Take my hand (take my hand)
Take my whole life too (life too)
For I can't help
Falling in love with you

Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I, I can't, I can't help
Falling in love (falling in love)
With you (withyou)

Like a river flows (Oooh)
To the sea (Oooh)
So it goes
Some things are meant to be
Some things are meant to be

Take my hand (take my hand)
Take my whole life too (life too)
For I can't help
Falling in love with you
Take my hand (take my hand)
Take my whole life too (life too)
For I can't help
Falling in love with you

Like a river flows
That's the way it goes
I just can't help fallin' in love with you
(Fallin' in love with you)

Like a river flows (yea yea)
That's the way it goes(cause I can't)
Fallin' in love with you

Like a river flows (I just can't help myself)
That's the way it goes
I can't help falling in love with you
(I can't help falling in love with you) [x2]

Fallin'in love with you!

This song just reminds me of Lilo and Stich. It was such a great movie. Especially the first one. XP I missed that show sooo much.. i think im going to find for the first movie somewhere around the drawers in my house. XP

Btw, even knw this song is old but there are still some people that loves is song such as Megan, Weng and Rebbeca. I guess that proof this song is not old at all, issint? XD

See ya people!! Monster Hunter here i come! XD

Forgive me Mom..

You knw.. i feel like stabbing myself now..Stab myself really really hard.

I always mention around the corner any saying that i hate my mom here and there. But now.. i feel very regret by saying that.. Those words.. i feel like taking it back.

Last night.. my mom fall down and her specs broke. The worst part is.. all the piece of the broken specs lence stab around her eyes.. My mom had to take 15 needles and 10 stiches.

This morning i saw her.. i feel very bad after looking at her like that. She told me.. "I wont be as pretty as before already but still i get to be like you cause both of us have stiches. XD" It was something to cheer me up.. i knw it..

You knw what.. the law of attarction that i mention before?? It says that u have unlimited wishes. I do agree with that concepts but for me.. i think its something like a trade.. If you pray for something good thing to happend it will come true abt u need to take it as an exchange..

Like what Jinhwei said.. "Shes still your mom, she work sooo hard just to bring to into this world." At first, i just ignored those words.. But now i knw..

I hope my mom forgive whatever action that i did to her.. and i shall never mention of how bad is my mom to anyother peoples as well. Im sooo sorry..

Call Me a GameFreak..

Its funny.. i just got DMC4 3days ago and guess what?? I finished it!! XD Pretty darn cool right?? Well LOVE that game, i will still continue playing in other modes since im just playing "human mode"

Comments abt DMC4:

- This version of DMC4 is far more easier than the past few one.. mayb cause that the characters created is too gay.. XD This is a good comment okay. 8P

- Nero is lack of claw abilities.. they should create more and cool abilities for Nero.

- Nero doesnt get any new weapons in this game.. only some good abilities..

- The skills up system is alot better cause u can refund yur ability points.

- The bosses in this game looks more gigantic compare to other series.

- The skills in this game are lesser compare to DMC3.

- The secret missions are far more easier to spot but harder to complete.

- The storyline of this game is beutiful.. love it! 8)

- They Dante should create a Dante mode of storyline other then just putting him as a small part of the game only.

- Devil Trigger ends alot faster unless u equip "devil heart" in your skills list.

- Devil Trigger is much much more stronger than other DMC series.

- The last boss for the game was dissapointing.. too easy..

- The mind using of this game is weaker compare to the others which need tons of brain storming to get through the stage.

- There are only 20 missions in the game, sadly u get to play 12 missions asNero and 8 missions as Dante. And that sucks..

- There are lesser demon fight at the start of the game..

- Dante's skills have improve in graphics and coolness.

- Dante's stlye skills are still in the game and become more and more powerful. eg. Trickster, SwordMaster, Royal Guard and Gunslinger.

- Dante gets the far most coolest weapons in the game. XD

- Kyriel look very cute and pretty when she took of her hair bands. 8P

The rating for this game is.. 9/10 why??

- The cool graphic
- The awesome style of battling.
- You get to play as Dante as well.
- You get to grab bosses and get to see good chain reactions.
- The BEST storyline.

I just love the ending for DMC4 but just because Tarvin just started playing i wont potong steam. XD

The main theme of DMC4 is too tells us.. anyone can fall in love.. human, animals.. even devils can fall in love. What can love do.. what is sooo strong abt love. You can do anything for this only thing called Love.. Devil can fall in love.. just like the legendary dark knight Sparda felled in love with Dante's mother.. so whats wrong with love a person who is diffrent than u are.. as long as the person is still himself.. Loving him or her is not imposibble.

Whats next?? PSP!!! XD

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gaming Results

Im going to talk abt ONE game only this time, cause these few days i have been focusing on this one cool and awesome game. Thanks to Adri i get to play this game in PC. 8) Highly recomanded players who love speed, cool, action and violents to play this game.

Nowadays PS3 games has been convert into PC games. Well i was always wishing to play Devil May Cry 4 (DMC4) but now i get to play it in PC!! 8D Awesome!! XD This is the game that im going to talk abt now. Even knw its a little bit laggy due to my com but still i can have the maximum fun still!

Yup Devil May Cry 4 in PC!!! 7GB+

I have been playing Devil May Cry 4, for abt 3 days only and i have reached mission 10. (pretty darn fast issint it? XD) Just because this game is sooo cool and exiciting you wont stoping playing it unless your parents pull out the computer cable or something. XD
The main characters of this game are..

Nero, the guy who processed the arm of a demon which is called the Devil Bringer. The diffrence between him and Dante is, he has a claw which can smash or pull enemies, this is the best part of him. Next, He only uses one slow pistol (that sucks), his sword is able to charge into 3 stage to unless heavy damage. And lastly, his devil trigger sucks..

The former main character of DMC which is Dante is still the main character of this game but just that u only get to play as him later on in the game. Unlike Nero, Dante couldnt pull enemies toward him but no worries cause Dante have a duo pistol which can shoot enemies unstoppable even up in the air. Not just duo pistol, you can change into shortgun or other weapons. Thus Dante's devil trigger is much more cooler and powerful than Nero. Most importantly, Dante is a better joker than Nero. XD

DMC4 storyline is much more intresting than any other DMC storyline. Usually DMC is all abt killing Sparda which is Dante's father. But now DMC4 has a very romantic storyline between Nero and Kyriel.

Nero's claw ability is the main point of the game. Unlike anyother DMC series, Nero is able to pull enemies towards him. Thus creating extremely huge and critical damage towards enemies is also a part of his claw ability. Diffrent kinds of enemies have diffrent kind of grapping and smashing enemy style. You can even grab bosses only when the bosses are stun.

Here are some pictures of DMC4.

Nero versus Dante

If you noticed, Dante looked older compare to the past few DMC series.

I cant wait for Nero's storyline to finish, so i can play as Dante! XD

Dante's Gilgamesh form. See what i mean of using Dante? XD

Dante's devil trigger! DMC2's Devil Trigger looks cooler. XD

Lastly, Nero's devil trigger. It has a name which is called Yamoto (the samurai sword that the devil is holding)

Wait till i get to play as Dante. Heard that people say Dante rocks. Soooo lets ROCKS TOO!! XD This is the game to let me release my stress after school. XD I'll play on this game.. and hopefully i can finish it asap.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Random post


Trying to learn how to play Burden of Truth with both of my hands. But i just cant get it right!! Cant play notes with diffrent timing. Damm!!

Rage Awakened rocks.. especially on BEATS. XD

Me, Tarvin and Nat are trying to learn how to play Burden of Truth + Under an Apple tree with it. TOGETHER!! XD Miss playing Price of Freedom. XD

Whats going on?? Is this CHOCOLATE month?? o.O Eat Chocolate people!!!

btw, Happy Be~Birthday Suelyn mei mei! 8) Present is coming soon. XD

Im so happy that i you run around just for me.. 8) Thank You..

The Secrets

That day sunday, Sis May didnt teach for that day. Goodie!! XD In fact i let us watch a movie called "The Secrets" Well its not actually a movie, is like listening to a talk or something.

You should really watch that show. It actually exist! The Secrets does exist! I definately believe in it! 100% Actually whats The Secret??

Lets just say its what they called "The Law of Attraction"(TLAO) this is something special. TLOA is actually called the power of our thoughts. What we are thinking the attarcting us closer to what we are thinking. For example, im thinking that someone met a car accident. Then suddenly theres really someone met a car accident! Something like that la. Is something like a wish but just that this wish is UMLIMITED!!

It does exist. I believe in it cause it happend to me as well. Remember i said that i wanted a PSP desperately?? I keep putting up in my blog asking people to gimme one or sell me one as a b'day present or something. In the end, i GOT IT!!! 8D

You can ask for anything by just using TLOA, as long as u keep thinking abt it, ask for it and of course dont give up on it. Still this things still needs effort. Dont just stand there if u have a chance, ACT!!!

I do believe in TLOA, I do, I do!! (im not getting married here) And i shall always be greatful and thankful of what i have obtain with TLOA.

What is Power,
I cannot Tell,
But all I know,
That it EXIST.

Some poem writer said that. 8)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pushing Car Experience

This just happend around 3hours ago.. (7.30pm) Thus there a exact same story but a its a longer one in my sister's blog. XD

We were deciding to go out and makan.. mayb somewhere far. My brother walk out from the house and get the car which was parked god damm far! Me and my sister continue waiting for like 10mins i guess.. then suddenly my brother came back.

Both of us are wondering.. didnt he just went out and grab the car?? Wheres the car?? D8 Then my brother said that the car is out of battery. D8 Its not easy to recharge the car's battery. Is not like any toy car just push in a new battery. This one is alot ma fan..

My brother gave up trying to recharge the car. He called me and sis to go to the near by restaurant to buy some food. FYI my mom and dad are not at home. We went to the restaurant and guess who did i saw?? Ida!!! XD Actually she spotted me first. XP

Then after buying the food and brought back home. My brother called us to help him out with the car. My brother still havent lots hope. So he want to push the car into the car into the house to have a better look at the car. Wait a minute.. PUSH THE CAR!? D8

Under the rain without umbrella.. me, my sister and brother walked towards the dead battery car.. DAMM it was cold! XD Then we begin pushing. After 4 tries of pushing our car, the car didnt even move at all!! The my brother begin to count 1..2...3...PUSH!!!

I put in 100% effort while pushing. Suddenly the car begin to move!! 8D PUSH PUSH PUSH!!! Finally the car u out from the particular spot. =.= Then life was sooo much easier.. fuh.. While pushing guess who saw me pushing the car?? Ida again!!! XD I think she saw my MAN-ness. XD

Cars are passing by and saw us pushing the car. Then there was another car passed by. But this time the car stopped and a man came out from the car and helped us. Geee thanks man.. we owe you dude.. XD

After entering the house.. it was freaking wet!!! I feels like kids again.. Remember those day we use to play under the rain?? yup.. that was the flow. XD

Hope i dont get sick now.. tomorrow got sunday school and choir! D8

A Day at Tarvin's

A Great day at Tarvin's house just to our Literature presentation. This proofs how hardworking we are in this subject. XD BTW the we means Me, Tarvin, Megan, Nathanael and Rachel. XP

We finshed the whole thing prefectly within 1hour+ of brain storming. Including the background picture and song. YaaaaTAH!!!! XD Then we begin to play PSP.

This is the part where i received the game BEATS. XD Then i got back my monster hunter freeedom 2! YESH!! XD Then we begin to do quest together in MHF2.We beat all the monster flat!!! We rock wei.. good game.. GG

Tarvin's uncle came to his house and join up. His uncle have lots of experience in life.. i think.. XD Tarvin told me his uncle is one of his closest relatives and his definately trustable. Well COOL!!! Thus his uncle is only 28 years old (according to Nat's blog)

I never want to have a brother like Tarvin's brother!! DEFINATELY NO!!!! Pray that i wont even get a son like him lar.. His MOTHER F**king LAN CI!!! Cannot blame la.. its all Tarvin's fault for not teaching his brother manners. XD

A great.. its just a great day to ponteng school. XD

Finished the picture!! Gave it to her already!! Waiting for her response!! Finally i can sleep soundly after 1 whole hardworking week on the picture. X)

Gaming Results

After one whole bloody month.. im here to giving out my game results! XD Okay lets makes this as short and possible.


This game actually rocks.. its something like O2jam but a little bit more challenging.. there are like left, middle and right sides. The buttons will begin falling on to anysides! The buttons could be circle, X, square and triangle. The harder the songs the harder the whole thing will be. Thus you can play the songs that u have in yur PSP!! Cool!! Spam The Price of Freedom! XD

2. God Of War -Chain of Olympus-

This game rocks too.. espeacially those people i love playing violence.. XD But my version is the FAKE version. The Whole game is actually 1.2GB but mine is only 200+MB!! D8 Cos all the cutscenes are all cutted.. so if u play that u wont knw the storyline.. but still u get to enjoy the game. XD Beat the whole game within 2 days! XD Now playing God mode (Very hard mode)

3.Valhalla Knights

This game is something like Crisis Core but the graphic and the storyline are suckier. Thus this is a low damaged game.. u hit monsters like 1~10 damage.. D8 That is also the damage that the monsters hit you. XD Its something like Ragnarok which u can change jobs and use diffrent weapon. And its VERY VERY VERY HARD to level up! I played the game for 19 hours and all i reach is lvl 15! D8 But i just play this game for fun. XP

4. Burn Out -Dominator-

This game rocks too.. Its actually pretty old game.. This game is all abt crashing people's out and gaining super speed to smash your oppenents by using BURNOUT! Its pretty darn challenging. You can creash people's car doesnt mean people cant crash u too. This game just rocks... play it! XD

I think thats all for now.. Wait till Tarvin gimme more games! XD

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Songs Wooohooo!!!

Nothing to do right now.. all i have to do is finish the "picture" and walah!! Happy Ending!! XD It took almost 2 days just to finish drawing the cloths. But its worth it la.. it looks just like the orginal picture.

Back to the main story.. at first i was looking at my performance video. (looking back at good memories.. XD) Then WeiSoong suddenly messaged me in msn. So we begin to chat. Then i recomanded him to watch my performance video.

After watching the video, he suddenly replied me a messege said "I got the mp3 song u knw??".. I was like.. W...T...F!!? You have the song!? You never told me u have the price of freedom!? Then he sended me the song.

Not just price of freedom, most of the crisis core songs he also have! D8 Including Kingdom Hearts songs!! D8 ALL SEND TO ME!!! XD

Since i dun have a phone i mind as well put into something thats always with me other than my phone and wallet. Which is my PSP!! XD All the songs that WeiSoong sended to me are all in my PSP ady!! Muahahaha!!! Spam price of freedom to the max! XD

Anyways.. thanks WeiSoong. X) I owe u big time..

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Quiet Girl

I was studying in the room. (Amazing issint it?? I actually studied!! 8D) I was refering back to the exercise that i've been doing for more than one and a half years. So i decided to study the exercise that i've done as a refrence.

Add- Maths (blah..), Mod Maths (dun need la..), BM (i trust my BM tuition teacher.) Physics (Dun get it..), Accounts (yawns), Chemistry (studied a little of it..), Moral (who cares!), Sivik (do we even need this sub), EST (do i have to repeat myself??)

What is only left its English. So i decided to take a few looks back at my exercise. I was studying literature, then i noticed a poem that Pn.Chung (my english teacher) called u to create ourself. After studying Sonnet 18 we have to make ourself a poem.. LOVE poem.

The poem that i wrote was...

A Quiet Girl
I found you quietly reading a book,
All I can do now is just stare at you,
How I wish that you could just take a look,
At someone that has fallen in love with you.

Smart fellas would definately knw who am i refering. Then things are getting intresting.. after reading.. i feel asleep right away.. XD