Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finished It!

Yeap.. 2 days ago in Tarvin's house early in the morning i've finished Dissidia. Dammit.. but still the game seriously doesnt bores me yet. XD Infact its getting more and more intresting.

The ending of Dissidia is simply just beautiful~ Is not just only because of the graphic, but the ending lines as well. But i think i know the storyline of Dissidia (even knw its japanese) Its very simple. Cosmos and Chaos both are the goddess of good and bad. Cosmos and Chaos have equal level of strength so fighting with each other is just meaningless therefore they summon their own warriors to face against each other and see who will be victorious in the end.

According to what i've read, Nomura was dicided to put this game like some other fighthing games like KOF or GuityGear. But he cant think of any characters to create (mayb he was lazy) so he decided to put in the warriors as Final Fantasy character. Therefore, the game which was suppose to be called Dissidia changed in Dissidia Final Fantasy. XD

So heres some comments abt Dissidia..

Graphic: A+ Simply amazing..

Storyline: I think the storyline i just too simple.. XP

Gameplay: A+ Again!! XD

Battling System: Chess style is kinda irritating.. but okay i guess..

Songs (BGM): They all sounded great! A+ again!

Comments abt Characters:

Warrior of Light: One of the most gay-est HP attacks.

Garland: One word.. SLOW!!!

Frionel: Great combos but limited ranged.

Emperor: Never used this character before. XP

Onion Knight: Combos are like crazy!!

Cloud of Darkness: Good AOE attacks too bad they are not HP attacks.

Cecil Harvey: Same as Frionel but better.

Golbeza: Sucks.. but he has cool technology. XD

Butz: His weapons are wannabees!! But an okay character. XP

ExDeath: As Sucky as Golbeza but worst!!

Tina: The most suckier good guys character.

Cefza: Something like Tina but alot better.

Cloud: Attacks are slightly slow but PAIN!!

Sephiroth: Combos and Skills are like Ho~Ho~Holy SHIT!!

Squall: Combo and PAIN!! But HP attacks slow..

Ulitmecia: Ranged Combos.. HP attacks slow as well.

Zidane: Rocks in Air Combos.. Limit Break is damm hard to use.

Kuja: Rocks in ranged Air Combos.. something like Zidane

Tidus: Swiftly speed and very little combos and damage.

Jecht: Combos are like MAD but very hard to use.

Shonotto: Basicly.. this character is a waste of time.

Gabranth: GAY!!! Chargable EX bar!! GAY!!!

For me i think the most strongest character in the whole game is.. Tidus i guess.. Its because Tidus's attacks can be ranged or melee. Thus his attacks are fast and hard to predict. After his combo he can eventually just change into HP attacks which is pretty much hard to dodge. Even know the combos of this character are little bit just add a little attack power to it and his damage shouldnt be a problem. Tidus is my first and most power character i guess.. Basicly his easy to use and strong. X)

So far.. i got 3 Mastered Characters.. which are the worlds most famous and favourite Final Fantasy Character. I mastered Cloud to lvl100 first followed by Squall and Tidus. XP And my play time?? 78 Hours!! XD

Ahhh... i think thats enough abt games la.. New Year is here... and walah!!! School days!! Guess i wont be touch thing the PSP as much as books anymore. X)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Its actually Lazy.. XP

Why am i not blogging these few days?? Well.. its not actually busy.. its actually cause im busy. XP Cant blame me!!

Youth Camp was great!! Seriously.. those who didnt go.. missed the fun la. XD But still im going to be real honest.. this is not the best Youth Camp i've been. The best one was the 5th Youth Camp when Mike was the programmer and my sister was called "participant kelly" XD

Lots and lots of new faces in this youth camp. Problally.. erm.. 20 or them? XD Thus the old faces are still the noisy one.. not surpising la. XD

Im abt to post abt Youth Camp soon and abt SJC?? I think im getting lazy to post abt it ady. XP Mayb i will just do a short summary abt it la. XP And that goes to Youth Camp as well.

Through the 5 days of camp.. lots and lots of things happend. Such as... Coupling chemical series happening. XP Therefore we can see all covelant bond and atomic bonds around the corner. XD The BONDING my friend.. BONDING!! XD

Of course, me myself also get more bonding with new faces.. old faces and of course my little pet sister, Suelyn. X)

Long story short the camp was great.. worth wasting 5 days of our lives. Dont u agree with me. X)

What should i post next?? Youth Camp or SJC?? Nah... lets post abt Dissidia first. XD

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why am I not free these day??

Im happy~ Seriously Im happy~ Which is why im not really that free these days unless my PSP is not around with me.

So... with the infomations above i guess u all should knw why. Sqare-Enix game fans should knw why.. Pro-Gamers should knw why as well.. My blog fan should definately know this as well unless they didnt really read my blog la..

If you guys still dont get why.. let me tell u guys what happend then. X)

Yesterday (Thursday) Tarvin came over to my place and waited for 2 hours just for this game. (Okay now thats a clue.. its abt game.) I invited Michelle as well since she has a PSP as well. (Another clue.. its a game with PSP) After that we waited for 2 hours and finally we got what we wanted!!

You guys still have no clue what game issit?? Arh.. Damm.. Its..

Dissidia Final Fantasy!!!

Yeap.. after that all of us.. rush to my computer and started putting the game in. While waiting for the other PSP to get loaded we have a try gameplay on Michelle's one since her was the first to put in.

Usually pro-gamers like us played for the 1st time then we knw who to play ady.. but.. the game is not as easy as u think it is.. its actually pretty god damm hard!! All the controls!! Power!! Combos!! Complicated!!!

It tooks a few tried to finally understand the game.. its actually not hard.. its just complicated. The game systems is amazing and the CG is GODLY!!!! As if they are real!! Seriously!! I salut Tetsuya Nomura.. *saluts*

After playing the game i finally found my most favourite character of all!! Hehehe~ His..

Tidus!! Yeap its Tidus from Final Fantasy X. Okay its a easy control character. The first time i used it i mastered him already. And soo far, Tidus is my strongest character.. just soo far.. Tidus is quick and good in melee and range skills. His skills are just prefect.. but still damage is the only problem Tidus and his limit break is not very that strong. I think..
Next character~
Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy VIII. At first i thought that this character is cool.. wait a minute.. this character is cool!! But i think his suxy at first.. But let me tell u that Squall is a late game character.. his skills are slow.. but painful. His limit break is farking painful.. After playing it for a few time.. i think that Squall is a cool and strong character. X)
And the Last one~
Okay not surpising that Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII is not strong. Thats bull shit if his not strong. Sephiroth is fast but his damage is surpisingly low.. but his combos are Ho~Ho~Holy SHIT!! His limit break is also another gay one... all u have to do is just click the (o) button and walah!! Perfect! Sephiroth is the all time strongest and gayest final fantasy character in history. But still i his very hard to level up since he doesnt have story mode. And his still no match for my Tidus and Squall YET!!

Seriously.. this game just rocks!! Its heavenly.. Trust me.. once u played it 100% get addicted. And believe its WAY more addictive then Crisis Core.. Wait till the English comes out (which will take another 5~6 months i guess) the whole world with PSP will be playing this game. XD
Oh~oh~oh its fully charged!! Bye now!! Gotta FIGHT! XD

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gaming Results

Alright up to the second post for the day. Ganbatte!! XD Oh i knw!! How abt some gaming results! XD Its been awhile hasnt it?

When my brother took away the PSP, me myself stay at home start downloading some games. And trust me.. i downloaded quite a many of it. XP Beside that i downloaded some movie as well.

Warriors Orochi
Okay this game is no big deal.. cause its all hack and slash all the time. Kill the enemy's warlord then settle. You win the war! Along story short.. its like Dynasty Warrior. Its actually the same creator i think.. XP But why i liked this game is because.. there are some warlord which are from Onimusha!! XD Nobunaga Oda.. its actually a REAL great warrior in Japan. But in Onimusha they make him the bad guy of the game. And in this game, i get to use him!! And his seriously a show off.. his something like Cao Cao. XD
Tales of the World Radiant Mythology

have you guys heard of Tales of Destiny? Tales of Eternia? Tales of something something something?? If played that game before then you should knw how to play this game as well. XD They called these game.. "the Tales.." and i can see all "the tales" game's storyline are beutiful.. the gameplay as well. Long story short.. its a good game. But i think i still like "Tales of Destiny 2". XP

Pince of Persia -Rival Swords-

Like usual.. prince of persia's games are like heaven. Its actually like God of War but a slightly diffrent only. I havent started playing this game but.. tarvin said is cool and awesome. After looking at the gameplays.. i think hes right! XD You get to walk on walls and show some chopping skills! XD I downloaded this version of Prince of Persia is because.. the frame looks cool! XD Especially the demon his fighting with. XD

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy Itadaski Streets

Okay on the first impression of this is like.. Owww Owww Final Fantasy! This game must be cool!! Well.. i can tell u.. Yes there are final fantasy character from 7~12 you can choose. BUT BUT BUT.. it has NOTHING to do with fighting. Guess what game is this? Its.. a MONOPOLY game!! XD It actually quite cool... i still dun really get this game cause its only in japan.. so cant do anything abt it. But i can tell u.. its complicated. XP

Fate Tiger Colesium Upper

Okay.. now u might think this is a stupid game.. But actually NO!! Its a fighting game.. Simple control as well. The skills are actually quite simple as i said.. u can dash, block, jump and slash!! Like anyother fighting game. But the is not like the adult Fate u seen in anime... its all CHIBI!! XD Good game la.. but the only problem is.. Its in Jap.. I think i can get the hang of it. X)

Sonic Rivals 2

Hey this is not shitty okay!! Its kinda cool!! XD Theres Sonic.. Metal Sonic.. Shadow and some new guy which i've never heard or seen before.. Silver!! The others are like ke le fehs. XD Like normal sonic.. racing with each other but also.. u can battle with each other or challenge each other!! See how cool is that!! XD

I've been downloading movies like i said.. so i have been downloading this hilarious show called

The Family Guy

You have to watch this show.. it rocks.. its a tribute to Simpson. XD Just that in Simpson the father is the only one stupid but in this show.. the baby, the dog, bla.. bla.. bla.. the whole family is stupid!! They even have an episode with Jesus Crist in it! XD Serious it funny.. XD

Now im still downloading.. and shit the internet is getting slower! XD Okay.. its kinda late now.. and soo.. Chao!! 2 post in a day!! Wooohoooo!! Oww.. wait.. its 2am ady.. dammit!! its the next day ady!! XD

Bored Bored Bored

Yeap... bored is the word.. Even knw theres PSP and computer but still its kinda bored now.. Since im so bored why didnt i take my time to update my blog? Its because.. Im lazy..

I still remember those days which i can update 4 post in one day. But now in 4 days i only can update 1 post.. which is freaking short. Guess what they say is true.. you will get lazy with yur blog gets older.

Sister's having exams and shes really getting real troublesome.. sometimes she seriously pisses me off.. Exams.. pff.. more like having holidays to me. She can sometimes be a royal pain in the ass.. especially this kind of days.. Better dont mess with her or she can be a royal pain in the ass.

I've been watching some kind of loev comic.. as i said.. DO NOT watch love comic or movie when yur alone. But eventually i was sooo degil that i went to watch. XD I was watching this love comic which called Ichigo 100% and believe me.. guys will love to see this comic. If you get wat i mean. XP

This story is pretty smooth at first.. but its a little bit screwed up since theres like 4~5 girls liking one guy. Usually this kind of story have happy ending.. but this one doesnt. Its a pretty sad ending.. sobs..

My brother is been working for quite sometime already.. sometimes i believe his job is kinda boring. Thats why whenever theres Full-day he will take the PSP away. (Something like today) But still i dont blame him taking away my PSP. In fact he let me use his computer for many many purpose. XP I dont hate him.. NEVER

Anything should i add?? Lets just say.. the starting of DEC holiday.. SUCKS.. Nov's holiday was still the best. Lets just hope that something great comes up in this holiday. XP

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Music of the Month

Okay heres another Music of the Month. XP Lets get on with i

Issint that obvious.. i think u guys might have knwn whats my music of the month ady la.. Its the first song in my playlist. Get it already? Yeap and this time Tarvin is the one recomanding this song to me. X) Thanks buddy.

Empty Apartment
- Yellow Card-

Call me out
You stayed inside
One you love
Is where you hide
Shot me down as I flew by
Crash and burn
I think sometimes you forget
Where the heart is..

Answer no to these questions
Let her go, learn a lesson
It's not me, you're not listening now
Can't you see something's missing?
You forget where the heart is

Take you away from that empty apartment
You stay and forget where the heart is
Someday if ever you love me you'd say it's okay

Waking up from this nightmare
How's your life, what's it like there?
Is it all~
What you want it to be?
Does it hurt when you think about me?
And how broken my heart is

Take you away from that empty apartment
You stay and forget where the heart is
Someday if ever you love me you'd say it's okay..

It's okay to be angry and never let go
It only gets harder the more that you know

When you get lonely if no one's around
You know that I'll catch you when you're falling down

We came together but you left alone
And I know how it feels to walk out on your own

Maybe someday I will see you again
And you'll look me in my eyes and call me your friend

Take you away from that empty apartment
You stay and forget where the heart is
Someday if ever you love me you'd say its okay
It's okay~
It's okay~

Empty Apartment MV

I kinda like this song.. and the 72th Avenue is deciding to play this song as well! XD (If you guys even knw whats that...)

Okay chao people!! (fuh.. 3 post in one day..)


I dunno why.. but just sharing a song with you guys.. Which kinda weird.. blog.. recomanding song.. ARH!!!! But listen this is not a "Music of the Month" post, the next one is.

Well i love listening to this when ever im alone.. and it definately makes you emo.. X) (Emo people please dont listen to this song.) But this song is just great la.. other than Price of Freedom, this song is aint half bad. X)

I've learned how to play this song in the piano a long time ago.. all thanks to Suilun. But i sorta upgrade it. XPXP This is problaly the first song that i will play whenever i open and play the piano. X)

I have been mention abt this song over and over again, but i didnt mention the name of it. XP


or you also called it

The Other Promises

Btw its in my playlist.. just go there and check it out but remember.. if your a person that hates emo, DONT LISTEN TO IT!!! XP

Good Bye Roxas.. Btw he died in this story. X)

What am I doing? Guess i'll get back to Music of the Month.

Next post.. Next Post.. XP

Im Not Holding Back..

What the hell!! I have been spending 5 days editting abt the SJC post and i have no time to post out something that happend recently!!! Dammit!!!

But seriously i didnt feel bad at all.. XPXPXP Just joking..

Some great news to share with you guys. My mom wont be at home for the next 8 more days!! Woohooooo!!!! (Today is 11th right?) But the bad part is.. my dad is going with her as well. Dammit..

Without mom at home around nagging, life have been sooo much beutiful.. but it wasnt beutiful if a piece of my heart is empty.. you should get what i mean. X)

My brother goes to work.. My sister have exams lately and might not be home sometimes.. long story short.. im sorta like the boss of the house now. And its not an easy job.. have to wake up early and jaga the house. Feel like a father now. XPXP

I've learn a very BIG lesson through out this whole thing..

If your at home alone..

Nothing to do..

And missing someone..


Watch love comics or movie..

I've just learned that few days ago.. and it really really hurts. And of course makes you jealous to the max. Especially for people who doesnt have someone.. sobs..

But there are some good parts too, I have more games in PSP now!! Call me stupid but i just learned how to download PSP games. Mostly i got games from my brother or through Tarvin. XPXP Do not use the word Stupid on me! Fark You!! XPXPXP

Well thats almost most of the things happening recently.. theres actually more things in my mind right now.. but just that im lazy.. XPXP

Chao people.. cherrish the time you have. (dont be a idiot like me.. ) Chao!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sayonara Junior Camp (part 2)

Here comes part 2.. read part one first only read this part!!!

Day ONE - 28 NOV (Friday)

Okay.. everybody said my snore was noisy. Cant help it. XP I woke up automatically right after the lights are on. *Yawns* This is what happend during the time when i just woke up. And believe me.. that time was only around 6am.

YuMing: Hey sups guys..

Everybody: Morning..

YuMing: Hey Munwai did u sleep last night?

MunWai: Yeap.. for 15minutes i guess. XP

YuMing: You leh, MunPing?

MunPing: Ya.. i was sleeping beside u what. XD

Suilun: Arh... turn of the lights! I wanna sleep!!

*Everybody stares at Suilun*

Its pretty much obvious that Suilun didnt sleep at all at the first night. Okay, maybe 1~2 hours.. but i believe thats 100% not enuf for a guy like him. XD

Well Vincent and SweePie are evil.. They knew that Suilun didnt have much sleep.. so they went and kacau him. Their to make him wake up is to keep talking to him and ask him question. Didnt get it? Heres hows it goes..

Vincent: Bla..bla..bla.. No bad right?

SweePie: Ya ya ya. What do u think Suilun?

Suilun: Good.. Good..

When Suilun was abt to doze off..

Vincent: Eh! eh! eh! Good idea right?

SweePie: No bad wei! Right Suilun?? *shakes Suilun*

Suilun: Yes.. Yes. *giggles*

And the whole thing continue. XD And obviously Suilun was laughing so hard that he cant sleep anymore. The Suilun changed location and moved to the corner and sleep. At the same time, SweePie have a change of plan as well.. He grab his guitar and run towards Suilun and start playing the guitar. (Bryan was inside this time and Vincent is gone ady that time.)

The song was starting kinda dozing off.. it was a good struming at first until.. SweePie starts singing "Ooooooooooooo My Looooooooooveeeeee!!! My Daaaaarling!!" Suilun burst out in laughers. XD Who wouldnt..

The waking up play almost woke up everyone who was sleeping in the room. I means.. its effective. SweePie wanted to wake the girls up, so they when to the room next door where Yanleng and Shuen was sleeping.

Right before SweePie was abt to play the guitar Yanleng woked up.. potong steam.. XD Okay next is Shuen. To wake this girl up it was a royal pain in the ass.. Why? Simple.. They have to sing the song loudly.. i meant loudly!!! And it takes also 4 tries just to wake this thing up.. XD

Theres some scandals here.. i'll wait for the video only u knw whats going on. XD But i can explain it shortly..

MunPing was super annoying that time, cause he has nothing to do during that short time.. He starts to annoy almost everyone around.. and his main victim?? The lucky Suilun! XD Suilun was still trying hard to slepp but with MunPing around.. even Shuen and SzeMei who was trying to sleep woke up almost imediately! XD (MunPing should be our alarm clock. XP)

(okay Seriously.. IM LAZY TO PUT THE COLOURS ADY!!! If you all wanna continue read then u all have to read it in black and white again.. Sorry..)

Suilun gave up and his trying his best to escape from MunPing. Here comes the scandal part. MunPing's scandal. XD MunPing was crawling and shouting Suilun's name. I looked and sounded pretty gay.. but its worth to laugh at! XD The most important part is, its going to be on youtube! Right MunWai? XP

Me and Suilun went downstair and we found some kids who came early. And like all kids will do, they will play something. Of course kid's favourite is hide and seek. XP If only I was young as them.. i would run hyperly like them as well.. thus i get to do circles for my exams! XD Something off topic.

After awhile, we saw a Ti-ratana bus drive pass u with kids inside. And from the looks of them, they are hyper! 8D Great!! But according to what YanLeng told me, there are some troublesome kids in the bus as well.. Shit.. Thus, i found most of the kids arrived are kids that i known since CFC or somewhere in BMV. How should i put it then.. Good? X)

Now the kids are all gathered in the multipurpose hall. And of course is time to give them some game activities! Well i dun really remember what happend during that time, but there are some games that i remembered. And its pretty funny. X)

Poison Box!!!!

Okay this game is pretty intresting. Have u ever play a game that is passing the box around when the music starts. When the music stop then the person that holds the box have some punishment or something? Yeap this is what we have been playing but its a little bit different. Rules are the same, pass the box when music start and stop when music stop BUT the person who is sitting on the right and left of the person holding the box will have to do the punishment as well. And its not only one box.. there are three box which will be passed around. Thus the punishment of this game is definately intresting.. and whole lot of laugher. XD

How lucky.. in 3 rounds of the game ZhenWei kena out twice in a row. XD Well still we got worst.. Suesan got called ou 3 rounds! XD But eventually i kena called as well. My punishment as to pick another partner and dance waltz. I was spotting for someone else.. and i chosen PeiYin. From her looks i can see that shes like "Please dont pick me.. please dont pick me.. PLEASE!!" But she wasnt my partner. My partner was Vanessa (FYI our choir teacher). And believe me.. if yur a guy who sucks in dancing, she will be the best partner to chose. Wise choice eh? XP

Animal Roll Out!!!

Okay this game is pretty cool as well. Each children will randomly get a paper with an animal name inside. And then a few comittees which represent those animal will step aside. Once the game begin the children have to look for the comittee which is the animal they are looking for. All the comittees can do is to act the animal they have.

Okay what did i get? I get the most perfect animal which is easy to act. I got LION. XD Why issit easy? Simple.. all u have to do is just pose like Alex in madagascar 2. The roaring lion pose. Kids will eventually come to you! XD ZhenWei have a hard time think of how to do Penguin. Suesan got Spider. The others i dont really remember.. but all i knw is, my Lion group got first. XP

After Dinner its time to spilt the childrens into their group. This year we are giving them group names and they have to think of their group leader and group cheer thats all. XD And we facilitators are going to support with for the 3 days straight. Sounds like and fun and is one heck of a stress progress.

ZhenWei told me that I have a very high chance of getting Justin's naugty cousin, Jonathan. And seriously, i was like "Shit...." I pray very hard that i wont get troublesome kids.. or kids which way to quiet to socialise with. These are actually the nightmare that facilitator will be facing i believe. I was assigned to take of this group called "River" with my partner Veronica Ooi.

River is a good name.. Its also the name of my favourite gundam song. XP Okay a little of subject back to reality. I praying real hard that i wont get a messed up group or something.. Mountain got their group, Forest got their group now its River's turn. My group turn or pretty much naughty.. but still i wasnt really dissapointed. Suddenly YanLeng said that she accidentally switch the group River and Mountain. So I have to change group with Mountain.

And to tell u the truth.. Now my group is even better!! XD Justin's little brother, Jason is in my group! The joy in my soul.. sobs.. i almost cried.. sobs.. Okay then we have a house meeting. Just like any house meeting, we sat, we talk, we introduce ourself, we pick who to be the group leader and finally the group cheer. My group is hyper just that they are a little bit shy sometimes.. which is good and of course all of them are obediant. Thank you to whoever that sets me in that group. XP

Finally the night of introduction.. yeap.. my group performed well, and seriously i think that we are going to get along real good even its only the first day. X) Love these kids.. their are even better than my CFCamp's one. XD And its only day one!! 2 more days to go

I was heading to the meeting room with a happy face until the meeting starts.. some complains where happended that night.. and i believe is our fault.. definately.. and lets make day 2 a better day then! XD

And seriously.. i took me 5 days long just to make this pose.. its a royal pain in the hands.. i think i will take awhile for part 3 to come out.. or mayb it wont come out. Hopefully. X)

Gatting Barcers

Okay.. current i have been going in and out from the dental hospital. Why?? Not surpising to hear that la.. but im getting barcers soon and i mean VERY SOON!! Lucky bastard get to see it right when school reopens. The joy.. sobs..

Tarvin says his going to laugh the ass of him when he sees my barcers. Hmph! Watch out Tarvin.. when i get my barcers.. Women will be coming right after me! XD Just joking.. seriously..

Do I have to pluck out teeth to fit the barcers in? Yes...

How many teeth must u pluck? THREE!! Ouch...

This is how it goes..

1st teeth- It was okay.. serious.. no pain at all!! XD

2nd teeth- It was starting to pain.. it took the dentist awhile to pull it out.

3rd teeth- This is the worst one la! Its a lot more painful that the other 2 teeths that i pluck. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeouccccccccccchhhhhhh!!!
Suilun sorta cursed me and says that what if the dentist accidentally pull out the wrong teeth!? If that really happend im gonna his head going to my ass! XD Thats not joking..

My brother is sooo nice that since im sorta la a injured person.. he let me play PSP most of the time! XD Now my PSP got 4GB already.. what other games would i be play? Of course la Crisis Core!! XD
I can comfirmly tell u that i beat that's crisis core save file FLAT!!! Like a popiah skin!! XD But now i got some other trouble.. I challenging myself to fight the most strongest in the whole game which is.. Minerva.
Yeap.. this is Minerva. FYI, its a she!!!

The most Lesbian boss in Crisis Core.

Come to think of it, shes kinda pretty. XP

Okay here we go!!!

Believe me.. fighthing her is a royal pain in the ass... One hit KO you ady.. Her skills are lesbian, strong and pretty much undodgable. Grrrr.... FYI to Crisis Core players, you can steal 99x Pheanix Down from this bitch. XD

Barcers.. huh! Great.. I hope it doesnt really hurt.. pray hard la.. sobs..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sayonara Junior Camp (part 1)

Sayonara Junior Camp Story telling time!

Day Zero -27 NOV (Thursday)

That night i was well prepare around 7.00pm like already. Then my mom asked "Yuming, what time must u reached there?" I said "Before 8.00pm la.." My mom replied "Okay like that mama go cut hair first" and stupidly I said "YES" after thinking for 2 seconds i just notice who was i talking to! D8 End up i reached BMV around 8.30pm. (=.=)

My sister was like "Chill Yuming.. trust me everyboyd will be late there." I was trying to denied and dont really trust but when i reached there all i saw was 3 jacoons there. Munwai, Suilun and Yanleng sitting on the side of the bench. Okay jie.. you win..

I think my mom is racist u see.. i asked her to let me go for this camp which was invited by my friend. Everything was like okay..okay..okay.. until.. i said the magic word "I was invited by my church friend." Right to my face and the answer right away turned to "NO!!!" WTHeck wei!! If i even tell her that it was a she that invited then im comfrim not going ady..

I kept complaining the camp story to Suilun, Munwai and Yanleng. Suilun was nice.. but pretty dumb. He said this "try to convince your mom la." I gave him the look and told him "If you can convince my mom arh, i buy for u 3 diffrent masked rider series arh!!" XD LOLs around..

One by one people starting to reach and most of them are all TRYBS people. Aaron, CheeKeong, Brayan, Alvin.. to tell u the truth, all of them looked scary and serious. I heard rumors of TRYBS people's displin are more serious than BMV. *gulp..* After that we start spliting each other up and ready to head to SABS.

Due to the lack of transportation, 3 of us have to carry 70% of the laguages and wait at a spot. Me, Munwai and Suilun volunteered. Now guess where is the spot that we are suppose to wait?? Everybody suggested that we wait at Sunway Pyramid. Good the joy! We can go shopping with laguages around us! XD

3 of waited there for like half an hour.. but we werent actually bored.. we were sight seeing. Yeap, "sight seeing" and guess what we spotted? The most hottest mom in Sunway! Quite lifeless arent we.. XP But i have to admit, that is seriously the most hottest mom i ever seen in my life!! Suilun said that the whole sight seing thing was testing his Loyality.. quite true.. Some funny conversation happend during the waiting session.

Suilun: Arhhhhhh... i cant take it anymore!! Im soooo sleepy!!

YuMing : Dei, Shut up and jaga the laguages.. is okay if u lose yours. XD

Suilun: Im suppose to be sleeping at home..

Munwai: With???

Suilun: ..........


Right after that conversation, XXX called. I snatch the phone from Suilun and talked to her for a moment. In the mean time i played this joke..

Yuming: Mushi~mushi~

XXX: Hello babe.. how are u.

Yuming: Do u know whats Suilun doing now?

XXX: What?

Yuming: His staring at other girls.


I passed back the phone to Suilun with the joy in my soul. *grims* XP

We are still currently waiting for them.. Suilun was still bored but after i belanja him makan some sugar donuts then he suddenly turned HIGH. Start jumping around the corner, talking crap and even start playing with trolleys! (=.=)

After receiving a phone call from Yanleng then is time for us to move the laguages to the car. Moving the bags towards the car was pretty pain in the ass.. and smartly, Suilun used the trolley that he was playing to fill it up with bag. Looks like the sugar donut is starting boost Suilun's brains as well. XD

Settle now we got the bags to the car but the problem now is.. is there enuf space for the car to fit in? D8 Shit.. never thought of that and we were carrying around 6~7 people's laguages. D8 Theres 2 ways to solve the thing, put all the laguages in and then we 3 wait for another few more minutes for them to come or we all squeze in. Guess we have to squeeze in then. Everybody start squezing in.. and it was a royal pain in the ass fitting our butts into the car. Ouch..

We have a 10~20mins ass paining in the car trip to SABS... i should have picked to go SABS tomorrow.. then that night they have a some important meeting with all the department.. except facilitator cause theres no orders for facilitator except.. "take care of the kids" thats the only order for facilitator.

Looking at all my other friends all having their own department meeting and me have nothing to do cause i was the only guy facilitator there that time.. hrm.. i was lazy to wait for them i went to sleep early.. *snores*

Its just end of day ZERO.. the thing is not ever started.. XP

Monday, December 1, 2008

Watashiwa is Back!!

Im back from SJC (Sayonara Junior Camp) 2 days ago.. Like all camps.. you have BIG TIME of FUN and you extra hard time due to stress-ness. XP

Okay before i start story telling.. let me just summurise my feelings and comments abt this camp. X)

- Being a Facilitator is not sucky.. is Fantasticky! XD

- I LOVE River!!! Its a good team name. X)

- I lost my voice.. and i gain a brand new "sexy" voice.

- Have SUPER painful muscle soar now.. arh..

- Qing Fei De Yi is a song to be remember.

- Im not intrested in Veronica Ooi. (Just to make things straight)

- I didnt charge my phone for that 4 days straight! XD

- Yan Leng's laugh is a prefect alarm ring tone. XD

- Suilun have no sense of balance. XD

- TRYBS people are nice people. Seriously!

- Washing toilet is always funner than cleaning anywhere else.

- Me and WeiChiang have same taste in women.. i think.. XD

- Me, WeiChiang, Zhen Wei and Shuen are the "Ma Lau" (Monkey) brothers and sister due to the keychians. XD

- Everybody has their own nick names.

- Ultraman dance + Like to Move it = GREAT DANCE.

- I think Jason (Justin's brother) have women fobia.. XP

- Watermelon Dance VS Majong Dance.

- Whoever pisses MunWai off, their scandals are going on youtube dammit! XD

- Kai Yuan and Suilun have the largest scandal of their life. XD

- Mooping the floor with Mun Ping is FUN. XD

- Building sand castle is harder than i thought..

- Comittee hunt is one of the best game ever! XD

- Forest have one of the best cheer ever! XD

- I finally get to meet lynette face to face.

- This years Cafe department is one of the most hilarous department of the year.

- Sayonara is better than CFC. X)

Long Story Short!! I HAD FUN!!! (not surprising..)

Now i got other IMPORTANT thing to face... as in..

1. Plucking out 3 teeths just to get bracers.

2. Playing Crisie Core and beat my brother flat!!

3. Auditioning for LEO JMN.

4. Kick Tarvin's ass.. XD

5. Find a way to make it for 10Dec~13Dec

6. Carrying on Missing "her"...

7. BE LOYAL!! (thats a hard one..)

8. Apperciate the rest of the holidays..

9. Dont get to happy when Dissidia comes out.

10. Stoping thinking abt exams results!!

Shit.. soooo manythings to do.. hrm..

Speaking of Dissidia heres a new game play video of it!!

Cloud VS Sephiroth

Finally Cloud and Sephiroth is in ACTION!! And i have to admit .. this is the best game play i everseen sooo far.. mayb its cause its Sephiroth. XP Thus i think this battle u can see summons around the corner! o.o Maybe is some cool new system. Long story short.. I WANNA PLAY THIS GAME..

Im missing u..

Oh ya hor.. the story telling.. NEXT TIME LA. XD