Monday, June 30, 2008

Picture + ME

These are pictures that i took when its school day. Why can we take photo in school? Har... this is the main issue here. This is when u got a SMART fellas saying that we're going to do our Moral Project by taking pictures at school. Then u got this STUPID teacher which allows u to do so and gives u the permission slip! Harr... thats the whole story! XD

The post is just pictures.. ENJOY!! XD
YO wassup peeps! Yur watching MIngz blogspot and I am the main character in this blog AKA the master! And now im just here to just LOA myself! XD
Doing moral project.. is like 2~3 days left! Thank god i finished it within 9~10 hours. XD
The brown (Tarvin) is doing this work! XD Wait a minute.. is that my Buku Graf!? D8 Gimme back!!!!
Mai god! For the first time Megan is taller than me! D8
I feel so gay in this picture.. dunno why but i just think that im gay.. BUT IM NOT GAY!!
What now? Wanna takao arh? Grrrr....
I dun remember what i was doing during this time.. hrm..
I knw how to make this rose! But just that this is NOT mine.. XP
Face: Matthew, Finger: Me, Picture: Megan
Tarvin!? Where are you!? Wait.. Where am I!? D8
SuperMIngz flies to the right~
Then he flies to the left! XD (Librarian trip)
Okay thats all!!!!
For now...
Lets try to post more pictures! XD
Yesssss!!! PSP duo!!! XD
What!? never seen a fella playing PSP before arh!? Then??? Why u keep staring!? Har!? har!? har!? Huh? Owww... yur looking at my hair.. XP
Currently playing PATAPON.
NOW its offically all over!!
Oh wait!
One more picture to go!
Reminds me of Crisis Core.. Zack..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Librarian Trip FlashBack

To tell u the truth, on Librarian Trip i think is the first time i camwhore the most! Proof? Take a look at the pictures in Tarvin's and Yuenhee's phone!

-To Gua Tempurung-

I was turning back to talk to Tarvinder and Megan.

Megan said this is cute. =.="

Stuck in the jam.. damm..

- The Lost World of Tambun-

Tarvin and Yuming: " Yeaahhhhhh!!!!!!"

Im in Sarung! XD Nah.. its actually my pant pao tai..

Cliping back my Sarung.. DONT LOOK!! Preverts!

Sexy Backs?? XD

-After The Lost World of Tambun-

What happend!? In Jail!? D8 I dont deserve this! sobs..

Im going crazy.. what? Im a monkey right?

Yeah.. sweets! XD I looked seriously crazy

Megan in here specs! D8 I've seen that before.. XD

Chipmunk and the Tree~ XD


See! I told u i camwhore to the power of maximum! Theres a video taken on the bus.. my "super" magic trick! Wait till i get it from Tarvin! XD





You've came to see, you've came to hear and you've here to comment~ XD

Monday, June 23, 2008

~Music of the Month~

Thank god i manage to pick my most and most and most favourite song for the month! XD Seriously.. it took me quite awhile to pick what to be.. Okay so heres my music of the month. X)

Its Not Easy -Superman-

I can't stand to fly..

I'm not that naive..

I'm just out to find..

The better part of me..

I'm more than a bird~

I'm more than a plane~

More than some pretty face ~

beside a train, and

It's not easy to be me..

Wish that I could cry..

Fall upon my knees..

Find a way to lie..

About a home I'll never see.

It may sound absurd..

but don't be naive..

Even Heroes have the right to bleed..

I may be disturbed..

but won't you conceed..

Even Heroes have the right to dream..

but It's not easy to be me..

Up, up and away away from me..

It's all right..

You can all sleep sound tonight..

I'm not crazy or anything..

I can't stand to fly

I'm not that naive

Men weren't meant to ride

With clouds between their knees

I'm only a man in a silly red sheet

Digging for kryptonite on this one way street

Only a man in a funny red sheet

Looking for special things inside of me

I'm only a man in a funny red sheet

More than a man looking for a dream

Only a man in a funny red sheet

It's not easy to be me..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The ONLY Game Played

Since my PSP is back theres definately some games that i have been playing.. But this time is totally diffrent fromt the last time! This time im only playing ONE GAME!!! D8 Issint that shocking?? Its because i have a freaking small memory stick which is only 1 GB so i only can play a few cacat and small games at a time.. If i want to put big games then i only can put in one game..

I choose the second choice which is putting one game inside my PSP only. Thats why i have been only playing ONE game in my PSP only.. haiz.. i swear when i got money i gonna get some bigger memory stick like 4GB or even better 8GB!! So i can put 5 Crisis Core inside there for no reasons! XD

Okay now back to the main point.. Since Crisis Core is not the only game i have been playing then what other games will it be? Well thank god that this is a good game and it contain only a small amount of space.. The game is..

Bleach -Heat The Soul 5-

Yeah.. this is the game which is FUN and SMALL to put in a 1GB memory stick! XD I highly recomanded PSP user to play this game.. Its very challenging.

The Diffrence between the 4th HTS and the 5th one is pretty big diffrence..

Heat the Soul 4:

- You get to choose bankai right away

- You have more characters in the game

- You get to use your partner's ability (1 or 2)

- You have diffrent kind of souls to pick

- You need points to BUY characters

- You have a longer story mode

- You need to level up your charactes in order to make them stronger

- You have 1 or 2 kinds of Limit Breaks to choose

Heat the Soul 5:

- You lesser characters but new characters

- You get to tag with your partner (only one partner)

- You cant choose bankai mode right away (only in single battle)

- You only have 1 kind of limit break

- Its harder to level up your character

- You cannot one by one level up your characters

- Have a shorter story mode

- You get to swap with your partner

- You get to have diffrent kinds of Tags

- You get to do EX Limit Breaks

- Play story mode and tag master mode to unlock characters

- Much harder to level up

- CPU is alot harder and smarter

Long story short.. Bleach Heat the Soul 5 is of course much better.. XD The best part of the game is u get to have a tag partner! Which is very cool! Thus u get to do a EX limit break which is doing a limit break with yur partner. But its not easy to achive or get to apportunity to use it.. its actually kinda hard to get the chance to do the EX Limit Break.

There are tons of new characters never seen before in BHTS5! Senna from Memories of Nobody, Kosaka (i think thats the name..) from Diamond Dust Rebelion and Nell's true form which is never seen before is inside any series (i think..) Thus there are more and more form to use.. for example Chad's Demon arm, Grimjaw's Beast form, Hollow Ichigo's Shikai mode, and many more!

Well currently im my best character and tags is..

Team Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo

This is my one and only Tag Team that achived Full Moon (aka Max Level) Their EX Limit is soooo cool that i love it! XD Besides this two im currently training Team Ichigo and Senna.

Plusie Half Hollow Ichigo!

Nothing to do with the game.. just being random. XD

I need a BIGGER memory stick!!! Arhhhh!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Waaaaakakaka!!! My PSP is back!! Wooooopie!! This time i wont let my brother to disturb me or stealing away the PSP! Muahahahaha!! Crisis Core is back!!!

Can someone teach me how to play "The Price of Freedom"??? I dunno why.. but im desperate to learn how to play piano these days.. pretty weird issint? I hope Suilun is prepared to teach me how to play.. I hope that he even knws the songs!

Something awful happend to Izzaty.. and she even cried! X( I feel bad for her.. i just cant stand girls crying and i dunno what to do but just to ask around "whats wrong? whats wrong?" Dun cry Izzaty... its just a paper.. so dun worry.. I still think that yur the number 1! X)

Yaaaaatahhhhh!!! Tomolo is Librarian trip!!! although most of my librarian friend are not going.. but still Tarvin, Megan, WenJun and some more fellas are going. We're going to be the noisest gang there! Muaahahaha!

Oh i havent ask? What do u think of my new blog layout? X) Thanks to YanLeng only i manage to get such pretty layout. Thank You x100

Currently learning how to sing "Bridge over trouble water" The songs is a little bit old and doesnt sound nice at the begining.. but when chorus comes woaw! Its sounds pretty good. Learning for the choir practice this week!


Cha Tou!

Thursday again!! Wooopie! Duty time! Wooopie again! But theres something happend on that day... This is a short post btw.. put to burn sometime. XP Okay here hows the whole story goes..

After duty (woaw that was fast) it was raining.. poor yuming has to either walk home or call his parents to fetch him. I pick plan B which is calling my parents. Sooo i was asking everyone i gimme some coins so i can call my parents.

Khai Sern dun have... Shu Ning dun have.. Kay Jun dun have.. Huiee dun have.. but.. thank god that JinHwei has! XD And its her last and only 20sens! XD

I walking down and tired to call my parents.. the good news is.. no one is using the public phone! XD But the bad news is.. because the public phone is not working! D8 Dammit!

I walking out of the school door and saw the others waiting for their parents. Then they asked "Why didnt u call yur parents?" I replied "The public phone is not working.." Then they begin to feel curious. KayJun then said "Public phone? Why do u need a public phone when we got handphones!?"






Cha Tou issint it? Stupid me...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Canteen Day

Finally! Canteen Day!! wooohooooo! Its time for business! XD

16/6/08 was our SMKTS Canteen day.. even knw its a little bit late.. but.. WHO CARES! XD I shall make this post short... if i can.. XP

Okay the day begins and the perhimpunan for that day was freaking short! D8 For the very first time. I guess is our lucky day huh? XD Then after perhimpunan i flew to bilik seni right away!

Usually im helping KRS in their stall but this year i decided to change since there are tons of pro comittees there to jaga the stall, i think i'll pass... So this year im working for Club Seni since is the only club i got.. XP

Our stalls is selling Big Apple Donuts and Rootbear + Floats. According to what i heard, we snatched Leo Club's business cos they wanted to eat Big Apple Donuts also but our Seni club took away their business... Sorry Leos.

Their are tons of stall that day.. i cant really remember there are what stalls but to tell u the truth i didnt really buy anything.. XP All i buy was our donuts and KRS's hot dogs (Hong Chun was begging me to buy.. XP)

It was a real busy day that day... After a 3+ hours we are begining to out of stocks! Imagine the amount of people buying? X) Then we are down to our last few stocks. I begged Megan to buy the donuts and thank god she buyed. Thank You. X)

After finishing selling everything, we carried tables and rubbish ups and downs. Then we wash the area of our stall.. I feel like is doing CFCamp's Cafe job again. XD

After the whole thing i grab my donuts and rootbear back to my class and continue the lessons.

When i went home i was digging my pockets and guess what? JinHwei lefted her wallet with me and I forgotten to give her back. XD So her wallet have a free sleep over at my house. XD

Canteen day was fun but like what everybody will say.. Fun but Tiring.. XD In the End i only ate one donuts and the others i brought back? All let my sister sapu adi.. XD

Create a Song!?

Oh Oh Oh Guess what?? I was soooo bored these days! I deciede to play piano and guess what? I manage to play "The Price of Freedom" front part! I only got the melody... but i still need more training to achive left hands.

Not just that i can play "Sucessor" from Crisis Core as well in the piano! XD Am I a genius or what? XD Im looking forward to play both of my favourite Crisis Core piano songs.. X) But i dun really kwn how to play piano and my sister is lazy to each me.. =.=

I need someone pro i help me.. Guess that fella would be Suilun I guess. XD

After that i was still freaking bored then i simply play the both songs over and over again. Then i acidentally joined to songs together and i think it sounds good.. i think.. I name the song "The Successors of Freedom" XD pretty lame issint? XP

What do u think? Did i created a song or what? ~.0

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tag Along

A pretty funny tag i got from Angela's blog.. you got to do it.. its really funny! XD Check it out!
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer. Even though it doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING!!!
4. Tag 5 people.
5. Bold the questions. And with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the question

How are you feeling today?
- The Great Escape -Boys Like Girls
(yeah... im escaping from emo)

Will you get far in life?
- Funky Town -Alvin and the Chipmunks
(This doesnt makes sense at all!)

How do your friends see you?
- Big Girls Dont Cry - Fergie and Sean Kingstone
(I aint so girl...)

Will you get married?
- Doubt and Trust -Acesss
(yesh!!! Bull's eyes! I seriosuly didnt cheat! Swear!)

What is your best friend's theme song?
- Identity Part 2 -O2jam
(I dun think he likes that..)

What is the story of your life?
- Otherside -Red Hot Chili Pepper
(I think thats kinda true...)

What is high school like?
- Hanabi -Bleach
(Does that mean is something to do with Bleach?)

How can you get ahead in life?
- Mungkin Nanti - Peterpen
(Yah man!! Bull's eyes!)

What is the best thing about your friends?
- All Rise -Blue
(All for one, one for all? Its that what it means?)

What is in store for this weekend?
- Feel Good Inc -Gorilaz
(It means is something makes u feel good in there! XD)

How is your life going?
- Deep Anxiety - Yoko Shimonosu
(It means full of challenge)

What song will they play at your funeral?
- Stronger -Kanye
(Yah Man! I have to be stronger!! XD)

Will you have a happy life?
- Tian Tang -Guang Liang
(Yeah... when im in heaven i think)

What do your friends really think of you?
- The Greats Story Ever Told -Oliver James
(I believe im a good story teller myself! XD)

Do people secretly lust after you?
- Shining Friends -2R
(This really doesnt make sense..)

How can I make myself happy?
- Pray -Wish
(Good one..)

What should you do with your life?
- Lord of the Speed -Rider Clips Kabuto
(That is sooooo damm right!)

Will you ever have children?
- You Make me Wanna -Blue
(That is sooooo damm wrong!)

- Yuenhee
- SuiLun
- Justin
- Kelly
- you, You, and YOU!!!

Birth By Sleep Trailer!

Good News! Good News! Good News to all Kingdom Hearts fans! Big time! Big Time! Guess what? Kingdom Hearts BBS trailer is out!! Check this out! You dont wanna miss this!

Kingdom Hearts -Birth By Sleep- (trailer)

OMFG!!! The sounds, gameplay and everything is all ready!! Yesh!!! But there is no comfirm date yet.. this is the best one i got but u can go search your self before u miss anything!! Thus, this trailer is not offically out yet! Its actually leaked!!

The game system is awesome but theres one problem.. its something like Chain of Memories's game system! But i dun think it will be that bad.. The story is getting intresting! The voice of Terra sounds very mature.. at least better than Riku. But who cares!!

If anyone of u found the releasing date plsss inform me!! Plss!!! Cant blame.. game freak mah! XD

Doubt and Trust..

I favourite word... Doubt and Turst.. Dunno why but it sounds emo.. Suit me~ I just love the word.. X)

I doubt that things wont go well..
between "her" and I..
and we dont have the feel between each other..
but i trust myself that..
i can go forth face the word love..
I doubt that my bad attitude..
will make my life misserable..
but i trust that..
I can change myself..
I doubt that emotion is bad for myself ..
and for who I am..
but i trust that
i can change emotion into happiness in other ways..
I doubt i will cry..
when something bad happend to me..
but i trust that..
my tears can make into one big history..

A meaningful word that i learn when watching Kung-Fu Panda..

Yesterday, was a history..
Tomorrow, is a mystery..
Today, is a gift for the goddess..

Nothing much here.. just trying to pull myself out of emo-ness..

Lefted Out Sunday..

Everytime sunday comesi always think that i could be a wonderful day.. but i was wrong today.. real wrong.. today i have been left out more than anyone there.. i think..

Today when i reached to sunday school it was very early... compare to the usual time, today was soooo much early. I reached sunday school around 7. 40am! D8 Amazing issint it? So me and my sister decided to go for a breakfast.

Guess who we met when we went to mamak? YanLeng! XD So had our breakfast today and head back to school around 8.04 am. After that we bumped into SuiLun which his enjoying eating his fried mee. The off to the Asoka Foyer!

When i reached there, everybody was there already! But the main problem is.. no one is wearing the CFCamp shirt! Even ShuMei and ShuXian wasnt! Some friend they are! XD After that we gather in room 6 and 7 and begin training for the fathers day.

After our first performance, its time to head back to class. Thank God today was Sis.May, im kinda bored with Bro.Poh adi and im starting to find Sis.May class is more intresting.. XP After that we had been called for our second perfromance. Off we go for a quick one and then we're back.

Then went i entered the class, everybody was taking their own sweet time walking outside.. Sis.May told me that she running out of time cos we have been wasting lots and lots of time. I was calling everyone to come in, but one listen! So i decided to shout, then everybody come and John was like "WTF.. u got PMS issit?" then Suelyn asked "Whats wrong with him?" John then replied "His always like that one larh.."

I dunno abt you guess but I seems that those word sorta pissed me off.. Okay scratch that, IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF! After that the class continue.. then there was a special refreshment today.. Fried Chickens and Ice Cream for everysingle classs!! Yipieeee!!

In the meantime i told SuiLun wats going on.. Sometimes i keep think, mayb what Tarvin said to me was right.. It SUCKS to be me.. hrm.. Anyways, thanks SuiLun to cheer me up~ X) Thats the way my brother~

I heard thats a tragedy on XinYi... If my six sense arent wrong.. it should be what im thinking of.. Nvm, XinYi just face it.. thats all i can say.. X) Then, here comes the third performance.. After the third performance we have a celebration of..

Sister Xuan Shan's Coming Soon B'day!! XD

Its the first time i saw someone smashed a fella's face on the cake! And i knw who it is.. you knw who u are! XD Then off to the fourth performance (woaw that was quick..) After that, we are back to room 6 and 7. This time Vanessa is announcing the people who are going to joining for the Nalanda Hymm Singing Competition... and the chosen one are:

1. Shu Mei
2. Shu Xian
3. Xin Yi
4. Wei Gin
5. Jusryn
6. Suelyn
7. Yu Ming
8. John
9. Kai Yuan
10. Kai Chong
11. Justin Lee
12. Zhen Whei
Piano : Sui Lun

Congrats to all the people who are chosen to go for the competition but prepare to face for fate! XD Okay now back to the story.. After the fouth performance Vanessa is teaching SuiLun how to play some new songs.. In the mean time, SuiLun has 79% mastered Double Action Piano -part 2- and 95% mastered Double Action -part 3- Thats the way my brother! XD

Off to the fifth performance, after that SuiLun, WeiGin, YanLeng and Jusryn have to go to the HOTEL!! D8 Nah.. going to get some price for their good exams grade. Nothing doing anything horny!! Then Justin and John lefted me alone for the sixth and the final performance.. Btw, Thanks Weigin for been sooo concerning before u leave and thanks for the japan present, i owe u big time girl! X)

When they are gone.. i was sorta emo-ing.. dunno why mayb due to today's incident.. I just dunno.. i dunno i just feel lefted out today! Arh!!!!! But nvm.. i got the senior to teman me. X) Then the sixth performance was the BIGGEST group but the smallest choir group.. =.=" And i was the only boy there! Sobs...

After that i went home.. i just feel very left out today.. hrm...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Games that I wanted to Play

There are darn many games that i wanted to play!!! Im just writting it here to unleash my adict-ness towards these games! XD

For Nitendo DS..
- The World Ends With You-

The story is abt a few fella facing their fates and there destiny challenging the world's dissater phenomena.. The noise pollution has been spreading around the world and it has only 7 days to stop it.. 5 brave teenagers have been chosen to challenge this phenomena by destroying the bad sounds created.. And the story goes on for 7 days.. Btw this is a game created by Nomura (KH and CrisisCore creator)

Its intresting cos unlike normal GBA games u have to use arrow keys to move. This one all u have to do is touch the touchable screen then your chracter will move to the direction. To attack the enemies u have to draw a circle, lines or anything to cast the attack! Awesome issint it! Thus since DS has 2 screen u have to control 1 character for each screen and yur playing alone!! Challenging issint?

For PSP..
Kingdom Hearts
-Birth By Sleep-

I heard that the trailer for Birth By Sleep was out! But the youtube since to have deleted it cos it was post out my Sqaure-Enix spoilers. But according to what Tarvin said, the game will be out end of year. (damm..) And it will be in japanese.. (double damm..) So to wait for the English version to come out will take a little bit longer.. Arh!!! Cant blame Nomura has been busy doing lots games..

For PS3..
Devil May Cry 4

Another new hero appears in the 4th Devil May Cry RPG game and his name is Nero. The story continues after Devil May Cry 3 (which is before DMC 1) Dante is X-hero of DMC appears all in the sudden to challenge Nero. I dun really knw the story line but all i kwn is.. the storyline is more meaningful than the other 3 DMC created.

Nero issint something like Dante.. The diffrence is.. Nero has only one gun btu Dante has duo, then Nero has a special claw and Dante doesnt... Since Nero is diffrent from Dante, the battle style will definately be much more cooler since Nero has an extra weapon. But Nero doesnt change into the devil form like Dante. He unleashes something like another demon from his glove..

The mystery of this game is.. Who the heck it Nero? Who is Nero really is? Is he one of the sons of Sparda? (Dante's father) Why does he have a demon claw in his hands? And many more.. I need to play the game to knw the mystery behide this..


Nomura has been busy doing 3 more games! Its not Kingdom Heats BBS, 356/2 or Coded. This time is something really really big.. A game which has pass on for generation. Final Fantasy..
This time its no normal Final Fantasy.. Since FF7 was created in such a HUGE storyline.. then Nomura decided to create something huge for FF13 as well.. The games are called FF13th, FF versus 13 and FF agito 13.
According to what they said.. this 3 games are related to each other.. FF13 is the light side, FF versus 13 is the dark side and FF Agito 13 is some sort of middle man for the story.. The games are coming out not only in PS3 but mobile phone as well. The games trailer are out but the game battle system issint comfirm yet.. it still need more time..

Final Fantasy 13th (PS3)

Final Fantasy Versus 13 (PS3)

Final Fantasy Agito 13 (Mobile)


School has been reopen for 1 whole week! Arh!!! Im soooo sick of going to school!! See all the bitchy teachers again.. see all the bad results again.. Arh!!! But come to think of it.. it wasnt sooo bad after all! XD

I still cant think of my music of the month.. theres been sooooo many songs last month and i couldnt think of one! D8 I still need more time.. hrm... lets just wait for the time to come! XP


My brother was soooooo "smart" he borrowed our PSP to his friend just because his having exams! D8 I have not been touching my PSP for 3 whole weeks! Arh!!! Dammit!!! I need PSP... need games...

Arh dammit!! I have a crash between the Librarian Trip and the CFC Reunion!!! But i choose to go for the librarian trip cos i've already paided for the trip.. Im guess im sorry to all my fellow kalyana mitras... i guess i would be missing the fun.. X(

You must be thinking.. I sucks to be me right?

Btw.. im just here to me my blog stay alive.. XP

Friday, June 13, 2008

Random Pictures

This is me when i was young.. XP Nah.. just joking. Its my cousin little brother. X)

Who says guys dont camwhore?? Even knw its a little bit gay...

Guess whose this hip hopper? Its Justin!! XD We were doing some sort of first aid thingy in CFCamp.

Something from japan.. Its sooooo cool!! Its a pokemon ramen!!! I dun think i have the guts to eat it such a cool mee.. XD

The pokemon from the series Diamond and Pearl. Cooool~

Nyahaha!! Jepon money!!! I there around RM30,000 here.. believe it?

The cafeteria Death Note... nah~ Its the cafeteria bible! XD