Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Uploaded Videos

Fuh.. Fuh.. Fuh.. why am i panting so hard?? I tell you why..

I've been spending these 3 days playing YUI songs.. Looked for tutorials.. but cant finds any!! D8 So i've being ear playing and also looking at tabs in ultimate guitar. Thank god they create such kind of website for newbies like me. XD Thus thanks to XinWei for print the guitar chords for me.. i can identify the chords already!! XD

So far.. I manage to made 3 videos of YUI's cover in Youtube! Fuh.. i took me a hard time to play those songs.. The most improtant thing is that all 3 songs seldom have bar chords. XD Check them out in Youtube. The 3 songs are.. JAM, Its Happy Line and I Remember You. XP

I still love admiring Miyavi's skills.. they are soo godful. XD

Miyavi playing Blew by Nirvana

Miyavi playing No Nemuri Hime

Miyavi playing
Ekisentorikku Otona Yamai

Seriously ownage.. *Salutes*

Call me perasan.. but i think my guitar skills improved a bit.. XP Come on just saying something to give me more inspiration. I have a hard time making another new song. D8 No Inspiration!!! Lots of things coming up.. haiz..

My next song in youtube is.. Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch. Wish me luck! XP

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday School + Guitar + Meeting

Early in the morning.. Woke Up.. Go Sunday School by BUS.. brought YUI Tan with me as well.. We have to reach there extra early cause we are performing for morning Puja. XP

Vanessa change her hair style.. which looks very very nice on her. XD And also.. Today.. everyone just notice that my guitar has a name.. =.= Okay some of them knew a long time.. but most of them dont knw! D8 See! See! See! Didnt read my blog larh! XD

Yui Tan Jin Yin
is my GUITAR's name!!! Keep that in mind. XD Yui Tan is I name one.. and Jin Yin is the brand of the guitar. So all stick together is Yui Tan Jin Yin. XD Lame? I knw!

Suilun was being a wannabe. He started naming the piano in the hall that we're using! XD The brand of the piano is like Morley. Then as his sir name.. then its.. Morley Lim!! XD Then we used a keyboard for our performance.. Then the brand of the keyboard is Panasonice.. Add together is Panasonic Lim!! XD And i thought i was lame..

Class.. Bro.KC made the class intresting today.. Its becaue me and Suilun brought up a very intresting subject today.. Carving is a bad thing.. But when you fall in love.. Your like carving for the girl you like. So is Falling in Love a bad thing?? Well its not actually a bad thing.. or should i say IS NOT BAD AT ALL!! Love is a diffrent subject.. XD

Ponteng Puja again.. XP To went to down to find John and play guitar.. Instate of playing with John today, i played with this girl called Rebbeca. Who is one of SweePie's student. Coincidently.. She is also a big YUI fan!! 8D We played lots of songs together!!Which are Goodbye Days, Rolling Star, I Remember You and Its Happy line. Damm nice..

I just love playing John's guitar!!! Three reasons.. One, its a larger size guitar.. Two, the strings are easier to press, its soft strings his using. Three, its and electro accoustic. I can play bar chords PREFECTLY on his guitar. On Yui Tan? Can also.. but not prefect. XP

Choir was a little bit screwed up today.. cause the enviroment is too HOT and second is because SweePie was there!! XD Actually it has nothing to do with him.. we just got a little bit cacat today. Im trying to learn some songs which our choir is singing. One of them is Queen of My Heart by Westlife. Love Westlife la.. X)

Meeting, the intresting part was the CFCamp part. XD Im in Cafeteria department again!! Wooohooo!! Second time being cafeteria. So is ShuXian and John!! We're same department again!! XD ZhenWei, XuanZhi and my sister, Kelly are in the department as well. And whose our boss? John!! The head of Cafeteria. XD

ShuMei, Justin, Suilun, Kelvin and Ngiap Kim is in the programmer. The boss is.. ShuMei. Congrats!! QMs are MunWai, YanLeng, Peiwen, and.. i forgotten who. XP But anyways the head is Munwai!! Congrats! Looking forward to the camp. X)

Went home.. POP!!! Slept for like 3 hours.. die la tonight cannot sleep.. And thats why im bloggin here now. XD My dad forgot to take my Moral Project picture!! But Thanks to Xinwei i manage to get her to print for me.. its not easy to convince her to print for me.. XD

Playing Guitar now.. shu.. dont kacau. XD

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday is Boring too..

Yeap.. My saturday was boring too.. I was too bored that I walked to ss2 and print my photos for Moral Project. XD Not just that.. I did my accounts tuition homework and also school's add maths homework. XD After that got bored, get back to YUI Tan. XP

YAY!!! I finally learn how to play my very very first Yui Song!! "I Remember You"!!! I took me a hard time to learn last time.. I think is because now i developed a little bit of skils already. Last time i use to think that this song is hard.. but now? Piece of cake!! (show off) I think thats like the most easiest song in Yui's album cause no bar chords! XD and Its almost the same chords as "Change My World" so it shouldnt be a problem. XP

Like I said im going to start training bar chords.. so i keep choosing to play Yui songs!!! Why? Cause.. One, I want to learn it myself! XD Two, most of her songs got bar chords one. I think Yui love play bar chords.. and she doesnt want newbies like me to learn her song. Thats why she put lots of bar chords. (this theory was said by Tarvin) But i wont give up!! I will learn her songs and master bar chords. Its just the matter of time and practice.

My brother and I watch "Whose Line is it Anyway" I tell.. thats the best comedy SHOW ever!! Those people really made me laugh my ass out. Is not my first time watching them.. but still they are the best!! WAY better than FRIENDS. What im amazed is they are sooo spontanious!! Theres a tip for those emo people.. Watch this show.. it will 100% cheer up!! XD

Love Story is in Youtube already.. feel free to watch la. Next in line coming up on Youtube is.. "I Remember You" by Yui, "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay and "Its Happy Line" by Yui also. Wish me LUCK!!! X)

Someting nothing to do with the post title:
His my chems and physics tuition teacher. My best tuition teacher ever!! (Indian ladies.. His still single.. XD)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photos with YUI!!!

I took a few photos with YUI Tan since im sooo bored.. Seriously.. I've been camwhoring alot ever since i got YUI Tan!! OMG!!! Thats sooooo not me!! D8 Im turning into a camwhore!! D8 Is that a bad thing? XD

This is the REAL Yui. XD But what i wanna show u guys is just memorise the jacket la.. XP

Walah!! I got one jacket which is like 70% same like hers. XD

Okay.. Thats YUI in the jacket but its NOT the real Yui. XD

Art Attack!! XD

More Art Attack!! XD

Okay YUI Tan, you had your now is.. MY TURN!! XD

I took the picture like 7~8 times and this is the best i got. XP

Playing YUI Tan~ X)

Backside.. From here you can really see how small is YUI Tan. XP

The Best Picture i got. XD I seem to like this one due to some reason. XP

Not bad eh my camera-ing skills. XD Well, at least im not bored now.. XD

Pssss... I was sooo bored i watched Ben 10!! XD


Bored Bored Bored!!! Nothing to do ARH!!! Grrr.... can something intresting happend in my life!!! XP

"Collide", "Teardrops on my Guitar" and "Summer Holidays" is only Youtube already. Feel free to take a look and then remember to rate and comment. XP "Love Story"?? I remake it.. cause the sound of the music over powered my guitar sound. XP

Now, im trying to play "Goodbye Days" for good.. Bar chords?? So what!! Im going to put effort to learn the bar chords!! Even if it burns the crap of my hand!! I will learn how to play "Goodbye Days"!!! I dont care!! That song is one of the reason that im playing. XP

I played a song by ear for the first time!! 8D On the piano very normal.. it very easy to identify in piano but on the guitar?? For me is the very time. X) I played one of my favourite duet song.. "Yozoro No Mukou". Seriously.. Im starting to like that song. After looking at the translation of the song.. I made me more addicted to the song. You will get what i mean when you find out the translation.

No one in Youtube ever play the strumming for "Yozoro No Mukou". Cause the song is actually meant for Plucking for guitar but i made a strumming through my ears. XD Check it out!!

Yozoro No Mukou -Guitar Cover-

Miyavi's guitaring skills is just heavenly.. I seen lots of his videos in Youtube and his skills are godly. His definately one of the best guitar player in the world!! At least top 10!! XD His guitar solos are the best.. especially tapping skils. To learn tapping.. i will take me another 5 years to learn that.. XD

I watched Bleach manga today and Im really starting to like Ichigo now. XP Cause now his dammm kaooo gay strong. Unlike last with his cacated Bankai which increase speed (pfff..) and Getsuga Tensho only. Now this damm strong. Im not going to tell what going on now just incase of you out there is not a manga watcher. But im just going to post the pictures. XP

Ichigo's True Hollow Form

He can summon his sword back to him!!

Posing again..

*Slash* K.O!!!

His true hollow form looks cool too!! Love that form la!! Its better than its vaizard form. He looks more like an esparda now. XD

Bored Bored Bored.. Tomorrow might be going to Tarvin's place again for fun. XP

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Burning Some Time Here

I finally finish writing "Summer Holidays"!! XD But just that i didnt post it up on Youtube yet. XP Spend the whole day making videos! I made video of "Collide", "Love Story" and "Teardrops On My Guitar" but also havent post of Youtube yet. XD

You will know when will the videos be there through the right side gadgets. Titled "My Videos" (the one below YUI's picture) Be sure to notice it once in awhile just incase i posted some "awesome" videos. XD and of course.. PLEASE COMMENT!! Your comments are very important to me. Good or bad i dont farking care. X)

I got some cool pictures from Tarvin. X)

This picture was before school starts. XD My hair was freaking long that time.. isssh.. missed that hair la. XD Anyways that guitar is Tarvin's Electro Guitar.

Huiee >> Yui Tan >> Tarvin Jr >> Tarvin. XD

Tarvin is intrested with Miyavi now!! And have i mention that Su Teng doesnt really like Taylor Swift?? o.O

Got 2 more days to freaking finish the whole Moral Project. Wish me luck!! X)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I finally found who is my second favourite japanese solo singer.. This time is a "guy". His name is writen above as you can seee... Yeap the name is Miyavi.

This is Miyavi.. A punk rock guitar player.. Vocal singer.. and also Solo guitar tapping..

I knw what your thinking.. You're thinking that this guy must be some kind of LALA dude.. Let me tell you that its just japanese style of PUNK. Malaysians just wanna be like japanese looks so they make themself almost alike but malaysians is more awful looking.. thats why malaysian are LALA.. but not japanese. XP

Better looking already? XP

You might think that his a freaky looking guy. But actually his not. People say his kinda sweet and childish. But once he play his guitar.. his a totally diffrent person. Its like the guitar is stuck with him. His not much of a singer.. but his main skills is at guitar tapping. Which is like freaking hard to do!!

He made a movie before.. its called "Oresama" and its a nice movie. You can really see his punk style of guitaring skills. The storyline is aint half bad as well.. no sad scene i think.. (I havent really watch it. XP) But through the scene in Youtube.. his good. XD


His better looking in this movie. X)

When he was young.. XD

Enough of the pictures la.. Now its time to prove to you how good is he..

Miyavi Singing Am I Wrong -Keb' Mo-

How is he? Wanna see more??

Miyavi Guitar Solo

That is his tapping guitar skills.. not good enough?

Miyavi in Oresama

The movie is good.. His funny as well.. but kinda show off. XD

Time for his own album song.. This is so far the best i found from him.. actually all of his songs are good but just that i prefer this one cause got his guitar solo in it. XP

Selfish Love -Miyavi-

His good in almost everything.. his far more better than YUI, i have to admit that.. but still his vocal is definately not as good as YUI. XD Both of them are just great la. X)

School Reopens..

Now school is reopen again.. should i say hoooray or dammit? I dunno la.. but monday was YUI's birthday so i shall bear with only MONDAY!! And its only that particular monday.. so i kept myself happy the whole day and no emo! XD Good job eh??

Due to Yui's birthday, I post a happybirthday song for her in youtube. XP Just for the fun of it. And cause of Yui as well.. Im deciding to write a song just for her. I knw.. I knw.. there are like another 2 more songs to write. I know what im doing.. Sheeesh..

Last night writing the song..

Any suggestion for the lyrics? Just suggestions.. Im going to put the song name "The Guitar Girl" Any other names? Its open. XD Wish me luck then! XD

I cant blog for long.. Tuition gotta blast! XP

Something coincident i found in google. XP
Remember this picture??

Now look at this!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holiday Day 7

Dammit.. the last day already!! Sobs.. must cut finger nails already..

Sunday and the last day of holiday.. hate to break this but yeah.. school is coming and its back to studies and exams.. sobs.. So i must enjoy my sunday!!

Sunday School issint soo bad.. YUI Tan visited BISDS again!! XD And in the mean time i tuned its voice back. Early in the morning we helped the Youth to put up sign paper to lead them to some kind of audition.. o.O Nothing to do with us!! XP

Brother LS is teaching us today.. and seriously.. sometimes i pity him cause he cant really get control of the class.. Poor guy.. Everyone (including me) being noisy and sleepy.. its either you can see people talking or sleeping. XD Being our class teacher is not an easy job.

Okay back to class.. We got projects to do! (Aww great.. Moral Project.. Accounts Project.. now this!!) Its a wesak day project.. which we have to recuiting 6 to do something abt Mudita.. Karuna.. Hatred and other few things. Im in Bryan's team which contains Suelyn, SueSan, YanLeng and ZhenWei. Great!!! John was being real jacoon today in class.. problally drunk! XD I think tooo much of Australlia.. XD

I pontenged Puja the first time this year. XP Well.. its because i wanna hang out with Guitar People and also i wanna tune YUI Tan.. therefore.. Yeap, i ponteng Puja. XP SeeToh, John, Suelyn and me escaped Puja and went to hall and play guitar a little bit.. XP Everybody loves "Love Story" thank god i can strum on the guitar and John can pluck!! Suelyn sing and walah!! XD

After mamak, Choir.. Fuh Fuh Fuh.. MunWai has to pay for my food cause he broked YUI Tan's voice before.. Arigato!! Hope it doesnt cost much la.. o.O

Choir, nothing much.. sing some few songs which really really made me sleepy. (I slept at 2am last night watching Dane Cook with my bro.. XP) But we knw that Nalanda Singing Competition is on June!! D8 Of all Dates.. JUNE!! Freaking close to SPM!! If im a smart guy nvm la... but too bad im no such kind of guy. Dammit..
Suelyn and XuanZhi are choosen for Nalanda Solo. XD Girl voice battle. And the guys.. John, ZhenWei, Justin, KaiYuan and Me are choosen for solo as well. D8 Hrm.. Tension start.. Dunno what to pick for singing.. Cannot sing songs which are not in the file. Hrm.. i was thinking of singing "Change My World". XP

Stay back and played Guitar which John. We make fun around by using the mic and play guitar. XD John's one is electro soo.. he doesnt really need the mic infront of him and me?? i need to put mic infront for YUI Tan to sing. XD Playing guitar out loud sure is Fun. After that.. they teached me how to sing without using my nose.. Susah la!!

Went back home and slept on the bed with YUI Tan. ZzZzZzZz for like 4 hours and woke up!! Computer to learn some songs! XP Remember this japanese girl Natumi i mention before? Im learning her original songs. XD She lets me to convert her jap songs into english.. 8D Arigato!! Im learning "Goodbye Meet You" and "Always Thank You" which are both from Natumi. Seriously.. she is freaking talented. XD Arigato x1000

Goodbye Meet You -Natumi-

Always Thank You -Natumi-

Now.. i have to find a way to get my dinner.. cause my brother, mom and dad are not at home. Left my sister and I.. XD Pack my bags.. go to sleep early and start off school again. X) Dont feel sad.. holidays will come again. X)

Owww.. SHIT!!! Forgot to cut nails!!

1 more day..

Okay i think its time to expose out why am I counting the days left for this special event. XP Im NOT counting the days left for holiday!! No NO NO!!!

Im actually count the days of someone's birthday. X) Someone who is very very special to me.. Who made me such kind of person today.. Shes..




Yashioka Yui's Brithday!! (23 March) <3Happy Birthday YUI. X)

I know YUI for like only 4 months.. I actually knw her a long time ago when Bleach anime came out. She sang Rolling Star.. XD Thanks to Nat now im like a huge fan of her. XD She is one of the reasons which made me learn to play guitar. Salute to her. X) This is why i put my first guitar name resemble to her name. XP (YUI Tan)

She got an award for best J-poping musical female in Japan. A girl living with a mom without a father maange to go this far.. is great. X) Ganbantte Yui hope your superstar legacy will stay on forever. FIGHT!! XD

One of her songs which really lights me up.. I'll be.. Get the translation of the song and you will knw what i mean.

Btw, she writes most of her songs.. one of them is Goodbye Days. X)

Favorite instrumental of all.. need i say more? XD

Oh, btw.. i got the jacket that shes wearing. XD

Happy 22th Birthday Yui!

Okay back to packing bags.. XD

Holiday Day 6

.... I really really hate this but... its Day SIX already.. sobs.. can the day go any slower??

I suspected that day 6 is really going to be boring. Guess what? Insticing correct!! This post might be a little bit short due to the boring and nothing to do day. XP

The only intresting thing which i did only that day is.. finding for song and watching my all time favourite childish show.. Kamen Rider. XD It didnt really bring me back to kamen rider until i was looking for a song.. I thought i might be a song for kamen rider.. then keep looking lo. I found out there is a new rider series which really really drag my attention.

Kamen Rider Decade.

Kamen Rider Decade.. realease in 2009

Looks ugly issint it?? I agree...

Thats the rider's name.. why decade? Well first of all, decade means 10 (maths people.. maths!) and this rider have 10 diffrent forms. Its not just colour change or something.. he can change into 10 other riders! D8 Thats the intresting part of this rider.. but still this rider is using cards again.. =.= Of all the things why cards la.

The 10 rider form he can becomes are the famous main character rider series.. which are.. Kiva, Den-O, Kabuto, Hibiki, Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz and Blade. All their abilty.. Decade can use. All their forms.. Decade can use also. How strong is that!!

My first impression was.. is this a movie?

Rider fans.. you have to watch this rider series la.. cause its not really meant for kids.. it too complicated for kids i think. XP Thus, the show is trilling... damm nice.. WATCH!!! So far theres only 8 episodes in Youtube..

What else did i do on day 6?? Guitar? Yeap a little bit.. but because of Decade.. Im not really playing guitar that day.. XP Its like a day off for YUI Tan.. XD Actually is because YUI Tan's voice changed.. and i need to change it back.. lazy to tune.. so.. yeah. XP

The whole day listening to songs.. chatting with people in msn.. begging Celine not to tell Nick something.. XD Going to tuition.. haiya.. Typically a boring day.. end of the story.

2 more days..

Friday, March 20, 2009

Holiday Day 5

Awww man.. day FIVE already?? X(

Woke up pretty much late in the morning.. Around 10.30?? But i'm going to Nat's place at 1pm!! Woke up sooo early for what!? =.= So i spend sometime watching mangas. Bleach, Ichigo is waaaaaaay to powerful already. I think the artist over did it this time. XD Naruto, i starting to really really hate naruto now. I dunno, mayb cause its just soo freaking screwed up? XP

I watch D-Grayman in Manga today. And turn out the story issint half bad. Just that the Main character's weapon is a little bit weird and ugly. His looks is good but his weapon is just ugly.. just doesnt fit the concept. Is like a got a good looking body but your face is ugly.. what am i saying?? That manga, so that diffrent. XP

12pm to took off to Tropicana City with YUI Tan. Why? Cause theres a FREE bus to Kelana Jaya there. But the bus only starts at 12.30pm. Means im 30mins early. So i took a quick tour in Tropicana City. Is not so bad after all.. Theres a very very very small arcade there which has Tekken 6 in it! o.O Then there will be a ANIME event on the 21 mac~22mac from 11am~9pm. Wanna go? You might get a chance to win a Nitendo DS or a Wii. XD And a Left4Dead mini challenge. More infomation, go to this link~


Now took off to Nat's house. When I reach there i show Huiee in Nat's room already. Then me played with YUI Tan. I teached her how to play Collide today. XD And she was not a very good student.. XP Still she manage to learn the whole songs which is great. X)

I watch Huiee play Left4Dead and it was freaking hilarious. XD To those Left4Dead players.. You knw it take 3 bullets to kill an easy mode zombie right? She takes 15+ bullets to kill it! Just to check whether its dead or not she takes another 3. XD And she killed a Tank!! D8 (begineer's luck) We wanna see that whether she is the Tank Slayer or not but she died before the game end. XD

Played a little bit of Dissidia. (Finally im touching Dissidia again.. sobs..) Then, I helped Nat to kill Chaos in Inward Chaos. Guess im still the one and only KOD! (King of Dissidia) Only in Taman SEA. XP In the mean time, Huiee was try really really hard to finish her Moral Project.

We tried playing some songs like Collide and Love Story by adding some violin inside. For the Fun of it and i think is not that bad. XD Few minutes later, the brown macca (Tarvin) showed up. XD Then we tried making violin parts for "Left Out" and "Change My World" Seriously.. Nat is good..

Not long later, Huiee went home. Then, Tarvin made a call to Vania just to make her day more happier. We played a few songs for her just for the FUN of it again. XD It seems that she enjoys it. 8) After closing the coversation, we talked abt Monster Hunter 2ndG. Seriously.. i think im going start back monster hunter again. XD

Then went to Tarvin's house and makan. Penjabi's food are always sooo spicy.. from the sleepy me made me more awake. XD Then we played finish Onimusha 3 today. We skipped alot of things.. but Tarvin doesnt really care abt it.. he only cares abt the story. o.O

Dad called, go home around 10.30pm and that all for today. Spending the whole days in other people's bersama-sama dengan YUI Tan was just fun. X) Day 5 is the best so far.. tomorrow? I think it will be boring again.. nothing to do.. hrm..

3 more days.. (Yipieee!!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Holiday Day 4

Day FOUR.. Wohooo??

Okay woke up early today as well. XP This time i looking forward using the computer.. why?? Cause YUI Tan is back!! XD Im working forward to playing some other new songs!! XD After my brother grabs the keys and head to school.. I jumped off the bed and turn ON the com! XD

I've been spending the whole day looking on the internet and learn some other new song.. And woohoooo!! I've been learning lots of songs today, Like THREE to FOUR songs.. XP (geng leh..) Im being really really lifeless huh? =.=

After that i temaned my sister to the CIMB Bank followed by Jasper (my doggy). We were being a real pussy.. Cause few days ago my neighbour got robbed so my sister was scared.. Me?? Im not sure.. XP So we bring our little brave doggie with us to CIMB Bank.. XP

Jasper visited town for the FIRST time today! XP First of all, you will knw a dog is scared when its tail is going down. Jasper's tail is been like down the whole time when his in town. XD His soooo scared that he doesnt even care of people around him. Usually he barks at everyone he sees.. but in town. Being a really Goodie Boy.. XD (Sometimes, i think my dog is gay..)

Went back home and feel like playing guitar again. After that, my mom came in and gave me a pretty long lecture.. After that lecture i have no choice but to study.. Of course i wasnt studying! Its holiday!! Poeple like me dont really like to study! XD Its fake studying..

That night i was suppose to go and help my dad in pasar malam.. but my brother was willing to take the job, so i stayed and home and fake studyi again. I spend sometime chatting with Tarvin on the phone abt Onimusha 3. Come to think of it.. that was a very nice game.. X)

After my mom went out, i decided to play guitar.. But suddenly when i flip around on youtube, i saw people playing piano. So what did i do? I go and play piano other than guitar.. XD Looks like i've lost all my piano skills.. Not 100% lost la.. but still im weaker in piano now.. sobs.. Suilun will have to teach me back again. XD

Seriously i cant think of the lyrics for "Summer Holidays" even know its holiday and its quite sunny here in malaysia.. No inspiration.. haiz.. I wonder why i can "Left Out" and "Change My World" so easily but not this one.. X(

Thats all for day 4, but day 4 is quite boring compare to the past few days of holidays.. feel so boring.. Nothing to do other than guitar. guitar. gutiar, piano.. I bet day 5 is going to be better cause going to Nat's house to JAM and do accounts project. (Pffff... as if we will do..)

4 more days to go.. (Im excited. XD)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Holiday Day 3

Woolah!! Day THREEE!!!!!

Early in the morning i woke up and walk all the way to Taman Megah. For what?? Well you see, Huiee invited to me go for a little bit of badmintion with Tarvin, Nat, EeLing and Steven. X) A good start for the day.. XP

I reached there and waiting for like freaking 30mins until all of them arrived.. hmph until now im still mad. XD But the anger chills off until the badmintion begins. Smacking here and Smacking there.. Fuh~ sure miss those days when i can play badminton really really well. XD

I played a game with Tarvin.. Guess who won?? ME!! !Muahaha!! XD The match wass like OWNAGE!!! XD The score was like 21-12. The terbalik of my score is Tarvin's score! XD Beat you flat man! Muahaha

We went to saji to take a quick makan in the mean time to pick up YUI Tan in from the hospital (guitar shop) but sadly the guitar shop is no open yet.. Its like 1pm and its not open yet! D8 After the makan.. we went back and take a look at the guitar shop again.. that time was like 1.48pm and guess what? The shop is still not open! D8 Dammit!!!

Went home and and watch a little bit of FRIENDS.. And serious FRIENDS still rocks!! XD Love that show!! Thats the show which can really make the laugh the crap out of me. XD

Went to En.Mustafa's tuition and meet tarvin again.. then i decided to grab my guitar after the tuition by calling Tarvin's mom to fetch me there since they are going past that shop. Okay that settles.. but i forgotten abt one thing.. I didnt bring my wallet to pay the guitar strings! D8 Shit Shit SHIT!! @#$%^&*_+%$#@#@

Then, Tarvin has a idea which is borrow money from his mother and pay him back this coming friday.. Thats a GOOD IDEA!! And thank god that his mom is willing to lean me RM15.. (Thank you sooooooooo much aunt!! Next time i bake cookie for you la.. XP)

RUN RUN RUN all the way to the hospital and pick up YUI Tan.. THANK GOD!! She can sing again!! Woohoooo!!! *flowers dropping from the sky..*Quickly run home, open it up and play!! XD

Finally i can play music with YUI Tan again.. sobs.. never felt better.. but theres one problem.. I have a tough time trying to tune the guitar. (cause it was given back untune..) Open tons of youtube "how to tune" lesson and learn.. seriously i was scared to tune the guitar cause i scare that the strings will break again. D8 But thank god.. after 10mins of tunning finally i got the correct tune and no strings break! 8D Woohooo

Having a capo is seriously diffrent to not having a capo.. XD You can learn lots and lots of songs!! Especially from Taylor Swift and Michelle Branch. Both of this singers use capo for most of their songs. And its all easy chords!! Prefect songs for begineers like me.. XP

I changed the song "Change My World" a little bit.. VERY VERY little bit.. remember i said that my song needs a higher pitch? Well i put the capo on and put it on 2rd fred and it works fine!! Weeeeheee!! XD

Currently learning how to play "Love Story" by Taylor Swift and "When You say Nothing at All".. everybody loves the "Love Story"~ I like that song too!! One is the song is really really nice.. two is the MV is really really nice! XD Shes EXTRA pretty in that video.. others i dont see that shes pretty that much..

That night me and my brother watch Dragonball Evolution.(dunno where he get the movie from) Seriously.. to those of you who watch Dragonball anime before.. PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Its diffrent and it sucks.. Its just really really cacat and spoiling.. save your money on something useful like.. a Guitar! XD

Day Three? Is better than day one and two of course cause YUI Tan is back!! XD day 4 might be boring cause no even.. Spend whole day with YUI Tan la. X)

Something nothing to do with this post:
ChoongLye introduce me to a friends of his which sells guitar.. And heres what im really really intrested with..
Viking Fender + Bag + Amp20 Watts for only RM350!! D8
Should I buy?? o.O

5 More days to go..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holiday Day 2

Okay here comes day TWO..

Early in the morning i woke up and whats the first thing i do?? Play the computer!! Muahaha!! One days didnt play computer, the next day i will play!! XD

Dad was being really really nice today. Heres what happend.

Dad: Eh, why arent you playing your guitar anymore?

YuMing: The strings broke already..

Dad: Then, why dont wanna repair?

YuMing: I no money ma..

Dad: ASK LA!! *grabs 50 bucks from the wallet*


Yeap, he pay for the guitar strings and even send me to the guitar shop. The happy part is that YUI Tan is going to see the doctor and will get cure soon, the sad part is.. I wont be seeing YUI Tan for like one whole day. sobs... Such painful destiny..

I sended YUI Tan to Travis's guitar shop which is somewhere at taman bahagia. Seriosuly.. the service there is good. The guy there treats my father really really nice.. X) Then i lefted YUI Tan there and pray that she will heal by today.. (which ended up not a reality..)

The whole day without YUI Tan seriously bores the crap out of me.. Then me and my brother decided to watch some shows. We watched FRIENDS which really laugh the crap out of me.. Then my brother went out and he allows me to use his computer. Woohoo..

I dont wanna update my blog until the end of the day.. and i cant post any videos on youtube cause i dont have YUI Tan.. guess i will have to stick to movies again.. Guess what i watched?? Taiyo no Uta AGAIN!! XD Seriously that shows really doesnt bores me.. one is because YUI is there.. two is because the movie is really really touching and three, the songs rocks! XD Goodbye Days still doesnt bores me too. X)

Tonight's addmaths tuition was nice.. me, apple and ChoongLye didnt really do any work.. besides we make tons of noise in class. Even the form 4 guy was laughing with us. XD ChoongLye opened up some NutLaughing ringtone which is like a laughing bomb exploded in the whole classs. HAHAHA all the way..

Day 2 was okay as well.. Day 3?? Tomorrow morning badmintion with Tarvin, Nat and Huiee.. guess its going to be better i think.. Thus NO Chem & Phys tuition tomorrow as well.. X)

6 more days to go..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Holiday Day 1

Monday.. i woke up freaking early today. Like 5.50am!!! D8 Why?? Cause i forgot to off the alarm clock.. XP then i slept back..

My brother say to me "Try not to use the com when moms around.. So that we all wont get scolding.." So my mom was like at home the whole day! D8 So i dont wanna take the risk and also obey my brother's order.. I didnt use the com the whole day. (If your wondering abt now.. its diffrent cause mom's asleep already.. XP)

I've been spending the whole days writing lyrics but seriously.. no inspiration. "Summer Holidays" is not easy to write!! Dunno why!!? I should try writing "Ixora" first.. XP But then without YUI Tan.. its gonna be difficult.. haiz.. I need to bring YUI Tan to the doctor fast.. Or else she cant sing for me. XD

NO computer... NO guitar.. is like SHIT man the holiday. But its only day one.. hope day 2 can be better.. XP I still try to play YUI Tan even knw she lost her voice.. but cant blame me.. I was BORED!! In that time i mastered how to play Collide by Howie Days!! WOohooo!! XD (the song can still play even without that string.)Thus i knw how to play "Happy Birthday" already!! YES!! Im prepared now!! Woohooo!!

That night, after tuition, my brother was listening to a girl in metacafe singing "Tear Drops on My Guitar" He asked me whether i can play that song anot.. So i took a shot. He didnt noticed that i was looking at the girls fingers and he tought that i was looking at the girl. Then i took out the guitar, put on the capo and started playing. Its simple chords and all the 4 chords are my favourite chords!! XD So i can instantly play that song. My brother was amazed!! and he tought i knw how to play the song just by listening to it!! XD What a fool.. XP

One day, even without YUI Tan's prefect voice, i can still mastered 3 songs!! Good job eh?? Wait till i fix it back then walah!! Next song is "Goodbye to You" XD

7 more days to go..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Whole Day

Scribble.. Scribble.. Scribble.. *looks...* crample and throws..

Im still working on the writing the song thingy.. since i cant find any new chords for any new praticular song.(Its because YUI Tan is sick.. read the following post to knw why..) its the best time to work out on the lyrics.. "Change My World" is done and so is "Left Out". Whats only lefted is "Summer Holidays" and "Ixora".

What im really really looking forward is "Summer Holidays". Its holiday week and its like the prefect time to study to figure out the lyrics. What abt "Ixora"?? Well YanLeng decided to try and help me on the lyrics!! Shes helping me to figure out some of the lyrics!! 8D Woohooo!!! Thanks!! But still im going to take a look and in the end im still going to change cause its like decicated to my class. Im just going to see first.. XP

Anyone wanna help out too?? I dont mind.. XP

I thought of taking a good afternoon nap will give me inspiration.. so i took a name for like.. 40mins+?? I can actually sleep longer one but someone woke me up. My brother did. He didnt actually came to me and woke me up.. He was listening to some korean music. KOREAN MUSIC!! Surprising my brother is intrested in korean music!! And the most obvious part of all its.. GIRLS singing!! XD

Seriously.. I dont listen to korean songs but.. that song just HITTED me. So i was wonder where he keep or put that song. Have search everywhere.. I found out it was in metacafe.. And also i found who are the girls singing.

Gee by Girls Generation

Seriously.. its a good song. Its only because there are girls.. but the song and the lyrics is just nice. After hearing the song i got more inspiration now.. XP

Now i really new some drums and electro guitar solos in my songs.. and a violin too! XP I can really use drums and electro guitar for "Change My World" and Violin for "Left Out" just to make it sound alot better. Thus i need to get a better mic.. so my voice wont sound soooo freaking diffrent from the ones in the video. (seriously.. those are not my voice.. stupid camera..)

Carry on writing!! Ganbantte!!

Btw, anyone knws how to play happy birthday to you?? The normal birthday song?? Please send me the guitar chords.. XP Pretty Please...

New Stuffs Again..

Guess what?? I got my guitar bag.. pick.. strap.. and now what?? A capo!! XD All thanks to MunWai for buying me one.. XP

Walah.. my full guitar set!! XD

Na.. the capo.. according to MunWai.. It cost RM39. XP

Oh here a tuner.. but its not mine.. Its MunWai's one. XP

Okay now something bad happended to YUI Tan today.. guess what?? It all thanks to MunWai as well.. Take a look for yourself.. Sobs...

Still cant see whats the matter.. Okay.. heres a closer look..

He freaking broke my guitar strings!! D8 Poor YUI Tan..

So now.. I wont be making any new songs for now.. i mean looking for other new chords. which is good since i can really focus on writing songs now. XD Well gotta work hard.. Zoom!!!

Another 8 more days..

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Stuffs!!!

Yay!! Yay!! Yay!!! Guess what people?? Today.. I just got.. MY GUITAR BAG!!! XD Finally i got myself a guitar bag. Thanks to who?? My sister!! XD She said i was my birthday present! X) thank you sis.. XOXO. But she says theres one condition.. "Must focus more on studies and less on PSP or Guitar" This one cannot comfirm with you la.. XP

The cool looking logo at the guitar bag.

Walah!! My guitar bag!! Woohooo!!! Its like RM48 bucks!! Discount already one.. XP Original 52 bucks, the aunty is being real nice.. XP

As you all knw that YUI Tan is kinda small like i said before.. I was worried that the guitar bag will be way too being for it.. but look at this..

Its fits!! Not just nice fit la.. but it FITS!! XD

Nice eh?? XP

Okay now strap, pick and guitar bag already.. whats next?? Tuner, Capo and my very own self buy-ed elector or normal accoustic guitar. Since this week is holiday and my dad has recover from his injury.. I think i should start working and earn money!! 8D Ganbatte!!!

Btw, I saw Justin Wong.. The chubby looking pegawas guy in our school?? The one in 5A leh.. Yeap that guy in the guitar shop where i buy my guitar stuffs! 8D looks like he learn guitar there. XP

Ow another something new..

I finally finish writing "Left Out". (yeap, YanLeng your right.. it should be Left out not Lefted out.. Sorry.. XP) And its on youtube now.. Go check it out la!! XP

A whole new guitar life.. Gotta start working hard in studies and guitar.. Fuh.. tough..

Listening to: Tokyo

Friday, March 13, 2009

Music of the Month (special)

Time for another music of the month!! Wooohooo~ But this time is going to special version!!! Fuh..Fuh..Fuh..

Chill people.. chill.. its not going to be japanese songs and YUI.. XP its going to back to normal English song!! *cheers!!!* So.. as I said it english.. and nowathese days im listening to lots and lots of english songs.. Cause im decided to learn guitar for english songs first. I found the song that i've been looking for already..

Goodbye to You -Michelle Branch-

Of all the things I believe in..
I just want to get it over with..
Tears form behide my eyes..
But i do not cry..
Counting the days pass me by..

I've been searching deep down in my soul..
Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old..
Feels like Im starting all over again..
The last three years were just pretend
and I say..

Goodbye to You~
Goodbye to everything.. I thought I knew..
You were the one I Love..
The one thing that I tried to hold onto..

I still get lost in your eyes..
And its seem like I cant live a day without you..
Closing my eyes till you chase my thoughts away..
To a place where I am blinded by light..
But its not right..

Goodbye to You~
Goodbye to everything.. I thought I knew..
You were the one I Love..
The one thing that I tried to hold onto..

It hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time..
I want whats yours and I want whats its mine..
I want You but Im not giving in this time!

Goodbye to You~
Goodbye to everthing.. I thought I knew..
You were the one I Love..
The one thing that I tried to hold onto.. (x2)

We the stars fall and I lie awake..
You're my Shooting Star..

Actually.. I knw Michelle Branch a long long time ago.. ever since primary.. Seriously!! But i didnt knw that she sang this song but i knw her through this song called "Everywhere" Sounds familiar?? Yeap is her song!! What i like abt her is she writes her own song and the chords of the song are plain simple.. Love it.. easy to learn.. and the songs are touching.. Emmmmm~ X)

For this time Music of the Month special.. Im going to post ANOTHER music!! So thats the special thing abt this time's music of the month. XP Now for the second song..

Collide -Howie Days-

The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again..

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide.

I'm quiet you know
You make a first impression
I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

Don't stop here
I lost my place
I'm close behind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide

You finally find
You and I collide
You finally find
You and I collide

I know this song through lots of people and 2 of the lots of them are John and Tarvin.. Seriously.. both of them have great sense of taste in music. XP This is also another easy song on guitar.. but theres just one problem.. this song can only be played originally if theres a capo. X( Too bad la.. i have wait till i get a capo only i can start learning this song.

Thats all for this month's music of the month! XD

10 more days for a very special day.. XP