Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday is Boring too..

Yeap.. My saturday was boring too.. I was too bored that I walked to ss2 and print my photos for Moral Project. XD Not just that.. I did my accounts tuition homework and also school's add maths homework. XD After that got bored, get back to YUI Tan. XP

YAY!!! I finally learn how to play my very very first Yui Song!! "I Remember You"!!! I took me a hard time to learn last time.. I think is because now i developed a little bit of skils already. Last time i use to think that this song is hard.. but now? Piece of cake!! (show off) I think thats like the most easiest song in Yui's album cause no bar chords! XD and Its almost the same chords as "Change My World" so it shouldnt be a problem. XP

Like I said im going to start training bar chords.. so i keep choosing to play Yui songs!!! Why? Cause.. One, I want to learn it myself! XD Two, most of her songs got bar chords one. I think Yui love play bar chords.. and she doesnt want newbies like me to learn her song. Thats why she put lots of bar chords. (this theory was said by Tarvin) But i wont give up!! I will learn her songs and master bar chords. Its just the matter of time and practice.

My brother and I watch "Whose Line is it Anyway" I tell.. thats the best comedy SHOW ever!! Those people really made me laugh my ass out. Is not my first time watching them.. but still they are the best!! WAY better than FRIENDS. What im amazed is they are sooo spontanious!! Theres a tip for those emo people.. Watch this show.. it will 100% cheer up!! XD

Love Story is in Youtube already.. feel free to watch la. Next in line coming up on Youtube is.. "I Remember You" by Yui, "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay and "Its Happy Line" by Yui also. Wish me LUCK!!! X)

Someting nothing to do with the post title:
His my chems and physics tuition teacher. My best tuition teacher ever!! (Indian ladies.. His still single.. XD)