Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Burning Some Time Here

I finally finish writing "Summer Holidays"!! XD But just that i didnt post it up on Youtube yet. XP Spend the whole day making videos! I made video of "Collide", "Love Story" and "Teardrops On My Guitar" but also havent post of Youtube yet. XD

You will know when will the videos be there through the right side gadgets. Titled "My Videos" (the one below YUI's picture) Be sure to notice it once in awhile just incase i posted some "awesome" videos. XD and of course.. PLEASE COMMENT!! Your comments are very important to me. Good or bad i dont farking care. X)

I got some cool pictures from Tarvin. X)

This picture was before school starts. XD My hair was freaking long that time.. isssh.. missed that hair la. XD Anyways that guitar is Tarvin's Electro Guitar.

Huiee >> Yui Tan >> Tarvin Jr >> Tarvin. XD

Tarvin is intrested with Miyavi now!! And have i mention that Su Teng doesnt really like Taylor Swift?? o.O

Got 2 more days to freaking finish the whole Moral Project. Wish me luck!! X)