Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Uploaded Videos

Fuh.. Fuh.. Fuh.. why am i panting so hard?? I tell you why..

I've been spending these 3 days playing YUI songs.. Looked for tutorials.. but cant finds any!! D8 So i've being ear playing and also looking at tabs in ultimate guitar. Thank god they create such kind of website for newbies like me. XD Thus thanks to XinWei for print the guitar chords for me.. i can identify the chords already!! XD

So far.. I manage to made 3 videos of YUI's cover in Youtube! Fuh.. i took me a hard time to play those songs.. The most improtant thing is that all 3 songs seldom have bar chords. XD Check them out in Youtube. The 3 songs are.. JAM, Its Happy Line and I Remember You. XP

I still love admiring Miyavi's skills.. they are soo godful. XD

Miyavi playing Blew by Nirvana

Miyavi playing No Nemuri Hime

Miyavi playing
Ekisentorikku Otona Yamai

Seriously ownage.. *Salutes*

Call me perasan.. but i think my guitar skills improved a bit.. XP Come on just saying something to give me more inspiration. I have a hard time making another new song. D8 No Inspiration!!! Lots of things coming up.. haiz..

My next song in youtube is.. Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch. Wish me luck! XP